Someone in the past came back

  • Recently, a high school sweetheart looked me up and came to see me. It's been over 40 years since we've seen eachother. In the past I have loved him so very much. However, we went our seperate ways. He now lives 2000 miles away but wants to keep intouch. I was wondering if anyone forsees us being together in a lasting relationship in the near future? I have someone else that may be interested in lasting relationship with me as well that I have known for 3 years. But since I have seen my lost lover, I'm confused as who to pursue. The ex-sweetheart's birthday is,7-18-52, my birthday is 10-06-55, and the current admirer's birthday is 12-22-56 Thank you and blessings for whoever sees this post and responds to it..


  • According to your astrological profile, the relationship with your lost love is better for friendship than marriage. It is more a bond of kindred spirits - close and understanding, loyal and true. Such relationships are more secure in the spiritual or intellectual realm than the physical - a meeting of minds and hearts. There is a danger of over-attachment here that could lead to an unhealthy dependency. There is also an idealism that does not endure harsh reality. Together you two can be very naive so that when the bubble bursts - and it usually does - you get quite a shock.

    With your current admirer, you have a passionate and emotionally complex matchup. Both your dark sides are activated here, bringing feelings to fever pitch. Although there is a marked empathy between you, the relationship can become a battleground, with conflicts arising from unacknowledged erotic fantasies or desires. If this is not the type of relationship that will permit the expression of such intense feelings, then frustration and animosity are the inevitable results. In that case, it is best to avoid each other. This is especially true for you Kimberly who may be unused to this sort of scenario. Seeing the darker aspect of your nature at work could prove too great a shock. Yet a deep and lasting love relationship, even marriage, can be on the cards for you two here. Psychological projections are so intense here that the boundaries of your personalities are often blurred, making it difficult for either of you to form a clear idea of him or herself without the other. Although each of you ultimately has the other's best interests at heart, this is no guarantee that you two will act fairly or sensibly. For periods of time, a more platonic relationship can work, giving you both a rest and a grain of objectivity. Your frustrations and fantasies may run out of hand, however, in the end plunging you two back into a sexual relationship. The most difficult task here will be establishing and observing your own boundaries. If this isn't possible, separation may be the only possible solution that guarantees self-preservation.

  • TheCaptain,

    Hi, I am new to this forum and my situation is much like KIimberly7343. We planned to marry and his soon to be ex showd up with no where to go etc. He has just had surgery and will be looking for a job as soon as he is released. We planne to live in Alabama where he is now etc.

    Since then I have only spoken to him 4 x's in the last six weeks?

    I asked him if her loved me the ist conversation he said he did'nt know anything

    2nd conversation was yes

    3rd was its over for now

    and last was I don't know.

    His mother speaks to me vi phone regularly to let me know whats going on.

    Her parents dumped her there at his parents house because they didnt want her etc.

    No one wants her where she is now. He says he doesnt love her etc.

    I'd like to know if me and him will end up together or not and will she ever leave?

    His birthdate is 7/19/58

    mine is 1/19/1960

    hers is 4/28/1965

    Any help would really be appreciated not sure if you are a psychic or reader.

    Thanks again,

  • Colleenqw, why and how does a 45 year old woman who should be independent get dumped by her parents on her ex-husband? Is she handicapped in some way?

    The trouble here is that a Cancer man has enormous difficulty letting go of a marriage and a spouse even if he loves someone else. Family is everything to Cancerians, even if it's a broken one. And his ex is the very faithful type who has trouble with change and new routine so it will be hard for her not to want someone to look after her as she is used to. Your partner was physically attracted to her at first, only wanting a romantic fling but she wanted a more serious relationship. But the matchup had little stability and could not last.

    Your partner has a big desire for variety and change and, even when he is with you, he will show a marked need to go off on his own from time to time. He eventually came to see his ex as inhibiting and judgmental and lacking in imagination so he had to get out. If you treat him the same way, he will leave you too. This issue with his ex will be difficult for him to resolve as he will just want to run from the problem and not deal with it. So she may be around for some time even though he doesn't love or even like her much anymore. However the physical attraction may still linger as a dangerous element.

    You and your partner are very similar in that you both are subject to wide mood swings and crave excitement. So it will last as long as the excitement does, but it will not be a stable match. There's often some secrecy involved here and a love triangle is very common. The likelihood of infidelity and the basic instability between you two makes marriage a very unwise proposition.

  • TheCaptain,

    No she is not physically handicapped. She is Bi-polar. She has tried to kill him several years ago. She swallowed a bottle of pills when she could not get him to change his mind about the divorce etc but eventually let him bring her to her parents house in another state. The reason why she is not independent is because she is lazy she does'nt want to work but wants to spend. He said she's been like this for years and he always has given in to her but when he would'nt this last time she took the pills. Like I said I have contact with his Mother. He does'nt me anymore. Thanks,

  • Thank you Captian for the quick response. I really appreciate your input on this. Its funny how I can still hold a flame for the past love after all these years. However, I think this new admire is seeing his ex wife. I had texted him about us skyping last sunday, but he said he wanted to do it the following sunday. I texted him a good morning on a monday after this last weekend, and asked how his weekend went, and he said he did come catchup on the kids mother and her world. days past and he didn't text me, then out of the blue he asks if were still going to skype on sunday... I don't have much feelings other than a friend for him at this time, however I have thought of us getting closer into a relationship. What stops us is he lives out of state. its about a 2 1/2 hr drive apart. I was wondering if you saw me with anyone in the future that would be complatable with me. I am looking to move back home maybe next year. But I'm pretty much alone where I live now. I have guys always wanting me to call them or hook up, I just don't really go and date. mainly because I dont have the time. but more so because I'm not sure what motive the guy has. maybe you can see someone in the future for me, and help me understand why I'm being so reserved and picky.?

    Thank you so much for anything you see


  • Captian,]

    Thanks again. I re-read all that you discribed. This sounds so much like this person who I've been in contact with and like a lot. this man is a performer and isnt around much but we keep intouch almost everyday. His birthday is 10-5-54. he mentions about some types of fantasy sex every so often. sometimes we cant go very long without some type of communication.. like it seems we have to know eachother is still there. I like him a lot but I'm not sure If were ever going to get together. I like my independence and so does he. But we both admitt were both attracted to eachother and compliment eachother's personality... just wonder what your intake on this and if possible you did a reading and it was actually this person instead of the other one who is a Sag.?

    Thank you and Blessings


  • No it just means that you look for similar things in your partners. That thye have this fantasy element.

    And I don't see you finding a settled relationship until you get your qualms and hesitancy about love sorted out. Like, how do you know exactly what someone wants from you unless you get to know them? It's like you are holding everyone at arm's length waiting for someone to put up their hand and say "Pick me. I want to have a committed relationship." And yet part of you doesn't want that at all. When you resolve your fears and confusion, your romantic life will get a lot easier. You attract what you give out so if you have a belief that all men are only after sex, then that is the type of person you will attract.

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