Im thinking of paying someone to do a love binding spell for me is it wrong?

  • Its a man who i want to be with but he will not even give me a chance i sense that he is g a y like me but he does not act on it. I feel a very strong connection from him, that i never felt from any guy before. Should i cast a love binding spell or a soul binding spell?

  • what does anybody have to say?

  • Absolutely not. You have no right to mess with any human being in that way. Shame on you for even considering it.

  • it would not work.... you can not apply restrictions on another's free will. this could come back to bite you... be careful. sunny

  • but i really like him i know that he is g a y i can sense it but i believe he is in the closet. I feel need to be their for him no matter what.

  • Hello again. What MsSunny says is true, it's called Kharma. You cannot make someone love you or want to be with you if they don't want to. Can you just slow down and just try being a friend, let things happen naturally.

    I have learned in my life that if a relationship doesn't happen or work it's because there is someone else I'm supposed to be with. This has nothing to do with your being g a y either, it applies to us all. In another thread you said you've never had an intimate relationship, my instincts tell me that he isn't the one for you. If he is still in denial about his s e x u a l i t y then it's not for you to force him out, he has to do it in his own time.

    Free yourself from this obsession for him because you may be missing the one who is in to you as much as you want. You have time, just relax sweetie.

  • but the question is will he even let me be his friend? My family members know the boy who i like and they dont even want us to come in contact with each other it makes me sad. They think he will beat me up or something but i know he is not like that, because he seems so calm and friendly at school. I really dont know what to do at this point. No matter how much i want to move on i feel so stuck.

  • I'm sure he will come around if you ease up and don't push yourself on him too much. If you continue to push yourself on him he will not want to be your friend, just let it happen naturally and TRY and focus on other things.

  • Sure, go pay for a spell (ha!) to put on a guy you're not even sure is g a y and has already indicated that he doesn't want to be friends with you.

    Maybe after spending thousands of dollars on psychics and spellcasters and discovering that you're not in a better position and still don't have what you want, the obsession will stop.

    Seriously, are there no g a y youth groups in your area, at a local college/university, or online that you can go to? At least they could help you deal with your feelings and you'll be able to connect with others with similar issues. Or talk to your parents or a school counselor - your "problem" is not unique. Your reaction to it certainly is.

  • oh im sure he is g a y his voice gives it away and his walk but he still denies it. I guess im just going to have to wait until he's ready. Also when i was in the hallway with him i caught him checking out my whole entire body even his eyes went straight to my but when i noticed he looked away real quick. I know im supposed to be their for him all these strange coincidences like my first tarot card reading indicated love and i keep on doing tarot card readings and almost all the time the same tarot cards keep on flying out of the deck that means love or end up in the reading over and over so i know im meant to be with him. Also psychics have said they sense a strong connection between me and the boy, and i have to admit i never felt this way about a boy before people in my family have told me i am obsessed but i know im not i feel love. I was obsessed with a guy before so i know the difference. I know im supposed to be their for him but he is resisting his true self.

  • Also tenchi2go he never said he did not want to be my friend? So mind your business

  • Wanting to put a spell on someone to force them to like you is not love.

  • im not going to do it because if it does work it wont be of his free will. I need to let him discover who he is on his own time whether i like it or not i guess.

  • If you don't want anyone in your business, don't post your (and innocent individual's) personal info on a public site and definitely don't ask for anybody's opinions.

    Plus, you already stated that he deleted you as a friend on his Facebook page. People only do that when they don't want you as a friend. Otherwise, they can just hide their friends list or restrict a friend's access if it was just an issue of privacy.

    Really, go ahead and do it and see what happens. Experience is the best teacher.

    You'll probably be back in another day or two to ask again anyway.

  • he waited two months to delete me so i think someone made him delete me.

  • Honey, stop being defensive. You asked our advice. If you don't want it, stop throwing it back at us and leave it be.

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