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  • My guy is 39yrs old so apparently it's just the way they are. They have to know what they are doing hasnt worked in past relationships so they would want to change it. I guess thats why they do so well with other Virgo women. Us libra ladies have problems too, since we are in love with love and I wonder myself, if its just me and Im making something into something for nothing. Its kind of ironic, this is the exact kind of relationship I wouldve wanted when I was married. My ex husband use to complain of the exact same thing I'm complaining about now and he went out and got a girlfriend for two years without me knowing. Maybe its karma or maybe I'm looking to much at the superficial stuff instead of whats really important in a relationship. He does give me everything I ever wanted in a man....besides the intimacy and i know that fizzles out after awhile in any relationship. I just know myself too well, and thats what scares me. I dont want to be the one cheating in this relationship bc the lack of affection. He's handsome, hes funny,a great father, hard worker, makes good money, hes very dedicated and theres definitely no doubt he cares about me a lot, he shows me that everyday. Theres something great knowing that, no matter what happens with me, i know I have someone that would be there for me no matter what. i use to say that was only my ex husband(only bc of our kids hes there for me). So this guy has been the only man since my divorce(alomst 5 years), that would drop anything to be by myside. And that alone is something that I cherish. Its been great to know there are other women out there that are going through the same stuff as I am w these virguys. I just wish theres an answer and we could get these guys to show some more lovin!!!! Thanks ladies!!!!

  • Girl if we had that magic formula on how to unleash the virgo man passion for libra ladies, we would bottle it and sell it and make millions wont we:)!!!!!

    I'm waiting on virguy alll i got a text saying happy v day!!! i just said gee thanks.... well romance is certainly lacking from him..... he said he was never good in that dep't from the beginning..... so he stated that from the outset. blonde uve got a great guy there i guess we have to accept the practical romance from them.... but i miss hugging and kissing and just being affectionate... when i try i can feel him pulling backlike its a shock for him ,,, too much. my friends say he is just being nice to me when he is considerate or caring in other practical robot type things like fixing my car or soem other household chore etc..... well i dont know cause i couldn get my Cancer or gemini ex to do anythign liek that for me without nagging and a lot of pain....

    and they were not romantic either.

  • Dear Lovely Libra Ladies,

    Please do not stay with a man who does not want to get physically intimate with you for over a year. Unless, of course , you don't believe in sex before marriage which is cool.

    My scorp sixth sense senses that this is just a game to keep your mind but to never commit. Why give a man control like that? I suggest the best medicine in this scenario is to tease the holy living crap out of him--kiss him, wrap your legs around him, fondle his shirt or whatever. Get his heat up and then get away from him, go to the kitchen and ask him if he'd like a cup of tea. Pretend that you didn't just seduce the him. Find a good book, start reading and smile to yourself.

    I can guarantee you will be on your back that evening and finding out what your Virgo is made of!

    Again, please don't tell him you love him. Tell him that he was great and that it was just what you needed and say no more.

    You will drive the man crazy and he won't be able to think of anyone but you. You can thank me later. Thanks.


  • ha ha scorp that is a good strategy but believe me the virguy is not the regular guy and he is not easily seduced.... womanlywiles dont seem to work on him in the same way like other men!! he can live without sex... aka virgin/virgo.... and we believe we have to just crack that code is what makes him interesting and intriguing.....

  • Hi Jenever: So great to hear from you and I appreciate you asking how it is going with my Virguy. I met him Sept 2010, we are still dating. He is hard working, honest, doesn't lie, doesn't cheat BUT, BUUUUUUUUUUUT like the other girls mentioned his opinion, his thoughts, are the most important statements and thoughts that matter. He is extremely opinionated. And it can be exhausting at times because you cant get a word in. When I do share thoughts I dont get the feedback that I would like. One time I was talking to him about my son and he simply got up and walked away. Get's distracted I guess. The most interesting conversation is his own....I know I'm rambling but that is one of my pet peeves. Last time we were physical was October 2011. We went to Hawaii, had the best time and best s**x too. Ok I forgot there was one time a few weeks after that also that he spent quite a bit of time working on making me feel good. heheheheheh. Ok so I'm totally smiling thinking about that....hehehehe I'm laughing right now. OVERALL I'm really jazzed by his love of life. He likes being outside and I love that - I am definately in to that and share that similar interest. I love that he is intellectual. You can have an intelligent conversation with him, that turns me on. But I hate always having to bring up that its been this long and that long since the last time we did it. I HAVE NEEDS !! hahahahah I can say 75% I'm content with this relationship and I do picture being able to be with him when we get older and get along. But he is a sailor, lover of the sea. And I am a land girl lover of mountains, air, clouds, water, birds, and all sorts of things that fly. His dream is to buy and boat and sail away in it. Mine is to live a simple life, simple home, be content. I wonder if we can merge these dreams together....Is anyone really completely, totally, fully satisfied? I believe the answer to that question is to look within our own heart, soul, psychology, mind, body, and find peace and love within ourselves. I've pondered breaking up but dont want to break up because I am discontent with myself. I want to explore that further.....Thank you for asking Jenever. In telling and talking to you it helps me work it out. It is all good. TODAY 🙂 and for that I am grateful

