My scorpio ex

  • so basically my scorpio ex boyfriend was born on november 4 1985 and i was born on july 29, 1989.

    we broke up due to insecurities and infidelity in the past(he was unfaithful at one point and so was i). we have been through a lot, which has brought us closer together. we have been broken up due to so much fighting for about five months now.

    for the past five months there have been ego games. him calling and saying he misses me..and me saying i have to go and vise versa. instead of just saying we both miss and love each other.

    we finally were able to put our past and egos aside and have a phone conversation today.

    oh man..i felt it in my heart. we caught up about what has been happening over the past months weve been apart. i am up 8 hours away at college, and he is trying to get a business going..doing the same old thing. i still love him. he said it was so nice to hear my voice again and that he misses me and hes lonely and that i am his only girl and he has no interest in the ex he cheated with. i know he loves me.

    i want to get back together with him. we are both afraid of being hurt though. i am wondering how i should go about this. if i should just be friends with him...if i should wait for him to contact me or if i should actively pursue him. i really disrespected him in the past when i found out he cheated, and he really hurt me when he cheated. i just want to forgive and be together. i dont care about long distance. our relationship has a lot of love.


  • Hey, scorpissues. I can tell that the two of you are very compatible. He brings stability to your life, in addition to his passionate nature. You make a great team, as you are also best friends who seem to understand each other almost intuitively. Definitely give this relationship another try! Good luck, and best wishes!

  • howdo i go about getting back together?

    he is coming to visit sometime this week or next week. he is going to a surf competition and then will head up here after. i dont know if i should kiss him ect or just be friends until or if he says something. i do not want to become become friends with benefits. and i do not want to be rejected.

  • I would be careful and start slow. Scorpio men are very emotional and passionate and do tend to cling to the past. They do hold grudges though and there is a possibility that your issues will resurface after the honeymoon is over if you become more than friends. Scorps are suspicious and paranoid. Before starting anything romantic up I would have a conversation about how the two of you will establish trust again. Scorps have a very hard time with trust and your past infidelity may come back to bite you when and if he starts to feel insecure, even if he is guilty of the same. Just be open and honest and put it all out there. I agree with Junemoon26 that you both seem to have a very strong connection and deep friendship. Your Scorp feels that too or else he would not be around. Just be brave and put it all out there! Best of luck to you!

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  • I would say tell him how you feel. He's already told you he's "only interested in you" and that he misses you, so tell him you miss him too. He's making a point to see you? I'm sure he's interested in being more than friends, too. Gradually work into it; don't say anything right away. But if he seems receptive (and I'm sure he will be) then tell him you missed him. I highly doubt that you'll be rejected, but remember, you'll never know if you don't take a chance. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • all of the sudden hes kind of pulled away....what do you think that is? hasnt been calling me and when i talked to him on the phone the other day he was more distant...

    maybe he got scared......maybe im not playing enough games. ughh i hate the games.

    im beginning to feel he's manipulating me? keeping me on a string up here so i just never get over him?

    i don't wanna deal with that. i will give him his space....good idea?

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