Hobby into a career?

  • Hi everyone,

    I love to sing. I have been singing since I was younger. However, I've just been wondering

    if i can turn this hobby of mine into a career? or is this something i should just let go?

    Any insights is appreciated.



  • MokaQueen,

    Anything that you love doing is worth doing.. Most people

    work and aren't happy with thier jobs, however music is a huge part of peoples

    lives its an expression, its theraphy, its healing, its comforting. Not only do you

    recieve rewards from it but so do the listener. I suggest you too pursue music a hundred percent if its something your passionate about, and a beautiful thing. go for it !

  • Hi addicted!

    Thank you for your response! I agree that anything we love to do is worth doing and it keeps us from feeling as if it's a job. Singing does make me happy and it's been something I've done for fun for many years in public and in private as my outlet. I'm passionate about singing, but my only concern is, if i'll be able to get far doing it as a career. It was something i've contemplated on for many years now. I've been offered small opportunities to sing in front of audiences, but have only accepted some of them. Among the ones i've turned down, I feel as if i've missed the opportunity that would've gotten me far as a career. At this point, i just want an accurate outlook if pursuing a singing career now is the right move and will i be successful in it? And is that the path i'm suppose to/should take? And if not, which exact career direction am I suppose to pursue?

    Thank you again for responding addicted. I truly appreciate the insight.

    Warm Regards,


  • bump anyone willing to help me on this? =/

  • i'm guessing i'm not going to get a straight answer on this. = (

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