Strength or Justice

  • I noticed that these 2 cards are switche din the two decks I have. I recall reading about this, but did not locate a reasoning behind it.

    I feel drawn to both of my decks for different reasons and if they were the same size, I might be tempted to combine them into one ideal deck. I am attracted to things astheticaly, and one crd in the Rider-Waite deck just does absolutely nothing for me....The World.

  • Hi screaming rose,

    I must say that tarot is not my first choice or indeed my vocation, spiritually but i have used angel and tarot for personal divination.

    I think it's good you use yours aesthitacally. If it's pleasing to the eye and emotional state, then you will receive a clearer reading.

    Wanting to combine the two packs to make one ideal package suggests you haven't discovered the right one for you.

    When you do discover the right one, the World card will make perfect sense to you.

    I know a few tarot readers who use several packs depending on who they read for but are always drawn to the one set for their own personal use.

    Hope this makes sense to you.

    Good luck in your quest,

    Verdana 🙂

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