What if your soulmate doesnt recognise you?

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    Just as the subject states: What if your soulmate doesnt recognise you?

    Greatly appreciate your thoughts on this.


  • Here's another take on that question - what if they recognize you - but you don't recognize them? I find that it would be difficult to believe that one would not recognize the other at some point.

    I am thinking that it might be more likely that you recognize each other but one of you, or both of you would be too afraid to say anything about it? Then too, I would think that both parties must have some sor t of belief in the "soulmate" concept for it to "work"

    How you would recognize your soulmate would probably depend upon the reason that they were brought into your life. Soulmates are not always there for "mating up." purpose, but to help you complete a life lesson or journey - or help you complete something you left undone in another life. That sort of thing. So I guess you would have to recognize that the person was there for a reason, and that may not happen until after the person has come and gone - or when one day - you realize - "oh - so that's the problem I needed to solve and that' s why X cam einto my life."

    I shall say that I know that I have met someone who has been with me in many past lives. Someone who has been my sister while I was the brother, who has been my older brother while I was the younger, who has been my husband or my wife. I know that this person recognizes me as a soulmate, but does not say anything because it could imply something else. He does not know about all of the past lives in which we have been together and he probably does not want to know. It's enough that there seems to be an explanation for us to have met and to have had an instant recognition of each other - as if we had always known each other. He is a friend and that is all. He may as well be on the other side of the world instead of 15 miles away. Our personal lives make anything else - inappropriate - to say the least. But we can understand each other without having to fill in all the background details. The best I can figure is that we were brought into each other's lives at this point because we each needed someone "familiar" to guide us into the next part of our lives. That's the best I can come up with.

  • Hey Turtledust

    Thanks for your thoughts. What is beyond me is I have nooooo idea why I have met him. Its been about 3 years since I first met him and have strong feelings for him. I went overseas for couple of years and while away he was on my mind still, thought id be over it --but no. Am back now of course and have seen him but I have not come to any conclusion on why he is constantly on my mind. Sometimes I wish I never met him at all.

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