  • My beautiful, lovely, Libra ladies: I've read your threads and like to hear what you each think and go through. I appreciate you talking about it. It helps me figure out where I am going. I realize that in relationships there are some games, tactics, moves to capture your lover. At some point in life, when you get older you will grow tired of games and simply want someone to just blend and mesh with you naturally. Without having to TRY SO HARD. The love you feel inside motivates and drives you to capture your love, your Virgo. And I know Love is blind. You love him so much you will do anything for him and you want to be with him. Based on all the threads I've read and feedback some of the Virmen out there are schmucks. Maybe they are a product of divorce, broken childhood. Something ruined them where they young and growing up and they are not able to be loyal which sounds the case with the Virgo that is dating a million girls. The Virgo is an elusive breed. He can be a great partner but also a total pain in the hooo haaa if you know what I mean. Bottom line: What do you truly deserve? Are you getting it from this man you love? IF NOT......At some point you will make a choice that you deserve better. As sure as there are stars in the sky there is a man out there that is not afraid of commitment, that WILL BE CRAZY about you, and love YOU exactly the way you are. As women sometimes we fail to be our own best friends. We can give the best advice every to the people we love, to our girlfriends but when it comes down to following our own advice...well we dont follow it. Bravo to each and every one of you that loves yourself enough to be your very own best friend and follow that advice. Make your dream board. What does your perfect man look ilke, what is his character, what are his traits. Post it, perfect it, look at it. You will find the love you DESERVE. In the meantime laugh with your girlfriends till your stomache hurts, go to the beach and for walks. Do things that soothe your soul and feel in awe of this wonderful, magnificent life. Make each day special. Down let anyone or anything get you down. Its a decision. Have a excellent life and dont settle for anything less than that. Each sacred day is a gift. You deserve to live a happy, full, content, fantastic life. Do it now and please share because it gives others hope. So post Valentines I send you a spiritual rose of the most brilliant lovely color you have every seen. It exudes the loveliest scent, a perfume that eases your burden and heart when it hurts. Love, peace and blessings friends...Hang in there and never give up! You will find what you are looking for...sincerely Bellaflor

  • BellaFlorrrrr !!!! I've missed u my Libra lassie !!! where have u been girl??? !! :):)

  • how are things with you andyour Virguy bella ???

  • Hi Carib!!!! How are you doing? I missed you also. Really great to heat from you 🙂

    My Virgo and I have been dating for over a year. I told him that it has been three months since we were together physcially and he took care of that on Sunday...hehehe. We met up the coast at the beach. Walked on the beach, walked alot and ate really great food. He's tells me he loves me all the time. We go for pretty long stretches without being physical but I would say I see him at least every two weeks or twice a month. Either he comes up here or I go out where he lives. We are taking a vacation in March and I am looking forward to it. He's older so maybe hes outgrown the shananigans that we read that the other Virgo men do??? He used to be a player apparently but has settled down. This is what he tells me anyway. He holds my hand all the time. I do think he has fallen in love with me. Before he was more indifferent, earlier in our relationship. Now he is more consistent as far as telling me he loves me. He is good about spending time with me. He is opinionated and loves to hear himself talk. That gets a little frustrating in that I want to share what is going on in my life also. I joked with him about that this weekend. I think he understood the truth in jest. Most of the time I can see us moving along forward in future years together. Sometimes I am not sure. Sometimes he seems content leaving things the way they are (dating). Most of the time I am totally ok with that. When I was younger I wanted all the answers NOW. I guess I'm learning to see things from several angles now which makes me a more patient and less impulsive partner. I can feel that he loves me. And I will think about him sometimes and he most certainly calls. Seems that we are connected on a spiritual level. ANYWAY my dear. I hope you are doing well. Please let me know how things are going with you? Are you still dating your virgo male? Or anyone else? What are you doing for fun? I'm thinking about going to Ireland this year. Something draws me to it....I send you a hug my dear. Tell me how things are for you ok? Love bellaflor

