• so basically my scorpio ex boyfriend was born on november 4 1985 and i was born on july 29, 1989.

    we broke up due to insecurities and infidelity in the past(he was unfaithful at one point and so was i). we have been through a lot, including conceiving a baby together..but i couldnt have it..i had to go to college.

    going through a lot has brought us closer together but also pushed further apart. we have been broken up due to so much fighting for about five months now.

    for the past five months there have been ego games. him calling and saying he misses me..and me saying i have to go and vise versa. instead of just saying we both miss and love each other.

    we finally were able to put our past and egos aside and have a phone conversation today.

    oh man..i felt it in my heart. we caught up about what has been happening over the past months weve been apart. i am up 8 hours away at college, and he is trying to get a business going..doing the same old thing. i still love him. he said it was so nice to hear my voice again and that he misses me and hes lonely and that i am his only girl and he has no interest in the ex he cheated with. i know he loves me.

    i want to get back together with him. we are both afraid of being hurt though. i am wondering how i should go about this. if i should just be friends with him...if i should wait for him to contact me or if i should actively pursue him. i really disrespected him in the past when i found out he cheated, and he really hurt me when he cheated. i just want to forgive and be together. i dont care about long distance. our relationship has a lot of love.


  • Put all your heart into your school and making friends where you are. There is someone there who will care for you more than you know and with whom you can have a life you would not have with your previous BF. But you will never recognize him as long as you continue to pine for the old BF. I am trying to think of a movie or fairy tale - perhaps it was LOTR or something by CS Lewis- where someone tells the child - run quickly as you can - and do not look back over your shoulder - for if you do - surely you will be turned to stone (or ice or some other increduously bad thing) A wise person pointed something out to me just a couple of days ago - I know this person cares about me and hates to see me in the position I am in - but he pointed out that becuase of all the hard work and the hard choices I made in going to school for all those years - I have some modicom of security in the labor force - which is blessed in today's world. I am not living a romatically rosy life. But I have learned that love does not pay the bills or put shoes on the kids' feet or make the car payment or keep a roof over your head.

    This is going to be hard for you to accept, but this guy is not only an interference in your ability to achieve what you can at school, but think about it - Assume you go through school and get your degree from the great university you are going to. You may want to go on and further your education. Where is this guy going to be? How is he going to relate to you once you have so much more education than he does? Your earning potential will be increased. It's possible you may eventually earn more than he will and be more educated. Think about what would happen in the long run if you two did try to stay together. This sort of situation very rarely works out for the best. I wish I had someone telling me all this when I was young and if they did, I would probably now be wishing that I had listened to them. My parents had just gotten divorced and were off pretending to be adolescents themselves. The time I spent in your shoes pining over an old boyfriend wasted a prescious year of my life. I am lucky I snapped out of it then but I may have messed up in other places down the road. Hindsite is 20 20. I can't change a lot of the errors in judgement I have made in the last 30 years since highschool, but I can give some pretty good advice to help others avoid making some of the same mistakes. Run now - run as fast as you can - and don't look back - at least not for a couple of years.

  • Listen to turtledust little one run as fast as you can I've wasted five years on a Scorpio, he will never be able to forgive the pain you caused each other and when you least expect he'll sting you both who! Good luck with your choice.

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