Libra Woman Virgo Man

  • Hmmmm Bright day,,,,,

    if i were u i would pop out a text or email to him....... what can it do ? Like "Hey ..... , how are udoing ? Hope all is well... see ya soon... (if ure feelign extra brave 🙂 )

    its just to let him know ur thinkin of him ....after all its 2 weeks.... my virguy had a fight august last year was pretty bad,,,, and 2 weeks is the longest we've gone without contact. But when i did cal him , and reached out to him he was soooooo happy , i heard it in his voice.... 🙂 so give it a go and see 🙂

    Good luck

    carib 🙂

  • Hi Caribe. . .

    Sounds like a great idea. I might wait a day or so. I am so scared of crowding him and driving him away. But he just might be happy to hear from me. Bella, what do you think? Wouldwriting a quick note after 2+ weeks of nothing from him have made your Virguy pull away even more, especially at the beginning??

  • Well, Virguy's ex-girlfriend's car is parked in his driveway this morning -- the woman he said he split up with nearly a month ago. It wasn't there earlier, so she wasn't there all night or anything. I wish I could avoid seeing his house but there is no other way out of my neighborhood. He said they were still in touch and friends, but he hasn't been in contact with me for 2-1/2 weeks and now I don't know what to think. She got divorced recently, my guess is she's needy and clinging on to him, but who knows? I have read so much about Virgo guys and heard that once they're done with you, they're DONE. Any insight? I am beginning to feel like an idiot for caring about him. I'm busy and have a full life and have been doing a great job at distracting myself and enjoying my friends, etc., but I am still very aware That I am just distracting myself because he isn't contacting me. So do I hang in here? Or do I have to walk away?

  • hMMMM well Brightday,,,,

    if i were you, ( there is a reason why he was trying to end things with her and gave you that hot kiss) I would contact him... be brave!!.... Virgomen ive heard are pretty loyal to the gfs,,until proven otherwise. The thing is as women, she probably smelt the rat that he was pulling away and want to dig her claws back into him..... so in this case i would pop out an (unemotiona) text and just say hi or something.... let him know ure still around... be a tad aggressive...hard for a libra i know...we just like to let things play out.... but for sure now i would send a gentle reminder that i do still exist and am thinking about him....... after all what do u have to lose???? he is already MIA 2 weeks... i know ure not together but its just to say "Hi".... no harm in that, i think.

    good luck,

    Im here will check back later


  • Hi Caribe! I have decided to let him go and not call him. The ex-girlfriend's car was in his driveway yesterday afternoon for a few hours, then again at7 when I passed by on the way to meet girlfriends for dinner, her car was there and he wasn't and I could see her doing something in the kitchen. The car was gone at 9:30 when I came home and he was alone and working in his workshop. . . So I know she didn't stay over. Whatever's going on, I don't get it and don't get why he's not getting in touch with me but it's been three weeks since he told me about the breakup, asked for some time to clear his head and then disappeared. I need to walk away. If he calls or whatever, it will be a nice surprise. But I'm not going to wait patiently anymore. Each time we spend an hour or two together, it's incredible and intense and I feel so connected to him. But each time, he then disappears for weeks. I understand he was involved and breaking it off with this other woman, which explains the weirdness up until a few weeks ago. I really think if he was all that interested, he would have contacted me before now. I just don't get why he would go through all the bother of telling me about breaking up with the girlfriend, telling me how attracted to me he is and how he wants to get to know me better and then giving me the great kiss if he didn't want to be with me. So it doesn't add up, which is why I'm so confused. But I'm not going to call a guy who said he'd reach out when he was ready and who is having the ex over to his house when he isn't there. She must still have keys. Not good.

  • Saw Virgshit in his driveway this afternoon so stopped by to say hi. He was friendly but cool. Talked about his house and the work he was doing in his garage. Then he told me that the "situation" (girlfriend) he was dealing with is still going on, and that he's still involved with her. So it was perfectly okay for him to tell me he needed some time to clear his head and then when I was giving him the space he asked for, he got back together with his girlfriend without telling me and left me hanging. I still would have been waiting if I didn't run into him in his driveway today. Not sure what the dinner invitation and hot kiss and all the flirting were all about. I think he's just not such a nice human being. Ugh.

  • I kept seeing this thread come up when I was checking on my Virgo thread so I thought I'd see how things are going (I posted way back on page two I think). Such familiar stories here...unfortunately. But Bellaflor I am curious, what is the status of you and your Virgo? Somehow I was expecting a breakthrough, perhaps even wedding bells by the time I read through all the posts. Things seemed to be progressing slowly but surely. But at certain times it even seems as if your feelings for him have cooled. Did I misread that? You know, many have thought I was patient for waiting out my Virgo for so long, but my patience wore thin. I read your posts and on one hand thought, "this woman has the patience of a saint", and on the other hand, I saw the same thing that I felt for myself and that I have read in the many posts on my thread - there is an unhappiness with being involved with these men. You will never quite feel fully happy because there is a completeness that is missing. They give so little and we find ways to let that be enough...for a while. But the longing for something more, or something different, remains. So I was just curious if you were still with your Virgo and how it is going?

    I love the way you express your thoughts by the way. It's a pleasure reading your posts. You are certainly a lovely and caring person and are sure to be a blessing to any man you end up with.

  • Yes Jen

    its true we seem contented with the crumbs they throw at us once in a while dont we????

    Brightday,,i'm sorry to hear how things turned out.... he was really a scumbag for chickening out and not being up front with you like a man... that means if things dont work out again wth his (ex) gf you wont be there when he comes around again.... or he will really have to man up for sure!!!

    sorry to hear 😞

    don't worry,,,, we are here for you...

    i also feel in my gut things wont work out with me and VG but cant seem to leave him just yet either.....


