Cleansing your deck

  • I have a friend who calls and asks for a reading almost everyday. It's almost always the same question, she just has rotating players. I've been really sick for quite some time and I'm finding it difficult to get clear readings. I know that you're not supposed to do the cards when you're not feeling well but she's SO persistent!! I'm having a hard time getting accurate readings now and I know that my deck needs to be cleansed. Any ideas? They would be much appreciated!!

  • The best way to cleanse and purify tarot cards, or anything that may have been affected by negative energy, or sickness is to use White Sage.

    I smoke the cards and say a prayer. I also use it in my home when I feel the energy has been disrupted. The Native Americans have used it forever,

    and I feel it's the ritual, and prayer of the whole thing that helps. Some people just burn some incense, and say prayers over the cards. I like the white sage....

  • Thank you Rudygreen, where do you get it?

  • I don't read cards but, i have a few friends that do and this is what my one friend says: when i wrote to her about your question, I tried to be funny and said, I'd just put them out in nature and air them out. So the ending part of the answer is an answer to me trying to be funny. I'm more into Astrology and Numerology but, I've had my cards read.

    Where to get White Sage:

    You can get it loose in a package, but most people use a bundle of sage that you can get in a New Age shop where they have incense, books, and spiritual items....

    I need to get some myself... It's time to get winter out of the house... :-)) You can air them out, just pray over them LOL.....

  • I had to order the white sage because we don't have any new age stores where I live, I got some sweet grass as well because one of my Native American friend told me that when I cleansed my house I should use the white sage smudge stick to rid my house (and my deck) of bad energy and then burn the sweet grass to bring in good energy. I had another friend tell me to expose the cards to direct moonlight for a number of days, so you weren't off about exposing them to nature, although with the frequency that my friend asks for reading I want to throw them in the swamp in my back lot,lol

    I think that I'll probably have to get another deck that I won't use for her, I love her to death but I really get tired of being asked the same question 3 times a day, especially when I'm sick,lol

  • Sheyna had you thought that your friend could be draining your enery and that your home needs to be smudged when she leaves also. You might try telling her that you need to talk with her about more positive things because all the negativity is unhealthy for you. I had to tell a friend who called me a lot and I could tell when I answered it she was down. You expect people to be down sometimes but constantly wears you out trying to cheer them up. I just couldn't do it anymore.

  • Hi LibrasLair, she lives up state from me so she only calls me on the phone, and I've tried to tell her that as nicely as I can that her moods are hard for me deal with especially when I'm sick. I have Fibromyalgia and last year I had undiagnosed gastrointestinal problem that I honestly though was going to be the death of me. I was nauseous ALL of the time and I lost over twenty pounds which I can't afford to loose. I was going to see specialist almost every week and she was STILL calling a few times a day to fret about man problems!! I had doctors telling me that they had to rush tests because my weight was so low that I might die but she didn't see anything wrong with calling me up any time of the day to ask me to do readings on her revolving men. We've been friends for over 10 years, so I don't want to lose her her but honestly, how do you tell someone like that you can't handle them? lol She's a oood friend in most other respects and she's there for me when I need her, usually, but she doesn't take a hint, hell, she doesn't even take an outright no, it's like beating a dead horse!! I'd have to burn a smudge stick over her for crying out loud,lol

  • I'm sorry sweetheart for saying this ,but your friend needs to do some serious soul searching , not only meditation for herself . It sounds like she is giving her own power away to men who frankly are not worth her precious time. Sweetheart , you need to give back some tough love , if I was your friend and knew how sick you were ,I would,nt be draining your energy . you need to be kinder to yourself or otherwise you are no good to anyone ok. Bless you ,I shall include in my prayers , maybe detaching and sending her healing prayers with the help of angels and your guides would be less invading on your time. My celtic mother says sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind . Personally , I would ask Angel Rhapheal and Archangel Michael for healing & spiritual protection, . Believe me, I've been doing reading for most of my life, and you are not the only person she rings on a daily basis. Can you get to see a healer in her district, and can give her help. You need to focus on yourself and get your own strength back,that includes eating properly , and regularly,also alot more rest . The angels are there to help us everyday ,all we need to do is ask.

    Cleansing your cards ,can be cleansed by white sage , through your decks ,yourself and house , Also yes sweet grass is good also, not only that frankincense incense is very powerful,

    placing a sma;; clear quartz crystal by your phone for clarity , so that your messges are clear ,

    and precise . Also place a rose quartz on a picture of your friend , this will help the love energy ,

    foryourself and her . Sorry with card decks , prayers over them before each reading and after .

    Then I ask the angels especially Archangel Michael to bless the person or persons I have read for,myself ,and clear and bless my home. My blessings , Love & peace Janece ( medium nz)

  • Sheyna I am very sorry for your illnesses. But she can't be that good a friend if she doesn't care enough about you to leave you alone. Frankly with a friend like her you don't need any enemys. Honestly is she well herself? It doesn't sound like it. And saging her is a good suggestion. I thought of it but held off saying anything. You might be better off changing your number and when she can't reach you and shows up at your house I think you my have to say you are contributing to my illness and you wouldn't listen when I said I couldn't deal with you. Write a letter and tell her how she makes you feel. She couldn't hear you talking to her but maybe if she can read it she will finally get it. I don't think anyone needs friends who are so self centered.

