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  • Please read my post "Envious". I really seriously need some counsel. My tarot readings tell me to stick with who I'm with, while the people I speak to tell me to leave. I am so confused and torn. I'm begging someone to help me.

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  • Hi Dafphodil,

    Julianna has put it well and your personal readings will tend to reflect your state of mind. Also a wise man once told me that if there is a doubt then there is no doubt. So what doubts do you have in respect of this decision? Peter.

  • Exactly, doubt is all over my reading. That's why I'm seeking other opinions.

    This is my reading, if anyone is interested:

    Present Position: Queen of Cups

    Current Influence: The Lovers

    Goal/Destiny: 8 of Cups

    Distant Past: The Chariot

    Recent Past: The Tower

    Near Future: The Devil

    Self: Temperance

    Environmental Influences: Death

    Inner Emotions: Page of Cups

    Future Outcome: 10 of Cups

    Advice: The Emperor

    Why?: Strength

    If anyone has any thoughts, in comparison to my story, guidance would be very much appreciated.

  • I'm not a reader but I do a little tarot for myself and I'm bored. Anyway, since I don't know you and have no stake in the outcome maybe this will be helpful to you until a real reader stops by. I'm using Anthony Louis's interpretations - I find his are very accurate.

    You have lots of cups so whatever the spread was about it is highly emotional for you - a decision taxing your feelings.

    Queen of Cups - A woman of great feeling and emotion. She's typically introverted though, keeping her feelings and thoughts to herself most of the time. This could symbolize you or else it is saying that right now you are looking inward to examine your feelings about a situation.

    The Lovers is crossing you - Pretty self explanatory. You are most likely contemplating about a partner, love interest but also that you may be facing an important choice that needs to be made or that you want to make. You may be preoccupied about the status or progress of a significant relationship. Also indicates that you need to or are carefully considering things before you make a final decision.

    8 of cups- You have this in the goals part so this is what "crowns" you: Anytime I get this card it is my desire to turn my back on something that does have great value but is no longer satisfying. Louis says it's the "Change of Heart" card. Even though you built up a lot, invested a lot of emotions in it, there is great disappointment. You want to move on to something new and better. In this position, it represents your conscious mind and may signify what you want the outcome to be or else it can advise you how to get to the final outcome. It may also signify the best possible solution.

    The Chariot - This is beneath you. I usually read this card to mean either unconscious desires or this is where the problem situation is coming from (trends in your life, events from your childhood, etc. . . ) The Chariot can represent travel but I think for this spread it is pointing to two opposing forces. You've struggled with this emotional situation in the past - either with the same person but most likely with a past romantic relationship or maybe something to do with parents? You didn't pick a side but just struggled through it. It probably came out in your favor because you stuck to your guns and stayed in the middle. This may still be the way you try to work things out in your (emotional)life -never picking a side or a choice, just trudging through.

    The Tower - what is behind you recently. Something catastrophic or tragic completely toppled your world. You couldn't avoid it and had no warning but just had to sit there and let it happen. You're probably still feeling the effects of it but you can use it as means to start over again, build something new now that the worst is over and (hopefully) you have learned the lesson it was meant to teach you.

    Near Future - The Devil - not a good card here. You are (will be) keeping yourself in a bad situation. Deceiving yourself into thinking or seeing something that isn't what it appears to be.

    Temperance - This card is how you see yourself or where you stand in this situation. Again, the idea of choices/two forces comes into play but this time you are not trying to push through two opposing forces, you are trying to balance and harmonize them. Trying to take the bitter with the sweet and end up with something desirable or acceptable that will bring you peace of mind and happiness.

    Death - How others see you or what you environment is. In readings I do for myself Death usually follows the Tower. It is an ending but a signal to go out and begin things anew. People either think the relationship should or has ended or else it is telling you that the atmosphere is such that the time has come and it's time to move into another phase in your life. You need to start over from scratch, not lament over the past.

    Page of cups - Pages are messengers and cups are emotions so what you want is news of a new love or indications that the relationship will enter into a new phase.

    10 of cups - The highest emotions you can obtain. Joy. Harmony. Bliss. A realization of the emotional happiness you are seeking.

    Advice - Emperor : not sure how you have two advice cards but I'll read it as long term advice. I don't like to read major arcana as a particular person although it can be. In this case, looking at all your cards, I think the advice is to take control of your life.You need to use the power you have to get what you want - using rational thoughts, not your emotions.

    Basically what I think it is saying is that you've been hurt substantially but you're allowing that and your tendency to hold on to everything and not choose one option over another to cloud your judgment. This isn't a situation where you can just stay still and hope for the best. Your mind believes that you deserve better and that you should leave. The advice is to use your brain to take control. You are using your heart over your head. If you are in a relationship you need to sit down with this person and firmly tell him what he needs to do to stay in your life. You're not going to go through anymore 'Tower" moments. Promises just won't cut it. It doesn't matter how much you feel for the person or what he feels for you, if he doesn't do right by you and turn over a completely new leaf so that you are essentially in a new relationship, you need to leave. You can find love elsewhere.

    I don't think this spread is telling you to stick with person at all. I think it wants you to cut ties if your head and heart aren't in sync - and they aren't. With so many Major Arcana cards, whatever you are going through is a major life lesson. Your decision will establish a lasting theme that will impact you for a very long time.

    Of course, this is just my amateur reading. Lots for you to look over before someone expert comes on.

  • Thank you. Your second opinion did wonders for me. I have stayed firm and broken off with my current relationship. I don't know really what I'm doing or where I'm going but... I feel a little less burdened I suppose...

  • I'm glad it helped clarify things a bit for you. I read your envious thread afterwards and now I get what you've been going through. I can't imagine how all of this must be affecting you and your family.

    Just listen to the little voice in your head and you'll be okay. The important thing is that you are taking control rather than letting life happen to you.

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