What do you see?! Please respond!!

  • Hey everyone how ya all doing? Me I am doing good, and everything has been looking up for me persue!! I just was wondering I keep getting this stupid psychic thing and I click on it anyways she says she sees bad coming my way in the next couple weeks?! and It is weird when I got onto facebook today there was a devil in the backround when i only veiwed protected sights..... I am worried is something going to happen to me for the worse? I am doing soo great right now...... Please let me know what you see. Thanks for everything

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  • Hi Jenna

    I'm not able to do a reading for you right now but if you hang on someone will read this and get back to you.

    As far as it goes it sounds like they are trying to get you to have a reading done, no one i know would tell you something bad will happen its not the done thing just sounds like they are trying to worry you into doing it.

    As far as the devil picture goes again i think thats just you worrying because of the negitivity that is around with this so called 'Psychic' seems like their idea of marketing is through bullying, and scare tactics.

    Dont worry about it jenna, ignore it or try to wipe it off your computer if you can (spam it or complain) i dont feel you have anything to worry about.

    Ask Captain, Watergirl or one of the others on here for help and i'll try to get back to you again if i can.

    Blessings x

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  • Ok hun! lol

    Blessings. x

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