PSYCHIC Reading Needed PLEASE!!

  • Please give me a reading/advice regarding my questions below?? Would be most appreciated!

    My date of birth is Nov 8, 1963 @ 11:30 a.m. in Columbus, Ohio (Franklin Co).

    1. Will my currently troubled marriage end in divorce (mate DOB Oct 7, 1960 born in same location; unk time)?

    2. Will I re-connect and have a fulfilling relationship with a long lost lover?

    Look forward to insights, Love & Peace!!

  • Dear The Transformed,

    The long lost lover has been found and in full swing am I right? Your troubled marriage needs to come to and end so that you can be Transformed into the single person you long to be. No need to think twice about this, the answer is clear. You need to begin again and keep the ex on respectable grounds. I feel some conflict about money here and who will get what, but it can be worked out for the good of all. Go into 2011 with gusto and get it all out of your system before you enter into marriage again.

  • Dear Shuabby,

    Thank you so much for you insights; they have brought me to tears. Actually two long lost lovers have out of the 'blue' in a sense found and re-connected with me; and for which one is for my best interest has been hard to determine. I no doubt have deeper love for one over the other. I have been torn and vacillating constantly over my troubled marriage; can't seem to find peace with staying or going; I love him still, but do not feel that "in love' feeling anymore and we have/are growing apart; we have been through some very very difficult challenges over the last 5-6 years. I know that there are so many things inside of me that I want to grow into but I feel as sense of being held back because my focus is always on trying to settle my troubled marriage so that I can have 'peace of mind' to pursue other ambitions. I do feel like a 'transformation' of me is in the making; sometimes I wonder if I am hesitant due to 'fear' of the unknown; I have been with my husband for more than 1/2 of my life; I love being in love, giving love and receiving it, but my marriage is do devoid of and resemblance of that as of late. I need to come to a decision and have a peace about it; your words to me have been powerful; I need to trust my intuition.

    Please tell me what do you mean when you said "No need to think twice about this, the answer is clear."???? What makes is clear? Do you mean it is clear to you in what you have discerned? Please elaborate?

    Thank you!

  • Hello Transformed,

    The answer was clear from spirit and I gave it to you written in a understanding way I hoped. What makes it clear is that your life with your husband has reached it conculsion and that is why these two men are now in the picture. Let it go and rejoice in the new love that is now being offered to you as I feel you have prayed to be released from the bondage of the marriage and now your answer and open door has been sent to you. Do not let fear keep you from walking through the new portal and entering into the best time of your life. I feel that you will have an opt to go on a cruise about New Year time and you will love every min of it. A new chapther will be written in your love arena and it will be one that will sizzle.

  • Thank you so much Shuabby! My spirit bears witness with what you have said. I have gotten repeated inklings in my gut that says that my life with my husband has ran it's course; but it is hard to let go. There is a huge part of me that feels like it wants to bust loose into bigger and better things! I have been away from the courting arena for so long that I am afraid of my vulnerability to the ways of the world and the men in them; I am a hugely emotional and loving person that I worry that I will be taken advantage of my someone.

    These two long ago lovers are very appealing to me, but have come into my life at different/subsequent to each other, times. The one that I care the most for is a Cancer (July 12, 1954; born in Rurual, AL@unk time). As suddenly as he appeared, he also suddenly disappeared at a point when we had come to conclude that we needed to be together at all cost; I believe that he is now overseas for a period of 4 yrs on an assignment that he had committed to prior to our reconnection; he struggled with the fact of his being in love with a married woman; and I believe he does not believe that I will become available; so he may be cutting his loses; I am GREATLY concerned that I will not see him again; He holds my heart's key:) The other gentleman is an Aries (Apr 6, 1953; born Cols, Ohio@unk time); and we have a very strong passionate & warm connection however, I am reluctant to open myself complete to a possibility of future with him because I've never thought that Scorpio & Aries were a compatible pair; although he is very warm/affectionate and fond of me; he has even expressed love for me; I am suspicious because I fear that the interest is simply physically driven.

    In either case, I am not in the proper position (being still married) to pursue either path whole heartily right now, but have anticipations none-the-less. Although I have a lot of healing to do before I will be the best version of myself for another man and for myself; thank you for that insight as well; it too is kindred with my own heart in this regard. I simply know that I will feel a greater sense of trust/security in a man that I've once known than with a stranger that I do not have history/experience with; however only the Greater One knows what is in store and would be for my best.

    I am excited of your insight into travel; I am an adventurous independent soul and so the idea of that rings pleasant bells in my ears 🙂 I will continue to move forward, in spite of the 'fear' that plagues me.

    Thank you for "hearing" me and I appreciate your insight and counsel very very much!

    Peace & Love to you Shuabby!!

    p.s. You are correct in that there are troubling financial matters (huge debt) between my husband and myself which may only serve to continually delay a splitting of ways 😞 My youngest child is in her final year of high school and this was to be my beginning for an 'ending".

  • Hi Transformed, Whatever decision you make know that it was for the best and be happy with it. Friends are fine but may not be your solution. Try to look for completion within yourself and not others. I can't tell you what will happen, only what I sense. In the present, think you'll be happier if you and your husband could meet halfway. I sense it's been more one sided. That can change.

  • Thank you Dalia, I appreciate your insight. It has been one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to come to. I am so torn, but each day brings me closer and closer to a calm within my internal storm.

    Peace and love to you.

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