• Dear Scorpio Males...

    I've always trusted mens' advice, but my male friends won't understand this one, so incognito I go!

    I fell very hard for a Male Scorpio a while back. He was my mentor, married and had every woman's attention- my colleagues' especially. They were eager to get their goodbye hugs in with him at the end of our project (not that anyone was relocating) and I pretty much hid from sight (couldn't let him know I was attracted to him and for good reason: I'm married, with little kiddies, and I get too caught up in everything I do).

    When he came over to hug me goodbye, it was a friendly sort of start, but then I did something pretty sneaky. I wanted to see his little boy smile one last time so I wished him luck with his hobby. He smiled big of course and that was the perfect goodbye image I could take with me (end of deal project meant only seeing eachother in passing). But he caught me offgaurd and lifted me up into this bear hug. It felt so great that I had to force myself to smile casually and walk away but then he pulled me back into him and held on. And unfortunately It just fell apart. I held him even more tightly and couldn't imagine letting go. He was always such an intimidating person (and I'm never intimidated- very comforatble around men, actually, but was completely reserved everytime we spoke). I'm used to politely dismissing atttention from men. I found out that we held eachother for about 10 minutes and so many of my colleagues were both insulted by my bahavior and heartbroken as they watched (again, we were both married, had kids, and the single women were always confiding to me their failed plans to get him into a corner or maybe just a little drunk at the next outting--- they wanted to "cure him", "save him", "relate to him", "get him in bed" and I always just nodded or laughed. I wanted to do the same, but kept that under wraps. wished I had laughed about it instead).

    I took an early vacation the next day and spent the next week trying to get him out of my head, but really imagined doing things with him that would land me straight in divorce court. When I got back to the office, we were just plain awkward and I was too nervous to say a word or make eye contact. A few days after that, he was completely detached from, if not disquisted, with me. It went on this way for a year (now & then he'd flirt and, ouch, I caught myself flirting back a few time. He's very good at that). I was so relieved to move to another city. For one, I wouldn't have to feel so hurt or made small by his icy or angry looks. Also, I thought about him every waking hour & worried that I was obsessing over something I imagined. We never discussed it. I've never 'hit' on men or said "let's talk about us". Basically, I was clueless on how to bring the subject up & it was making me miserable (and why is this so easy for other women?!)

    It;s been 2 years and I just found out from an old colleague that he keeps online pictures of me bookmarked on his computer. He didn't notice her standing there and she said he was looking like a wounded puppy while clicking through each image. I'd love to laugh it off (okay, I did for a bit. I'm not crazy after all. I didn't imagine it, it turns out), but it's really not that funny. He would say nothing to me if we were ever in the same room together, but then very angrily storm away & that hurt like hell. I still don't know how to let go. He was always so friendly towards everyone but moody towards me. No plans on contacting him, ever. But if any scorpio males can hint at where his anger is/was was coming from, maybe I can finally move on.

    p.s. He's not a mean person, oddly. He's very charismatic and generous and in control--the reason why everyone surrounds him, no doubt. Plus, he's used to being the focus of a crush (I'm a little spoiled in that area too, so no mudslinging from this woman). Honestly, my life is so colorful and fun, but I wish I could just shake that moment AND this very married man from my heart, head, body. Whatever it is.

  • I am not a scorpio man yet I too had a similar situation with a scorpio man...I think it is just a scorpio man...they are very private people yet have this incredible way about them that just sucks us in....good luck in removing him from you mind. I am having a very hard time.

  • I am a Scorpio man but am not sure what to tell you.

    I tend to hide my true feelings with fake ones.

    I am shy and I have life long friendships.

    Also i remember every relation i have ever had and still know how it went.

    This means i would never even think of cheating a girlfriend or wife.

    I hope this at least helps a bit.

  • I'm a Scorpio female and have dated FOUR Scorpio men! All were the most intense, passionate and thrillingly deep relationships I've ever experienced; although most were not without difficulty!

    I know Scorp men and I can tell you that these "icy looks" you speak of - may not have been so much 'icy' as him trying to keep his emotions completely hidden. Us Scorps get a bad rap when it comes to the interpretation of our feelings, the way in which we physically express ourselves, etc - we're most often completely misunderstood (i.e. 'icy looks' = hiding, hiding, hiding)... it was more likely that since you're both married, he knew he had to be loyal (an often-overlooked mark of a Scorpio is their devotion and overwhelming sense of loyalty) and simply did what he had to do: shut the situation down, whether he had feelings for you or not. He likely gave in to the feelings at first, then sat back, reflected on what happened, the potential, etc and decided to do what he felt was best. It's quite possible that he's missed you and been thinking of you the entire time, regardless of what he may have projected to you initially.

    We're all fairly good actors - we hate deceit, yet we do it every day by hiding our feelings. Scorps are extremely deep and this makes them feel vulnerable, therefore they feel the need to protect their feelings as much as possible.

    As 'ScorpioZack' stated above - they would never cheat, but we do tend to hang on. When we bond with someone, it's usually life-long; this is in all relationships, not limited to romantic attachments.

    My own personal issues with the Scorpio men I've dated have been that they've become far too 'devoted' in the respect that they were too domineering. I've done the work: reflecting on my own feelings, insecurities, vulnerability - and have become more secure and less driven by the need to feel jealous or hide my feelings, but this is me and it doesn't mean I still don't 'hide' every now and then. I'm also still, despite my best efforts, often misinterpreted and misunderstood as being 'standoffish' when in fact, I'm simply in deep thought!

    I can;t help you with shaking him; all I can say is this: flip the switch... think of the situation, feel it and then choose, consciously, to let it go!

    I hope this helped... I'm new to the forums but have been studying Astrology and my own sign for many years now.

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