  • Sheyna there are some stones that may help with your gastro problems. One is agate, placing it on the abdomen or taken as an elixir. Agate stimulates the digestive process and relieves gastritis. I don't know of one for Fibromyalgia unless it was Malachite in which case I would use two. Holding one in each hand, not tight just lightly and concentrate on the stones. I use them for my back and teninitis. I have had very good luck with them. Malachite is a very strong healing stone and not to be against your skin for long periods of time. I hope they work for you.

  • @Janece, you're very correct about my friend. She has low self esteem and she'll find the biggest losers and convince herself that she loves them, who knows, maybe she does but they always end up using her for what they can get and then running for the hills. She doesn't seem to grasp the concept the concept of subtlety,lol She has Fibromyalgia also and as she reads cards as well, she should know that when I'm feeling bad I can't get a clear reading, but apparently it's good enough for her....,I think she's addicted to readings!! I've told her a zillion times to be patient and wait for someone who's worthy but she doesn't want Mr. Right, she wants Mr. Right NOW!! She calls upon several people for readings daily, one of whom is way worse off than I am, she has severe diabetes that's not under control and a house full of crazy people (literally) living with her. She considers herself to be a spiritual person, an empath, and she says that she helps people, that's what she does. Well, if she's helping anyone it's the loser men she seems to find in abundance!!! She'll say that she can feel how badly that I'm feeling but it's never stopped her from asking for a reading. I guess I feel like she's one of those pain in the rear family members, she makes me crazy, but I still love her so a lot of the blame is on me. What's the saying? No one can take advantage of you without your permission? That's me, I guess. I think that we both are in need of some spiritual cleansing, Reike, right? I know that I could use it!!! Thank you for your prayers and your advice. I'll remember to call upon the angels

    next time I do a reading. I've never been able to get a clear one on myself, well actually I was told that I wasn't supposed to try, that's why I come on here,lol

  • To both Janice and LibrasLair, well there was information for you in the last post too. Thank you for the advice about the crystals. I'd have to order them online and I don't have much money but at this point anythings worth a shot. The winter drains me terribly and my illness hasn't been helping. I have IBS, a tumor on my hand, bronchitis that doesn't want to go away, etc..,etc.., Gees, I feel like such a kvetch, but hey, it's usually me listening to everyone else's problems and no one listening to mine. I thank you all for caring, not only about my original question but you seem so kind. I'm not used to being on the receiving end of it. You know what? It feels nice? lol

  • Sheyna I don't do Reiki but I do have friends who do long distance healing. I have surround you with the love of the white light and tried to shield you from the negativity but I just started doing that resently. I guess I didn't get the messages you were talking about. I read and reread but I guess I am too blonde I didn't get it and you may have to draw me a picture. lol Yes I agree people do treat you the way you allow them to treat you. I can send stones to you I have plenty. I do like to visualize the person they are for and I don't know what you look like so this might be a crap shoot. No really I have done it one other time for someone I had never met. It was a friends granddaughter. She was having troubles with her pancreas and I sent a carnelian. And told my friend to tell her it was her lucky stone and to keep it in her pocket all of the time. When I went back to Calif. in 04 her daughter thanked me and it kind of surprised me because I had completely forgotten about it. But her daughter was fine and the doctors couldn't figure out what had happened but the problem was gone.

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  • I had problems for years with my one deck and finally got a book that told me how to do some cleansing of your cards. It really worked for me and all I used was sorting them and then putting the crystal ontop of them. I also cleansed my crystal once in a while. I bought my heart shaped crystal at an Indian gift shop for about $12. The book also mentions about the sage and if you don't want to do any of these to just use a new deck. LOL Like we can afford to have a new deck for each reading.........

    The classic way to clear a deck is to put the cards in order. Begin with the majors in numerical order, followed by each suit arranged from ace to king. After rest restoring the cards to their original order, shuffle the deck thoroughly, as you would a brand new deck.

    Also you can place a quartz crsytal on top of the deck in between readings to absorb whatever vibrations may remain from the prior reading. Crystals used for the purpose should be cleansed periodically in a mixture of sea salt & warm water, then dried and placed outside or on a windowsill where they can be recharged by the sun's rays.

  • Thank you LL, I'll get about sending you a message soon. I have some more questions about crystals to ask you and I'd like to just get to know you because you seem like a nice person. Thank you as well, MadQueen, that seems like a good way to clean the deck that can be used on a regular basis to keep the deck in tune. Much more cost efficient than buying a new deck every time I do a reading too,lol

  • Sheyna there you are. I think you maybe on the west coast. Since you come on later in the day. Yes when you want to get hold of me I will be here. I can send you the information you ask if I have it. I will download it to my computer and just email it to you. I am not talking to Bakergrl on the phone, and we really have a good time talking. Waiting to hear from you.

  • No I am talking to Bakergrl on the phone. Boy when I don't proof read it might say anything on here.

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