Why is my ex bitter?

  • My ex ended the relationship and wanted to be friends and left open doors of communication. At first I tried to fight to save us, because I thought I was unsupportive, but he wanted out. I came to accept that and I treat him like a friend, but he seems so mad and angry. I would think someone who loved me so much at one point could be "cool" now, but he seems so upset. Now that I am content with a friendship, he seems upset as if I ended things...why is that??? I am a virgo and he is a scorpio.

  • My advice sweetie is to read up on scorpio men. tarot dot com has great info on all signs, and then google scorpio men read all u can as it gives u a hint of why he is as he is. then again it can b a normal male thing behavior. google also askmen

    good luck

  • thank you!

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