Captain, am i suddenly stuck in a triangle?

  • Hello Captain,

    I know its been a lil while and hope this finds you well. Ever since our last conversations almost 2 months ago i've taken your advice in several areas and have tried to get our of my comfort zone as well. Cancer man and i ended up "supposedly" being friends, who knows. At times he still randomly comes to my mind but i don't think is in the same way as before. Anyways, this time i'm just trying to see if you could help me shed on light. It seems as if i'm suddenly stuck in a possible triangle between my running coach (Aquarius) and my mentor (Capricorn) who are both sort of within my age range. Please help me clear our this situation or shed some light in it. I've been trying to see if i can read my intuition but at times i'm still not sure if i'm synchronizing it well. Seems that both of them may have some interest for me, although i think i may be leaning more towards Aqua man. Is this all me seeing things or actually happening? What are their intentions? Thank you very much for your time.

  • Actually in the past couple of weeks, it seems that everywhere i turn i'm interacting with either scorpios or aquarius. Have been meeting several lately. Especially within the very first days of Feb like 4-7 or around that. Weird!

  • Oh i forgot to add in case you need it. My DOB: 12/18/84. Aquarian coach is 02/06/83 and Capricorn mentor is 01/14/80. Thanks! 🙂

  • So i am even a bit more confused now. 😞 Aqua coach invited me a couple of days ago to a concert that he was giving tonight since him and his friends are trying to start a band. I went with some friends, everything was going but i ran into a girl that i've known for a little while through mutual friends. I'm not sure why but i can't get this feeling out of me that she likes him too. I'm kind of shy when somewhere interests me and feel that maybe i should back off and leave the path open for her in case she indeed does like him. But then again, i'm not sure either like how he sees me and if me just dropping everything altogether is the best route to take. 😕

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