Taurus bad luck?

  • during the past year I have had a lot of very bad luck. mother died, nephew died, baby daughter died ect. people tell me I have to go with the flow. what's happening to me?

  • Wow, you have really had a rough time of it, I am so sorry for your grief. Going with the flow is a pretty broad spectrum. What do the people around you mean by that comment. There is a sequence of events that must transpire after the death of a loved one. You have to allow this process times 3. You can't rush things, take your time, figure out what you want and then just take one day at a time. God bless, and I will think of you in my prayers.

  • Very sound advice Myviewpoint. A few years back I lost my father, was married, was diagnosed and treated for cancer and then was divorced, all within a year and a half.

    My advice is to truly take time to process the events of life. Also it might help to realize that death is not really a bad thing. It hurts for the people who are left behind. We now have to reconfigure our lives and how we think. But, it's very possible that your loved ones are in a place much better than where they once were.

    Also try not to internalize it as if it is a personal attack on your life. Death is a part of the ebb and flow of life. Get in touch with a grief counseling group in your area, some hospitals offer classes or meetings to help people come together and understand the grieving process.

    Allow yourself time to heal and keep intouch with the other members of your family. Don't abandon them or let them abandon you. I say this because this is what I went through. My family didn't know how to be there for each other. In retrospect I can see how important that is.

    Please take care ,



  • It doesn't say anywhere that everyone is going to live to a ripe old age. Life happens. Don't take any of that on yourself. You don't have anything to do with why someone else dies unless you killed them.

  • Very well said LibrasLair...

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