What animal totem will i have?

  • I am very interested because yesterday i dreamt about these two cats with me but im not sure if a cat is my animal totem.

  • cats represents females or femininity. I know you are gay, you have mentioned that in other threads/posts. I would say either you are surrounding by older drag queens lol

    cats can be your animal totem, and that would be for you to decide and determine if they are the right totems for you.

    I know a psychic reader who refers to her invisible black cat for a yes and no questions/answers. she would stroke the cat and ask a question.... very cool.

    wishing you magic, sunny

  • oh for pity sakes! the asterisks stands for the word g a y

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  • i know right banning it is so wrong.

  • Hi there SS777....I thought I would just pop onto forums and see what threads are out there...and saw your question. I hope you don't mind me answering...

    I have done some research into totems.....there is a great deck and a companion book for this. "Medicine Cards" can probably be purchased right here. It gives you a breakdown of the "traditional" totems and their meanings. It also teaches you spreads you can do to get more insight. But the most important thing I want to say here is...........ANY ANIMAL CAN BE YOUR TOTEM. I believe that your totem will chose you. If there is a specific animal / insect /fish....that you see or think of often, have a physical response to, or have an emotional reaction to...that could be your totem. You will know........I know that mine are "white cats" and "dragonflys".

    I hope that helped.


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  • thanks for the info LuminousLauren good to know!!!

  • Hello Sweet WaterGirl !!

    I must apologize...I have been a little overwhelmed...But really, that is no excuse for me to be a bad friend !! I have been trying to get a handle on this fibro stuff..(tests,meds,etc.).and it is exhausting...and I tend to isolate myself . I know that is probably the worst thing I can do...but I hate being a whiner.

    I think of you often and miss being here , as it is one of my favorite places. It is so wonderful to be in a place with people so much like myself....it's like family I never knew I had !! The problem is I have so much I need to do around my house that I try not to get distracted. If I could just focus and get it done...I could spend more time here !! I wish you lived closer (actually, I don't know where you live!! I l am in CA.....where are you ??) It would be great to have a "sister" to do things with....

    So...........enough about me.....how are you my friend ? Tell me everything !! Work, the man, how are you sleeping ?

    Love you...


  • SS777....obviously....I miss my friend, Watergirl...I hope you don't mind !!!

    Is there anything in particular that you are drawn to ??

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