Touch and go with Cancer Male?

  • I have no idea what's been going on here, I met this Cancer Male online a few years back. We have not yet met in person for a few reasons. Mostly on my part...

    He comes in and out of my life constantly. We chat for a few weeks then I wait for him to contact me, a month or two goes by and nothing, then out of the blue he pop's up.

    In general, I am sick of even trying to contact him and let him do all the work. We have a really wonderful friendship when we do, then he gets pissed off at me for something I have not done. Then, later he tries for my attention. Then the cycle starts all over again. I'm pretty sick of it all to be honest.

    Anyone tell me what the heck is goin on here? I feel like he plays me for a fool.

    What does he want!!!??!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I don't get it!!

  • Just reading the posts here and my encounter with a cancer guy, this is very typical behavior for them.

    Taking astrology out of the equation for a second. I think he's not really into you. He pops up when its conveinent for him. He prob dates other women in between contacting you and when those new relationships fizzle he contacts you cause you can keep him busy until his next chick comes along. ­čś×

    i may be wrong but thats just my opinion.

  • Oh your not wrong. lol, do not worry, my feelings aren't hurt over him. He just drives me up the wall sometimes. He is in and out, in and out.

    He tried to hook up with me a long time ago, I rejected him. Then I decided one day that I was interested, then later on down the road I decided I wasn't. Just mainly cause how he goes off on me, made me run in the opposite direction.

    Love wise, I have no interest. I just couldn't figure out why he does what he does. It makes sense now. Thank you!



  • U just gave urself ur answer. U said " He tried to hook up with me a long time ago, I rejected him. Then I decided one day that I was interested, then later on down the road I decided I wasn't"

    The thing aboiut HURT cancer men is they get even. N often the same way they was hurt..

    So its not really him that has an issue its u. U connect n he shows interests n then leaves. Its classic hurt behavior. When u rejected him u not just only rejected him as man, but his whole plan on forever after, wedding, marriage, kids, house yard pets picket fences the load.

    U sqished his dreams.

    Now he plays it safe, bc once bitten twice shy as the say go, BUT in cancerian males its once bitten GABILLION shy.

    Its not him that has to prove himself to u, its u to him that u mean it. How u do it i dunno but in my book its patience patience patience n loads of space for him to sort ur attention out n to see if it at all fits in his plans. If he cannot or wont come around say same time in a year , write him up as friend alone.

    often with men, we women are the reason men do what they do, n as women we point at them when we oughta be poiting at ourselves.

    juss my 5 cents


  • Oh when I meant "hook up" he asked for S E X and I've turned him down on several occasions. That is not what my interest is, I've told him that flat out.

    Yet he does get upset with me if I tell him I went out on a date with another. He is the one that has the issue, I have made it very clear to him that I will not go to him for S E X ever.

    I do appreciate your response CharmedWitchBente



  • I┬┤dthen say in light of the xtra info that he is a deucebag n not to mess with him. he needs to grow the hell up. as a pal of mine would say " he needs to grow some balls first"

  • lol, thank you very much for the humor. That was a fun response, I like it! lol

  • lol. CWB.....douche bag Detox good for you for saying no!

  • On the OTHER hand she could do a male thing, take him for the lay n dump his ass. but the risks ............dunno LMAO

  • Lioness, you would be very correct. Just like the crab goes sideways and scurries about, so does the Cancer male with no significant relationship.

    LD, if you keep letting him back in, he will keep coming back. Basically, Lioness totally nailed the typical behavior of a Cancer male who is not in love. They will keep many irons in the fire, just for the fun of it, so they don't have to be alone when they don't want to be alone.

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