  • Hi Bellaflor,,,

    Why go to Ireland come down to the sunny Caribbean by me 🙂 well maybe one day 🙂

    well things have been more or less the same with my Virguy... just like you up and down rollercoaster as usual.... one minute i want to dump him and then other times i see that long lost puppy dog eyes full of emotion staring back at me... those mesmerizing eyes have me hooked... its not the colour, but the shape the intesity that i see in them when he looks at me ,I've not seen anywhere eles in anyone..... I know he is full of emotion but just holding back or being a smart ass or just plain annoying and opinioated... these days he seem to be in hiding... and I am letting him.... He is moving closer to my town ... a few minutes away actually...and I would like to see if this will change the nature of the relationship and make itmore consistent... he had suggested moving in wtih me and i actually freaked out.......!!!! well lets see how it goes......if the move intesifies the relationship or nullifies it even more.... who knows with him???? but those eyes have me trapped for now...... How do virguy show affection ??????


    and yes Bella why o why are virmen so cold in bed... well i mean they dont seem to want to do the deed.... i have to make snide remarks to mine as well like we are a little in for a sum lovin about now..... i ve never slept in a bed with a man who can easily just roll over and sleep.... geeze its so frustrating sometimes and i wonder if is really worth it like you.....

  • Hi Carib: Its so good to hear from you. You make me laugh so much because our guys are so similar!!!! YES they roll over and fall asleep. Your reaction to him moving in cracked me up!! You freaked out? FUNNY!!!! That is so totally funny. You want him but if he wants MORE you want your space. That is totally how I am. I dont think I want to live with Virgo. I really feel inside that it would destroy things. Just a feeling. We would probably make each other nuts. So part of me likes the distance and not having to be at his beck and call all the time. I guess that is why I dont get so bent when I do see him and he takes up all the air everywhere we go talking. And let me tell you something. If you are not paying attention HE GETS BENT!!!! He will actually test me to make sure I am paying attention. Honest sometimes I tune out and he knows it. He caught me last weekend when we were at the beach. He was going, on, and on, and on, and on and I ended up changing the subject. He said "You didn't hear a thing I said". I said "I listen to 93% of what you say". So he tests me and makes me repeat what he said. OH MY GOSH!!! So I turned it around Carib. I said the only thing you care about is your own opinion. This needs to be give and give. You give and I give. We both should be able to share and listen. He is very social. No matter where we go he will strike up a conversation. Sometimes it is cool but other times it seems a smidge shallow. Just saying.

    CARIB: So are you going to move in with him? Are you thinking about it? Just asking.

    My Virgo has pretty eyes also. Sometimes I'm taken by them. They are very pretty. He is a handsome guy.

    The Caribbean. I hope it is good for you over there. YES I love the Caribbean....I cant tell you why I'm drawn to Ireland. Maybe I was there in another life? Something, something draws me there.

    Should be interesting when your Virgo moves closer. Maybe he is moving closer for you? Just thinking. Do you think that is one of the reasons? What do you think?

    I'm going up to see my guy again this weekend. Then in March we will take vacation, a week in Mexico. That will be fun.

    Did I tell you his best friend is a GORGEOUS woman? And beyond best freinds. He will give up anything for her. He says she is like one of the guys and he has never loved her BUT I dont know. I guess I assume if you've been close to someone for so long at some point you start having romantic feelings. He said that is not the case. But then he talks about how good looking she is. Which she most definately is. So I dont know that is kind of funky to get used to. He has dumped girls that could not deal with him having a girl as his best friend. They have known each other a long time. Part of me feels like he loves her but he will never admit it. Thats another story I guess.

    He tell me he loves me all the time now. I just wonder why it took a year for him to figure it out? Maybe he thinks he loves me but it is more enfatuation.

    Carib. I hope live and everytning is good to you. I hope you are taking care of yourself and doing things that make you happy. Days are precious and sacred. I hope they are special days for you.

    LOVE hearing from you

    A hug to you my dear, Bellaflor

  • p.s. My Virguy holds hands alot. I like that. He kisses really good but it seems like the physical being close isn't like it was when I met him. I dont think Virguys are affectionate lover type guys Carib....

  • Hi BellaFlor 🙂

    "You want him but if he wants MORE you want your space. " LOl thanks for pointing that out to me... it must take another libra lass to show me that because i feel it mustbe true!!! on some level i might begin to feel trapped... u know air we like our freedom.... hee hee 🙂 i didnt even realize that..... 🙂

    """ Idont think Virguys are affectionate lover type guys Carib.... """ awww thats too bad bella because i findhim so incredibly sexy and masculine i want to jump his bones on contact..... instead l am like some schoolgirl on a couch with my hands in my lap.... or most likely sitting on them around him... GRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! so frustrating... what is wrong wtih these men!!! ????

    well if he compensated with some good kissing but not even that too!!!! Ugh.... few and far between..... not enough for me!!!

