The Economy

  • I don't want to scare anyone but if you have the means where you can buy extra groceries and extra necessities you might want to now ,beans ,rice ,can goods are things that will last awhile .

    The dollar is collapsing i say this from me not my guides but i did ask them and yes it will help you.

    But several markets are dumping the dollar its at the lowest ever in Australia the UK is dumping it and buying gold and so is Japan and several others but estimates are now up to a 26% percent gain in commonalities that is your grains corn,wheat,rice,soybeans and the rest this will cause a nearly 30% percent increase at the store and could go to 50% increase by the time it is spread out and this could happen in less than a week so if you can get dry goods non perishables.

    The panic buying is already started and when this happens they have safe guards now but it has done went below that and when the market opens tomorrow it could be total but 26% per cent has already happen and that alone will push prices at the stores up nearly 3o % this has been a time bomb waiting to happen and it might of just happen and buying extra stuff you use want hurt anything it wont ruin but it could be a whole lot cheaper now .

    I just wanted to let youal know maybe it will help save some money for you Tooter

  • Delbert,

    Great Topic, Thanks for this.

    I feel we are going through what the government has been wating to occur..

    To remove the middle class, Because the Poor are Getting Pooer & The Rich

    are getting Richer. If the hand with the less money is spending thier money

    and the hand with the money is investing thier money.. ? where is the money going?

    To the Rich Hands....


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