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  • Not sure if this will work but Leoscorpion if you get this I would be so pleased to have my chart read. Here is the original request as posted on the prior thread.....I've been on this website periodically asking for direction and advice with my current situation yet I still can't seem to find inner peace. I was hoping you might be able to give me some insight into why I feel so despondent although I'm dating a wonderful man (not my ideal man but kind, gentle, committed). I worry that something is wrong with me that I don't seem to be at peace. Can you please, if you would be so kind, give me a birthchart reading. I have been reading and searching for answers but to no avail. Seems like I'm just walking through space... My DOB is 08/10/1959, born in LA, California, at 6:13 am.

    Many blessings, LeoBella

  • leobella

    thanks for willing to free me from new posts on the other thread

    will get to you soon

    hang in there.

  • Yea!!! You found you said you would. I'm so very glad! Thank you so much Leoscorpion.


  • I was wondering if someone could give me a reading. I have been single for 19 years. I was raising my kids, taking care of my mother and getting ahead in my job. I really did not feel like I was missing out on anything. About four years ago a young man who came to my house to teach my youngest drum lessons got me involved in the music business. This opened up a whole new world for me. I have met a lot of interesting men and am now feeling like I would like to find a partner. I had been seeing a man (9/14/61) but it does not seem to be going anywhere. I have not hung out with him in a month. Do you see anyone out there for me or will I live out my life alone? Actually, I am not alone as I have a lot of good friends and have been on my own for so long it is not something I mind that much. Just wondering....

    My birthdate is 10/28/47.

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    I will do leobella's first.

    you can start a new thread if I have time I will get to it

    add birth time and birth place (yours)

  • Leobella

    Your sun in Leo sits with Mercury, Uranus and Rising. You love freedom, you say it as it is and quite independent in your views. Your destiny sits in the house of romance and social circle axis. You are destined to experience fateful romantic encounter, most likely through social circle, groups and organizations you belong to or will join. With this axis, possibility to meet your soul mate and end up in romantic relationship with them is increased. As I mention to lilspark and chepie, not all soul mates are for romantic purpose. In your case however, even if you do not meet your soul mate, you will still experience significant romantic relationship.

    Your purpose in Libra is for you to develop yourself in relationship, instead of advancement alone (being self-sufficient). You seem to attract those who want to nurture you, your current man included. Accepting their help and affection does not mean you are ‘weak’ and it will not hurt your image. If you stop being self critical, you will put less pressure on yourself and then less pressure on others. You may also fear losing your independence, but the right relationship will actually allow everyone in it to grow as an individual. A personal development is a good starting step to growing together, meaning you first need to improve yourself and then the right relationship will enter your life, to enable you to grow in relationship. If you haven’t had a fulfilling relationship, or you are not comfortable with a particular relationship, it’s partly because you are not ready for it. Take the necessary steps to improve yourself in as many areas as you can think of. Broaden knowledge, improve skills and talents. How is your physical health? Any health problem can affect your performance and appearance. How are you spiritually? A healthy spiritual life enhances your understanding of life and its lessons and improves your relationship with others. Self improvements lead to confidence and more knowledge. You will be more ‘attractive’ even to those who didn’t find you attractive before. Creative outlet is one of the best ways to improve skills and talents. Mars sits with Venus helps direct your energy to artistic and creative field. Midheaven is in Taurus, means you will do well in creative and artistic field.

    Mars in the house of Self sits close to Pluto shows tendency of short temper, a lot of energy piling up can explode like a bomb. Physical activities such as sports can be a really good outlet to channel so much restless energy in you.

    You do enjoy communicating with others and exchanging information, but for the most part you keep to yourself. It may be an emotional issue that caused this, but it can affect your intellectual ability in the long run. Try to be more social and take steps to broaden your knowledge, both can increase flow of information to you, and your intellectual mind will stay active absorbing and analyzing various information. I see the need to ground yourself now and then. There is deep emotional issue brewing inside, it throws you off balance at times and wound you emotionally then you wound others not realizing it. The Sun aspecting your rising can make you a bit selfish, you love to receive attention but not necessarily giving it. You can also seem ‘hot and cold’ to a love interest, sometimes you are sweet, sometimes you are overbearing. If you did not receive the attention you need in your early life, you will crave it even more as an adult and you will be even more self centered you can’t take anyone or anything get in your way. Grounding and meditation are easy ways to improve your spiritual life and achieve balance. Libra also rules balance, it’s fitting that it is your purpose.

