• I wish i had words to describe the way i feel.I feel as if i have no friends.I have a child that i've been caring for since the day she was born.I tried to be the best person i can be in life but i always end up starting things and never finishing them.I had over come a lot of things in my life that i thought i couldn't overcome,and i did.

    Now im faced with another child that im pregnant with.This pregnancy was actually planed and im so stupid to fall for my BF's lies when he said he would be there for me(i mean he's there for his two other kids),"so what i thought".We fought a lot and now we not together and im still pregnant,and jobless.I have sonogram picture of the baby and it breaks my heart to know that i have to make a decision if im going to have this child and do it alone.I feel like i had no one to turn to but this place.I mean i got some insight on some things by a few people on here but it doesn't stop the lost and hopelessness i feel deep within myself.My ex had told me he decided to leave to Florida with his daughters mother and he's leaving in 3 months.I feel betrayed by him and just the feeling of me raising another child on my own again kills me.

    Please anyone,help me get my life back on track.

  • Kateyez

    The fact that you recognise you have over come so many obsticles shows your strength and understanding of your situations, being a trusting person doesnt make you stupid it just makes for lessons to be learned in some cases. i was in a violent relationship for 5 yrs i lost who i was and had been manipulation comes in many guises.

    As far as your BF goes he's the one who's lost out, your loyalty now is with you make your life better if all he did was suck your energy dry then you dont need a vampire in your life.

    I know how hard it is to start again but you need to think about your future, a child is a gift i am unable to have a family due to medical reasons but coming from a single parent family i can totally empathise with the struggle you may feel is heading your way, its only your belief that makes this a problem there is no proof that the future will be so bleak. Only you can decided and choose to do what is best.

    You will find friends and support and this in particular i feel will come from someone who surprises you.

    Make a list of what you want in your future and meditate on it, i understand the hurt and loss i've been there but believe me when i say that it wont hurt for long and when you let go of your pain things will be so much brighter for you.

    Much love

    Blessings Lx

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