    LOL yes mine too when i start drifting around in the clouds when he goes on his long detailed rant about some inane subject i tune out... and he accuses me of "listening but not hearing!!! "" LOL

    Hmmm well i am not sure if my own has any hidden women in his closets but i dont think i would like my bf to have a gorgeous gal pal... why he doesnt just get with her??? then what is missing???

    i might be too insecure for that 🙂 or maybe he can separate the friendship from the emotion and needs 2 separate women for that ??!!

    do u tell him u love him back too??? i get choked if i try to say it to him !!!! i want to but cant !!!!


    ps bella does your virguy has eye for details that you dont see??? mine notices the spots on my clothes or hte earrings i wear.. or the freckles LOl.....

  • Hi my darling Carib: You and I are so alike it is so funny. Yes Carib our Virgo's are the VIRGIN sign. We picked the most prudish darlings of the zodiac to be the ones we want to devour us. What a joke!!! I am the same way Carib. I sit there with my little hands in my lap waiting for action to happen and a whole weekend goes by and NO ACTION. So then I have to remind him "You know its been **** months since we were last together". GIVE ME LOVING YOU BIG OAF!!!! Holy moly does it have to be such a chore? Smooch me and lets get it on already you good looking terrible man!!! HAHAHAHAH! You make me laugh you are so right!!! When my Virgo is totally in to me I feel trapped, corned, suffocated. Hahahahah! When he is indifferent I'm the little pupy dog in love. Cheeewaaawaaa!!! We have a trip coming up for a week and thinking about it I'm a little indifferent. I know it will be fun. We almost always have fun except for when he acts uptight and critical. At those times I dont want to be around him. Those little outbursts are few and far between but when he has them he can be a meany. I've learned though to speak up and tell him that he hurt my feelings then he totally feels bad that he hurt me. Oh the balance, the heave and ho, the to and fro of LOVE. Yes my friend he has the most gorgeous female best friend in the whole world. She is a beauty. And they are both loyal to each other forever. She is married and has two lovely little girls. Sometimes when I let my mind wander I think that my Virgo has saved himself for her. But he denies that it has NEVER been true, that she is just like "one of the guys". He has dumped girlfriends if they did not like her. Yep. So that undying loyalty makes you wonder. But he completely tells me I am wrong and that it is more of a brotherly love. You know Carib if we speculate we can drive ourselves MAD over ideas and thoughts that may not be so. Sometimes we do need to settle our active analyitic minds and give ourselves a break. SO CARIB did your Virgo move near you yet? If YES does he contact you more often? just asking. I saw the sunset tonight and it was SO pretty. Just got over a 4 day fever and it was so nice to be outside and breathe the ocean air, to hear the ocean waves. Right when the sunset spread across the horizon I said "THANK YOU" to the powers that be for my returned health and the abundant blessings that have been showered on my my whole lovely life. I could not ask for more. And for that I am extremely grateful and believe it or not - I feel fortunate to have you to chat with. Just know that you are my special friend and I am grateful to have you to balance notes with. My darling friend remember to cherish your girlfreinds and the great times that you have together. Spend great times with them when you are alone. Go do fun things and laugh your heads off!!! Life is short make it the sweetest life ever CARIB. We are given precious moment over and over again. Enjoy them, your family, friends, and this precious life. I will too and it will give me comfort knowing that you are working on taking care of your lovely precious self. Always, do the things that soothe your sou. I send you a smile and a hug my friend. Sincerely, Bellaflor CARIB!!! Tell me how things are with your big oaf....Bellaflor

  • Carib: Hello, I am getting ready to go on 9 day vacation with Virguy and my family....Should be interesting. I vented and let him know that I think he is selfish sometomes so I'm not sure if he is talking to me at this time...And we are a few days away from our planned vaca. I dont know Carib. Sometimes I feel ike this is perfection and other times it is simply not good enough. My monthly cycle could have a major role in my attitiude 🙂 FYI.........Anyway my dear we are going to the lake, to the beach, to Rosarito Mexico. It will be a nice visit. I hope you are well....And I'll let you know how the drama plays out. Love, Bellaflor

  • Hi everyone.

    BellaFlor, I read all your posts, wow, what a story! Have a great vacation.

    I recently started date Virgo man and I am Libra. And like everyone else I read a lot of articles about how we are together. Some said we are perfect, some said NO WAY.

    I would like to hear more stories with a happy end.

    I like my Virgo man so much and I do wish we will be together forever.

