Lucky Virgos

  • Virgo gal just wondering if any other Virgos are having good fortune at this time. It is in the stars for Late born Virgos.

  • Hi ford1962!

    What do you mean 'Good fortune'?

    I have kind of learned to believe that we always have good fortune... it's just sometimes it's easier for us to realize it than other times 😛

    Anyway, everything's going well for me 😄

  • Ford1962,

    Are you having good fortune ?

    The only thing my fortune is coming from is my feng shui gems. lol,

    Things haven't been so rough for me lately i'll admit, nothing

    major to look forward to though, that i know of .

  • Well so far I was fortunate to win 1500.00 at the casino and winnings at Bingo within a week. Wow. what Luck. Maybe that's all it is.(?) With Saturn out of Virgo now. I can breathe a sigh of relief, the last couple of years were horrible. Hope other Virgos feel the same now that Saturn is gone.

  • I feel the same way , really tough past few years with saturn around. We now have to deal with money issues for the next two years. Money either coming or going we have to learn how to budget our resources, that is our new lesson. Yes, I too have been receiving large sums of money but it's allocated for specific purposes and I can't touch it. All well!

  • Sweet. Good for you songofsharon.

  • Thanks- ford1962!

  • Yes Ford, here is one Virgo that has being very lucky not only today, but all life. Perhaps for others Virgos are control freak and makes them uncomfortable; well if is that so, to bad. It is no may fault for them to feel miserable when I feel completely okay, my only responsibility is to make my place comfortable and my self happy. If I am not, I go away, or I leave. I do not adopt or accept mediocrity. I do not like the chaos or distress minds on people. We the Virgos are also serviceable and good mentors, if someone needs my help; they need to ask me for what they need. Because if do; they will take me for granted. I would not do voluntary social work. I certainly believe that thanks to be organized, neat, detail oriented, positive thinker, analytic and critical minder as my gifts; they are the forces within me to be positive and to move on, an any situation, also gives me the willing power to be better and survive any difficult situation, and take only the lessons to enhance awareness and assertiveness in all my enterprises.- Being critical is not only good for Virgos, but for every body. Being critical give us the opportunity to see all the dark spots and even the sides of not one else could see it. That is what makes us wise and to be better and to choose the best in life. If somebody else are no agree with me or have a different opinion about that it is their opinion, and opinions doesn’t hurt me, because they are irrelevant to my persona. What is important for me is the good results and how I enjoy my happiness today. The peace of mind is the results of a self confidence of a good job done, and that is what it counts. Also I have win $$$ in casinos, but I did it because I knew if a machine doesn't give any money back of what I putting in, I quit I change that one for a good one. You can tell when you are losing or wining there. Because if you play 20 dollares and nothing comes back, it will be stupid of me if keep putting more money there, but people doesn't got that...

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