For those wanting to meet their higher self

  • This is the meditation I used that helped me to meet my guides and my higher self, and this is channeled by Magenta Pixie, from White Wing Conscience of Nine .

    Dear Pixie How you could meet your guide or angels or higher dimensional selves in order to precipitate channeling . We would take you threw a meditation to precipitate this in order for one to meet the higher dimensional counterpart .

    In this meditation one would be standing at the beginning of a pathway looking forward and one can see a large crystal violet colored pyramid .

    There is grass growing own either side of the path and beautiful vibrant colored flowers. One would walk down this pathway and enter the large violet pyramid made of crystal . Inside the pyramid are some very beautiful plants and bowls of little crystals & small water falls & in the middle of the pyramid are two large velvet cushions, one is gold and one is silver and one would set down on the silver cushion . Which faces out towards the other side of the grounds , were there is another pathway opposite of the one you walked down.

    While sitting on the silver cushion ,one would then ask please come forward my spirit guide, my higher self counterpart ,my Angel, or my witch ever is currently guiding you forward. The voice of your DNA & one would wait & watch and see witch being or archetype or guide walks down that path and takes their place opposite of you on the golden cushion .

    Once that being has taken a seat on that golden cushion , one would ask that being are you my higher self ? are you my true guide ? do you come to communicate with me with the higher good of myself & my soul of all levels & are you a representative of the vibration of the Christ conscience ? If that being answers yes & remains seated & you feel a amazing beautiful opening of your heart chakra, you will know that this true being is your true guide & is your higher self and is the voice of your DNA.

    The archetype from hyper space within . If this being can not answer this question ,then ask the being to leave and wait until another being or higher self guide walks down that path & takes a seat on that golden cushion ,

    This meditation can be repeated daily as often as you like ,you may meet your true guide, your higher self counterpart then or it may take a few days or a few weeks ,you may meet several beings first before you meet your true guide .You will know for your heart chakra will open and you shale feel the most amazing Love from the being set opposite of you on the golden cushion .

    When you do meet your true guide this is when communication can take place ,one can ask the higher self counterpart, the higher guide of light any question one wishes ,it is a learning curve to find that communication , it takes time to build any relationship, but it is a relationship of Love ,when it is inline meant with universal it is the relationship of the twin soul, the higher self ,this relationship can remain with you and remains for as long as you wish for the rest of your life & beyond that, now is the time when we would ask all those who have been feeling they wish to communicate with their higher self with their true guides of higher light , with their intergalactic family ,there are many who are close to this communication and there are many who feel the higher guide of light around them and are not sure how to begin .

    This communication we say to those people that ,this meditation is one stepping stone into that communication , as the vibration raises on your planet Earth ,there shall be more & more need for you to be in alignment with your higher self , doing that as you know as channeling , it is part of your growth and part of your divine experience and is your divine right .

    It is your divine right to communicate with the higher self aspect of you and with your higher guide of light .

    There are many who wish to do this ,there for we bring forth this meditation as one tool for you to be able to find this connection. Conscience


    Hope this might help those who want to meet their higher self this is were and how I met Andrea ,Michael and Gabriel , Mersaie and John and as some of you know Andrea became a lot more to me a whole lot more but this has really helped in understanding and knowledge . It is also allowed me to be able to communicate to your self conscience and once your chakra is opened we can communicate openly that is the connection and you will be able to talk to your higher self and your guides just like they were setting across the table from you this is how it has been for me it is a trip and you will love it .

    Love freely given I give to you Tooter

  • thanks tooter

  • I left it yesterday needed it again! Wish me luck

  • Goodluck!!! 😃 and goodnight.

    Blessings n love bee.

  • thankyou 🙂

  • Hey tooter, no one showed yet but I'm getting images of a flaming meteor coming closer and closer with Indo blue in the background. I've been thinking about Arch Angel Michael a lot lately Have a blessed weekend and take it easy. Love Ya!

  • If you want to know what drives me what i long for maybe this might help to understand my heart and what Father has enabled me to experience and once experienced nothing can satisfy that yearning except being with her again here and it was the closest i have ever felt to Father and to be given that chance to experience this is beyond understanding and the promise was given by Father we would be together here now if i can keep my fears and doubts out of the way and sometimes the doubts make me wonder if i am going insane but i can not ignore the pain in my heart this is why i was ask to give that message to you 3 to experience this for your selves and what i passed own to you ,and i hope you get to experience what i have Love Freely Given I give to You Tooter

  • Can't get you tube, but when I get my new pc, will watch tooter. 🙂

  • Its about Love the purest Love one can ever know is the Love of being made whole the 2 becoming one one heart one mind in 2 bodies brought together by God him self as he did in the beginning and once its felt there is nothing to compare to it .

    Now if i can just keep from messing it up LOL Well i have got to get going a long drive about 7 hrs Love Ya Tooter

  • K, two new messages when you get time under divination. Have a safe trip! Praying for you grandbaby!

  • Safe trip Tooter.

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