Am I on the right track?

  • I hope someone can give me some insight about the topic...

    I've been struggling for quite some time with deciding what would be the right career for me, hope someone can give me some advice about that...

    I've been working in the same field (finance) for the past 7 years. However, I still have serious doubts that this is the right thing for me. I've changed the companies, worked in different areas and different countries. But despite the changes, I get bored with everything in a year or few... and I have no good ideas, what job could keep me motivated for a longer period of time.

    I'm kind of stuck, not being able to decide if I should give up the career I have and just go for it and try something completely different (but what?) or wait until I have a clearer vision what I want to do (but will that ever happen?) and in the meanwhile continue what I'm currently doing.

  • Your astrological profile indicates you belong in professions that reward individual creative effort such as entertainment (singing, acting etc.), entrepreneurship, or some other way of being at centre stage that releases your tremendous creative energy in a constructive way to bring joy to all. Other good options are activities dealing with children, speculation, games and sports, real estate investment, coaching, advocating human rights, any service to family, architecture, engineering, or any form of creative communication that supports people. There are no skipping steps or taking shortcuts though whatever you do, despite your tendency towards boredom or restlessness. If you choose to study or work at something, you must apply discipline and focus to achieving your goals or you will just have an aimless, unsuccessful life. You have many inventive innovative ideas and a strong sense of fair play but unless you develop patience, commitment, thoroughness, and follow-through, you will never get anywhere.

    Many with your profile have difficult family histories entailing abuse, neglect, or having to move around a lot - a stable home life was lacking and you now have hurdles to overcome in the area of establishing a strong foundation for yourself. Even if you come from a relatively stable household, you may still have issues of old animosity, resentment, misunderstanding, or other turmoil to deal with before you can rebuild your sense of stable foundation. You may also have a division rather than an integration between mind and emotions (you think one thing and feel another), so your decision-making needs to be based on your deepest gut instincts. Using your intuition is the only way to avoid confusion and indecision or over-analysing everything to death.

  • Thank you Captain for the reply.

    Based on what you said that could be suitable professions for me, seems that I'm not on the right track at all at the moment. I'm working as an auditor, which for me at least is not creative and instead of bringing joy to people or support them is more often related to negative feelings in people as somebody reviewing their work is very uncomfortable for many people. So I think it's time to change something.

    I do have the tendency to overanalyze, although I have also made some quite spontaneous and radical changes that have worked out very well. But I think it still takes time to have the courage to rely only on the instincts

    As for the family, I think I come from a relatively stable household and don't feel I have many unresolved issues with my family.

    Thank you again for giving me some ideas, I really appreciate it!

    All the best!

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