Capricorn and Leo

  • Captain: I am a Capricorn and my husband was a Leo (he is deceased from heart failure). I know my birthchart but I didn''t know his thoroughly. I think his Moon was in Pisces like mine. I was born January 16, 1956 and he was born August 5, 1955. We met one night when I was sitting in front of my door and he came outside and spoke. I didn't think he was a very good-looking man. As we got to know each other I began to fall in love with him b/c he was so much fun to be around and kept me laughing all the time. The same year my mother died in 1986 he asked me to marry him and I did. We were married for 20 yrs before he passed away,. Our life together was loving and caring and we had our ups and downs but I will never regret marrying him. He died in 2007 and I have not been with a man since and am happy living alone with my cat. If you have any insights on this I will be happy to read them,. Thanks,.

  • Though your marriage was not giving overly to romance or imagination, it was stable and fulfilling and productive. Your husband was an energetic go-getter who probably supplied a lot of the direction, drive, inspiration, and ambition of your relationship, so you are probably feeling a bit lost and aimless now without him. By yourself, you tend to be easily contented by reaching a certain level and staying there, while your husband was always seeking greater challenges.

    But you are quite capable of continuing on your way although you may need some help launching yourself into new projects or seeking new goals. You have to get used to asking yourself what you want to achieve rather than considering your partner's needs and wants. Think back to your younger days - are there still things you want to achieve, goals you had then? Do you know what will make you happy now? If it's living happily alone with your cat, then that is perfectly fine. You are your own person now, not part of a set or a team, and you may do just as you please. Maybe you want to find the heady romance that you didn't have in your marriage? It's never too late to achieve the things you want. Where there's life, there's hope.

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