Taurus woman / cancer man what was i thinking!?!

  • So I married a cancer he is also 3 yrs younger thwn myself, I have one little girl with him but I feal as though I have two one boy and one girl. a year ago today he quit his job to go back to school and should be finished this month. he has benn " looking for a job" but does not realy put in the efort to do so, such as calling back to let them know he is trully interested. I am at my witts end with this man, and have been growing more and more apart, and do not feel as though we are trully ment for each other. as A taurus I need stability and struckture, He had theses things at first, but I feel like maybe I was blind to his true nature, it's like the only thing going for him is the fact that he is in ti for life but is that realy a good thing cus I don't now how much more of this i can take!!! please help, any info or advice is welcome and needed ;0)

  • wow im not very sure what to tell you iim dealing with a cancer guy right now well not really because i think he is over me im wondering how you married one they seem so hard to get to know and hard to get to the next level with do you have any advice about them how did you get to that point or did he do all the work because maybe mine is ust not that into me btw i have venus in taurus :)........do you mean you have been supporting him ughhh i would hate to have to play that role that to me is a mans job but remember he is capable as you have seen before so i woudnt give up just yet i mean you do have a child together ...................

  • Ok, 1st of all, breathe...

    Was it a mutual agreement that he quit his job abd went back to school ?

  • well it wasn't ez, but once you do get in you better be in it for the long run cus he will be. and as for friends get ready to have none cus he will be your all and expect you to feel the same. they are crayzie always thinking you are up to no good. i'm not sure if ther all the same but mine is this way. a cancer is like a cave dark and deep and full of twists and turns , complicated you have no idea, ever realy get to know him probly never needy you bet thoughtfull only of him self untill he might feel as if he is looosing you.

  • taurus7,

    well kinda but not realy, I was at work when I got the news, that ws already decided and done, oh yay and I have no saay in anything anyway! so no not realy!!

  • Ok, so I think your 1st step is to tell him how his deciding to quit his job and go back to school made you feel. Not in a negative way, but in a calm, hey, here is MY feelings on this way.

  • taurus7,

    see thats just it we don't comunicate like that i've tryed, and he only see's it his way. i'm not gonna act like i don't comunicate badly iether cus I realy don't know how to comunicate aith this man he is too stuborn and complicated. I realy feal at a loss with him. I will try to voice my opinion at first like any normal person, but then i'm quickly stoped dead in my tracks by his own opinion, not just by his thoughts on the matter but by his tone and and choice of words. some times i don't think that he thinks before he speaks, like I do. even when I say tings I realy wish I hadden't sayed I know I thought good and hard abought it and sayed it because I ment it, at the time. so see I know I am not perfect and I admit it, but acording to him he does nothing wrong!!!


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