Lovely Luminous Lauren...

  • Hi doll. I hope you are making some headway with your fibro treatment...??? I know how debilitating chronic pain can be and it does have a tendency to send one into depression. Are you seeking any type of spiritual healing as well....reiki maybe?

    I have been on a major roller coaster ride with my love life (if you want to call it that!). There have been some days of extreme emotional turmoil, but they are always followed by spiritual insight. No pain, no gain I guess! I am getting messages that a resolution is coming soon. I just don't know what that resolution (or outcome) is going to be. I am focusing on embracing the concept of surrendering to Spirit and trusting that whatever the outcome, it will be in both of our best interests. It is difficult for us humans to let go of our emotional attachments, though! A major change is supposed to happen this month, but final resolution does not occur until December so I still have a few months of the roller coaster ride before the "truth" is revealed. I don't know if we will wind up together, but I do know that the whole purpose of this drama is for each of us to heal and transform. Apparently, part of my purpose is to aid him in this as the concept of spiritual liberation is not one he would readily accept on his own...

    I have recently been guided toward Angel communication and can definitely feel a stronger connection when I do readings. I am being steered toward taking a class (or classes) to help me develop a stronger line of communication with them. I definitely feel their presence, I just need to be able to receive and understand the messages more clearly. I have purchased a few new decks of cards that have really resonated with my soul.

    In the meantime, WWIII at my actual job continues 🙂 Something is supposed to change on this front as well (either in or by December). Once again - not sure what the change will be so the focus is on faith and surrender!

    So the last few months of the year should be monumental for me. A major step forward this month with the personal relationship resolution, a new job for him in November, either a new job or a major change occuring at my job by December, pursuing avenues to strengthen my "gift" - something is supposed to happen with this in November as well, and final resolution of the personal relationship in December. Whew! This Christmas will either be the best ever or I will be swillin' the egg nog and painting a smile on my face - grinning and bearing so to speak 🙂

    How are things with your mother? Still in Hermit and Hanged Man mode?

    And what about YOUR romantic life? What's up with the man?

    "Talk" to you soon,



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  • OMG.......It absolutely could make sense.....the little voice in my head keeps saying "Girl, put your back into it." I just wish my damn back wasn't so tired... And I too believe "Regret" is one of the worst things.....and though we sometimes regret the things we have done (usually after way too much alcohol), it is the things that we didn't do that will haunt us forever...."shouda, coulda, woulda" can be harsh.........thank you

    Thank you for being a friend....



    **Is this one of your new cards ?? It's beautiful..

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  • When one door closes, another opens.......that was very brave of you. What is it that you "do" ? Or more importantly.....What is it that you WANT to do ? Think about it.....


    *Why was he withholding $$$ ?

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  • Wow Watergirl how dramatic! I didn't expect to read this (and sorry for jumping in).

    I know something will turn up for you..... there was that job with the guy you had drinks with recently. You've made a ton of contacts in this job for as long as you've been there. Take a deep breath and put out some feelers and you go girl!


  • good lord lady! all this "listening" to my frustrations and bitching...your monday sounds worse than mine was! yesterday was one of the roughest emotional days i had had in a while. apparantly you had some frustrated energy of your own! well, you were sick of this job anyway. i am with you on that one. i've still got my fingers and toesies crossed....

    you might be happy to hear i have felt much more better, maybe slightly at peace with all those damn emotions that have chosen to surface since friday. i have been remembering certain things that i had forgotten that were really frustrating things in the relationship. mostly, how i used to shell out cash to that fool to the point where it was almost expected. i was telling my roommate (a mutual friend) about some of the things that had been in my head. and the one thing that stuck out today to me was an event with his co-workers that he could not afford to go to and wanted to borrow some cash from me, and i was like no. this was right before everything came crashing down. i'm much better off...liz (my roommate, and best friend since the tender age of 5) said she had been doing some facebook stalking of the two of them and was talking about that girl's versace sunglasses or something....(mr. aquarius can't afford to do anything with this girl....his own roommate and soon to be former friend snickered about this) liz also made the comment "when this girl dumps him...." foof. i told her to enjoy her stalking, but i really didn't want to know anything of either of them. it's best to let him be and figure it out on his own. i don't know what lady karma has in store for him, but i have tried my best to put my best energy out there and my best foot forward and i just have to believe that good things are going to happen for me. i'm very open for any positive changes....

    good luck to you girl. i hope things get easier for us both! i am so ready for this week to be over already, i hear the beach calling my name this weekend. i am a lucky crabby girl to live on the coast, i would go insane if i were any farther inland than i am now (beach is less than 20 miles away....)

    i'm so jealous of all of ya'lls psychic abilities. i have noticed i am becoming more in tune with myself, but oblivious to pretty much anything or anyone else. how cool...i'll just have to be the crabby jealous girl on the east coast, i suppose 😛

    ❤ Mel

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  • Hi friend....

    I can't wait to catch up with you.....I want to hear everything ! I so hope it is all good...... I have been busy, tired, you know the drill.....Perhaps we can squeeze in a few paragraphs this week .

    Until then....May the angels have your back...



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