    P.S. Also, can somebody tell me, can I write my story here or should I get my own topic?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Tatochka, Having your own topic is completely up to you. It wouldn't hurt. You get great feedback from folks in similar circumstances......My Virgo is here taking a shower. I dont know my dear. Sometimes it seems like SOULMATES and other times it feels like.....Better friend than lover / boyfriend. He loves me but it took him over a year to figuer that out and for whatever reason that turns me off. He is also DRAMA. And that turns me off also..... His pretty blue eyes, and blonde hair and sea going manliness turns me on BUT you know they say opposites attract. I dont want him to make love to me just because he is afraid of losing me. I want it to be a genuine desire. Which part of me wonders if he is capable of having genuine desire. We are off for 7 more days of vaca together. He is opinionated, opinionated, opinionated.....and i get tired of not being able to share. He is attractive, he attracts me....yet I dont know if we (sea and air) have what it takes to sail steady for years. Love is sometimes an elusive desire. Right there within our grasp and then pulls away. We have time, FOREVER is what he always says. I dont want to wait for FOREVER....I would like to feel, love, be, feell, love more NOW. That's just me.......A libra. And he the VIRGIN, steady, Virgo......I'll keep you potsed. I'm sure this vacation will be wonderful. But there is the wonderful among good friends. Someone you know you would like to know when you get old.....That is the feeling I have now, today..... I'll let you know how the vaca unravels.......Love Bellaflor.....Hang in there...believe in love....It is good, makes your blood circulate and makes you feel young and free. Good things....Best of luck to you......Dont base what you have on what I have.....What I have is my experience and yours...IS YOURS.....Enjoy it........and LIVE!!!!!!!Sincerely bf

  • Hi BellaFlor, thank you very much for you reply. I am really happy that you are having a great time. ENJOY your vacation!

    I don't know why many ppl talking about how Virgo doesn't like to have sex, mine DO LIKE IT.......A LOT! 🙂

    Talking about soulmates. I don't know if I am stupid or what, but I DO FEEL LIKE WE ARE SOULMATES. We did break up ones, but he wouldn't leave me, he will text, text and text. I did date another men, while we weren't together, but I didn't feel anything with them, like I FELT WITH HIM! So, we are back together now. I do wish we work out beautifully. I am trying, but he makes it so hard! HE IS CONFUSING, so confusing! I know we have to be patient, but I don't know how long I can deal with it.

    I don't know how he feels about me and it's drive me crazy! YES, b4 we broke up he would tell me, that he is " falling for me, crazxy about me", while we weren't together he would say," I love you",then took it back!so I don't know if he meant it or not. Since we are together he never said these words again.

    BellaFlor, you said something about DRAMA, can you give me an example of this drama. I think my Virgo is dramatic too, for no reason! Also my Virgo 99% of the time acts like a child! This another thing that bother me, I don't get it! I don't know, if anyone else has same problem? He is 37, so he is adult, but.......

  • Ohhhh my bellaflor

    I too am in a predicament with my virguy at this point in time i feel like my drama is really mirrowing yours..we reallly can be writing abotu the same story.... do u know we planned a little vacay with the kids to another sunny island in the caribbean and we have a fall out !!! right now to be exact and i am at point break with him.... and we are set to sail next saturday for a few days... geeze I dont know how that is going to play out cause ive just about had it with him!!! too much confusion mixed signals opionated but he cant out do my logic either and my sharp way of looking at both sides and coming up with a justified conclusion so here goes my little getaway all booked paid and planned for and everyone looking fwd to it and we are both fighting... should i pay to be miserable with him for a few days or just call it quits and forfeit my money Bella..... oh lord i dont know what to do.... i let out all my libran logic in one full blast and hung up on him!!!!! and u know how Librans will simmer until full boil......

    What a drama????

    Anyway my darling i hope at least one of us will enjoy her holiday....... unlike you Bella I just feel like throwing in the towel and not tell him that he has hurt my feelings when he is being so mean and selfish and opinionated..... and not to mention the lack of lacka ah do.... oh lord ... geexe i must love this man cause i like punishement dont I ????? Virguy is 39 and is still hanging on to his mothers april strings and is like a big baby too.....

  • Girl I am so happy and blessed to have you sharing our life and love experience with Virmen and I think if it wasnt for you Bellaflor keeping me afloat I would sink this ship already yes!!! And yes I do wonder do they have genuine spontaneous desire.... Lol what hte heck is all that about.... I cant stand it ... .I feel this is gonna be the dealbreaker for me... controlled s-e-x is not my style!!! when he has crossed his i's and t's then he will thinkk about it?????

    Hugs Bellaflor

    keep me posted

    Carib and I , u.