Card Combination

  • Thanks a lot for all your help, Hanswolfgang! 🙂 And thank you especially for the reading! 🙂

    How would you normally intepret the Magician? I get a feel from it that it has the right power to make what you desire come true..

  • Unikta,

    How would you normally intepret the Magician? The energy of the magician is like a wonderful, calm choral. He utilizes the energy which arises between the opposites.

    Let me explain it to you. Every law has its opposite,

    because law is borrowed wisdom. Love has not its

    opposite -- if it has, then it is not love at all.

    Every law has its opposite; every law can be argued

    against, every proof can be disproved, and there is no

    argument which is absolute or final.

  • Thanks a lot for that! 🙂

  • Unikta,

    a very tight-haloed English vicar was preaching his

    sermon in a very snobbish English church when he kept

    being interrupted by a black American in the


    "The lord says..." began the preacher.

    "Far out man!" came a cry from the back.

    "The rich shall perish..."

    "Hey man, right on!" the American called.

    "And the mighty shall..."

    "Hallelujia!" came the response from the back.

    The vicar managed to get to the end of his sermon, but

    at the end went up to the American and said, "Excuse

    me, I'm afraid in this country we like to keep a bit of

    decorum. We try to keep a stiff upper lip. It is the

    queen's own country, this is a place of God, and I

    frankly found your behavior rather disconcerting."

    "Hey man, I'm sorry, you are right on. I just loved the

    quaint way you gave us all that great shit about Moses

    and the Ten Commandments and I thought I would throw a

    few thousand greenbacks in your direction for this

    great thing going on here."

    "Cool man!" said the preacher.

    It does not take much to find out what is deep


  • One other thing unikta about combinations, it also depends on the spread..some cards are meant to be read independently...the demeanor of the situation and the surrounding cards will show a theme and give more undertanding but also your personal disctinction of the cards and instinctive response upon viewing them. If they have a distict postion that effects the energy and its application to the question.

    Ex if in a celtic you have the significator as Queen Swords and the what crosses is the K Pentacles and it is a relationship question...that could be meant to discribe a partnership...but is your partner exalting the demeanor of the K Pentacles...So knowing your partner in reality and in his true nature is key as well....You can also be presented by your current state of the time of the question

    Ex. I came up once as the Q where near my zodiac or choice but the energy I was carrying into the situation of couseling my cousine after her mother, my aunt had passed away......

    Hope this gives more clarity

  • Here is a good example...I did a live counsel with a female during healing night on tuesaday...we do its also recorded counsel session and tapping into pyschic times I may pull a card during our session....

    So she asked about a guy she had just met , no date but a possible date because he gave her a face book request and said..when can we get together? She had a feeling about it though because it was so fast with no rapport built with eachother...

    So after the intuition and her logical thought ...she wanted a few cards drawn which really just validated her ....first card knight of Cups...Ok so we both concluding moving energy ( facebook) demeanor of Kn involves matters of emotions, .....passions...moving often swift energy......invites... So know lets see the energy of this man that carries the movement of emotions and invites we suspected 7 swords.....unclear on intentions.....intention is key and choice of direction....

    In this session and topic she applied her gut instinct in concern to his quick approach...he only saw her at her job in the hall as she said hello to the person he was walking with and got home and there was his facebook request...hmmmmmm ok.....:)

    So kn cups and 7 the truth and trust in self instinct and demeanor of question, also the intent was to challenge his motives...we see an untrusworthy movement or invite concerning matters of the heart....

  • Hi turboxs,

    Thank you so much for these great examples! They do explain a lot and I can definitely learn from them a lot as well...Would you say it is not very good or advisable to ask the same question (on the same spread) a couple of times a day? I like this example with knight of cups and 7 of swords..I find it quite difficult at the moment to understand contradicting cards like this..because from one side as you said, knight of cups carries loving, passionate, positive energy but 7 of swords is more about deceit isn't it? So I guess looking in the demeanour is a key. Thank you for this!

  • Well yes the demaeanor of the card though is swift and a movement.....thats why the overall title card is key so knight of cups emotions matters of heart...and those can also be needs which are not selfless.....doing a spread for the same question will only cause more confusion. once a month is ok.

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