Getting my husband back!

  • We are not divorced yet and have been separated 6 mos now.In typical cancerian style I smothered,mothered and nutured didnt give any space and anger,resentments built up.A tarot reader said there is passion and fight for the marriage,a clairvoint said run,he could care less about me.I have way backed off with pressuring to allow space.I had not called for 3 weeks and then last evening i called him keeping it brief and light ending on a positive note.Whats next?which course do I take when they contradict???

  • I forgot to mention that he is Taurean if this adds any light Thanks

  • Hi Kim, Maybe getting together and telling your husband the same thing in your post. Maybe, after time, the problem is clearer. Maybe he needs to hear this from you. Let him know that you are willing to work things out and you feel you have a better perspective now that time has passed. I don't know why the clairvoyant would say to run. Might want to think about what you might have told her. From my experience, Cancer can be a very domineering sign. My advice is to listen before acting. Hope this helps.

  • Thankyou,

    I would like to know from a mans prospective if I have a chance here?Any ideas on leading him back if I strangled the life out of a love can it be revived?How do men think?

  • I specialize in bringing back lovers, with my spell's and or cleansing....I can defenitly help and look into the situation for you come and viset my website for more into :

  • I would listen to your own heart instead of listening to a tarot card reader or a psychic. In my opinion is that most of these self claimed psychics only want money out of you. In my experience I have fallen for their advice and pretty soon I didn't know if I was coming or going. I am not entirely sure that people have that gift or skill (whichever you name it) can bring someone back. Have you considered that maybe it wasn't meant to be? I know sometime has past since your post and I hope you are doing well.

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