• I am twenty, birthday on 9/15/1990. I had my daughter when I was 18 on 7/11/2009.

    Me and the father were die hard in love when we got pregnant, but I should have read the early signs of alcoholism and mental illness. Let's just say, the last few years being exhausting is an understatement. It's been the kind of relationship where I feel like I am mothering two kids. He has slowly progressed, but being the productive Virgo that I am, it just hasn't nearly been enough. FINALLY he is getting onto his feet. He is in a residential center, similar to rehab, and pursuing education, paying off his debt, staying sober and building a career. It's everything I'd ever hoped for... but... I feel like its too late.

    So much trust and respect that I had in him has been violated.. especially when he would drink behind my back. I don't see him the same, I guess. But my beliefs are that when you make the decision to have a child with someone, that is it. It would go against everything I believe in to break it off with him. So I'm hoping oh so much that I will learn to see him in that light again.... when we were so in love. We are capable of being very good partners, so I feel selfish if I chose to leave. I think of the classic family experience I would be depriving from my daughter.

    But this relationship makes me feel like I'm thirty... It just isn't fair. To make matters worse, the boy I dated from elementary school all the way through high school has gotten back into my head. I can't stop thinking about him. He admits he still loved me, but... well, I screwed it up getting pregnant with my current fiance. I just.... I hate regretting the relationship that I'm in. This seems to have come on so sudden. I was so sure I was head over heels in love... now I don't know.

  • I forgot to make the point that I am asking someone to give me a reading. I don't have enough money for a psychic right now....

  • Also, my fiance's birthday is 7/14/1986. While the other love interest is 10/31/1990.

  • bump please, somebody.

  • bumb you don't understand how desperate I am....

  • *bump

  • Hi, I think your battling with trust. It's hard to put a whole lot of faith into someone who has so many issues. He's trying to take care of his issues. A lot of his issues have turned into your issues. Would be good if you could go and talk to someone experienced w/this. My suggestion to you is to develop yourself and his problems may not seem so dominant and remember that you don't have to commit to anything that is going to be overwhelming. I wouldn't look to anyone to be a fix. You don't need a love relationship to feel complete. Be yourself and be happy. I hope that things will fall into place for you. Don't try to look too far into the future but take one day at a time. I hope this helps.

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