    Moon in late degree of Libra close to Scorpio, renders you feeling safe keeping things to yourself, you have emotional need for trust and security. Prominent figures in your early life might have been generous providing for you financially, but not emotionally. It makes you feel special, but not helping you to mature emotionally because you tend to go with surface value, not the real meaning of things. You constantly feel the need of security and trust because these are what you actually need, not beautiful gifts and fake adoration. You need to realize the only one who is responsible for your security and trust, is yourself. If anyone betrays your trust, they are teaching you a valuable lesson : not to trust easily. Leo is dominant in your chart, so you are creative at heart. Let your inner child out and be playful. Even if no one is paying attention to you, you can be attentive to your inner child and you will learn new things about yourself you didn’t know before. Self improvement starts with honest acceptance of yourself. When you are honest with yourself, you will be honest to others. Only when you know yourself, you will know what and who is right for you, because you will be able to see the truth. Be honest to yourself, go back to the root of the problem. Disappointments with parents, with friends, with previous lovers, with the world – were you disappointed because you expected too much (Leo goes for best of the best, and sometimes we apply this standard to human beings who are not perfect, and then we are disappointed by their mistakes) OR because it is rightly so ?

    Saturn sits in the house of romance can put ‘limitation’ to romantic experiences, instead of happiness, you are having a lot of problems in romance or romance will be short lived none of them lasts. Saturn is said to bring bad luck, but I believe your destiny is yours to make. The stars show you where your destiny lies, what you need to do is let go of past disappointments and take steps to start a new, be it with your current man or not. In early degree of Capricorn, he likes to cling to what he knows and not so fond of changes. Step out of your comfort zone, now and then let yourself loose and just have fun exploring possibilities (places, people) with no expectation no pressure just see what happens. You won’t be disappointed if you don’t expect too much or get excited too fast. It is hard for a fixed sign dominant like you to ‘change or move’. You are determined and persevering, you stubbornly stick to what you believe is true until the end. These are great qualities, but some things you really need to leave behind in order to grow.

    Pluto in the house of Self shows intense emotion and showing tendency of being secretive. Maybe past issues cause you to be protective to yourself, but dwelling in the past won’t help. Another reason to be more social and improve communication. Have fun widening your social circle and improve yourself. In the house of communication, Moon helps you communicate your feelings. The good thing is everyone knows when you are upset or restless, the bad thing is they may avoid you altogether. Just stop and think before you ‘voice’ your feelings. Sometimes people say and do things they don’t really mean and some situations are beyond your control, don’t let these ruin your day or your mood. With Neptune sitting in the same house, expressing yourself creatively will bring amazing result. Take up painting or poetry courses for instance. Keep the imagination running, not stagnant, you will feel less ‘trapped’ and more alive. Avoid any serious commitment, with current man or in the future, if you are not ready. You need to do your own soul searching before everything else. Explain this to your man and let him decide what he wants to do about it. If he is angry then let him go. If he accepts it, then keep communication open and see what happens. Because you enjoy freedom and independence, a rather ‘distant’ relationship, nothing serious nor routine, might actually work.

  • Leoscorpion, thank you so much for the reading. You are so insightful! So very much of what you said rings true about me. Sometimes is saddens me as I feel I'm destined to walk this life alone romantically and emotionally...maybe because of my expectations. I desperately want to move forward and let go of the's seems so hard for me to do though. Like I will be losing a part of who I am if I let go of the past...and I don't know what to do about my Saturn issue. (smile) I want to be excited about life...a partner...possibilities...I simply don't know how to go about making that happen. Trust is a big issue for me. Going into social circles requires me to let my guard down somewhat and that is frightening. Well..I have much work to do in order to bring about the changes that will bring the peace and happiness I seek. Thank you so much for taking the time to put together this wonderful reading and for responding so kindly to someone you have never met. I truly appreciate it!

    Blessings to you! Leobella

  • leobella

    with a chart like yours I can imagine so much emotional issue stemming from the past

    if you are concerned about widening social circle, because you will meet more people and more people means more curiosity (humans are just like that)

    don't worry about it, only step out when you are ready

    but allow yourself to be playful, just have fun and be creative

    you don't need friends and people to do this, you can start with things at home

    or if you like writing, sign up for online creative writing course

    painting, poetry, music classes usually require you to attend classes

    don't worry if you are not ready just take what you can for now

    every step will open more doors to you, you will eventually get there

    I feel that your man will be understanding, probably will help you : )

    just have fun, let the Sun shines, or else he will be grumpy and you will feel exactly you are feeling right now

    hope for the best

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