  • caribchic - The other side of that coin is that they live off of "crumbs" emotionally. Whatever the myriad of reasons may be for not fully investing themselves in a relationship: their work, health, stress, and self-esteem, are all excuses I have become familiar with among the stories on my thread - for the most part they deal with life "on their own". If they wanted a banquet, they would come to the table, instead they seem to require only crumbs to get by in life.

  • I, for one, am not contented with crumbs. This Virguy dangled cupcakes, let me get a teeny taste of the frosting and then gave the rest to the (ex) girlfriend. I have to completely walk away at this point. The coming on strong and then pulling away for weeks at a time was frustrating enough when I thought he was a great guy who needed to take it slow, but I'm now seeing that he deals with uncertain or uncomfortable situations by pulling away and hoping they will just disappear. Not a good quality in a mate.

    I don't want to be with a man who makes me doubt myself or who makes me anxious. Whether his actions are because he is clueless, conflicted, frightened, cowardly, unkind, cruel, manipulative, mean, controlling or has low self-esteem, it really doesn't matter. These are not adjectives I would ever use to describe a man I want to be with long-term. I feel sorry for the GF -- she's in a relationship and he keeps pulling away, and he was flirting and coming on to me while he was still seeing her. Nope, not a guy I want to be with.

    He seemed really stunned that I didn't want to be friends with him. I don't normally deep-kiss my friends in dark parking lots. And I am really not comfortable being friends with a guy who doesn't think I'm pretty great, and who clearly does not see my value. . . not to mention that I can't see being friends with a guy whose bones I want to jump, knowing he's sleeping with someone else. Who needs that??

  • Hello Everyone,

    I've been reading these posts for a couple weeks and decided to jump in. I too am dating a Virgo and I'm a Libra....100% Libra!!!

    I've been seeing my Virgo for almost 7 mths. The begining was great but then I smelt a rat. He was also coming out of a 4 year on and off relationship with a girl and they had a baby together(yes, lovely baby mama drama). She had also been working for him and doing his books for his different companies. So he had to be nice to her till everything was transferred to a new book keeper. All they ever did was fight, so that gave me comfort...LOL! I must say, he did give me a lot of attention and would always go out of his way for me. That would explain why I stuck around for so long(4mths till new book keeper)~eye roll~ I know!!

    I ended up cactching him in a couple of lies and i got fed up with him and instead of always being nice, like I ALWAYS do. I cut him off...ignorded him...blocked his number...and blocked him from facebook. This was for myself so i wouldnt contact. I wanted him to feel he screwed up and I put up with enough crap. I took a risk, but it worked :)) Also, this all went down the weekend before my it was tough since we planned a party with our friends.

    Well, I still had my party w my friends and a lot of his close friends but he wasnt invited. He was emailing me, like crazy!!! I loved it!! He hated he couldnt be there and that's the day reality kicked in for him.

    See, we live in a small town and we have a lot of the same friends but I never meet him before. So it was fun right off the bat. I didnt even want to get involved w him, since he owns a bar in our town but he sucked me in. He's ex is a complete witch and never wanted to do anything. Everyone that knows her, cant stand her and only say nasty things about her. Its been the opposite w me. Since we are natural charmers all of his friends and colleges really like me and tell him that ALL the time. Sooo back to my bday, I did get weak since it was my bday and he was begging to see me. I did end up going to his house that was my bday, ya know!! hehe

    So for all you hopefuls...I believe that a Virgo and a Libra do have a good chance of making it. He honestly gives me "almost" everything Ive ever wanted in a guy. I was married for 10 years and have 2 dauhters. Hes been married and has 4 Ive had my share of dating and dated A LOT but hes been by far the best guy.

    My Virgo has been very loyal to me. We see each other everyday and spend lots and lots of time together. The one thing that I do worry about is that, he is diffently not Mr. Romatic. Ive never been turned down for sex this much before in my life. We are sexual creatures and they are not. I have to ask him how he feels about me bc he will never tells me. Ive told him "I love you" but hes never said it to me. So I get my feelings hurt easily and I do have some trusting issues w me bc of that. I mean what man turns down sex or other things bc hes watching GOLD RUSH...are u kidding me...haha!!! I believe he could go without for a long time, and I'm 37 and in my prime so that sucks.

    It hasnt been easy catching this one, and Ive had to play a lot of games w him. I believe he's in for the long haul or he wouldnt be spending so much time with me. He doesnt go anywhere without telling me or inviting me. He's definitly your typical virgo, minus the nature side. He's so much a metrosexual and so good looking. I love how clean he is. He does work a lot and work is on his brain 24/7, he stresses out so easily over work. He may not give me compliments on a daily basis but he does say some pretty great things. He loves the way I decorate and hes always telling me how "classy" i always look and thats what attracted him to me. Awesome father and very strict...i like that. Manners are very important to him so is appearence. He also likes to do a lot but sometimes he just likes to stay home and i dont mind at all. So he's not a hermit. I cook and clean and Ive started to redecorate his house and he is loving that. I do notice he is a bit selfish and he does like his way...but it hasnt been anything harmful...hes just picky about things. I'm able to persuade him w my charm and I get my way a lot of times too. He just doesnt realize, how great i am at manipulating a situation to benefit me...hehe!!! Us LIBRAS are great at getting our way, one way or another. LOL!!!!

    I guess I should zip it and stop now. Sorry if I got carried away w my story. I just had to say something to you guys and give some hope that u are able to snag a Virgo guy and actually be happy!! I juat have to always remind myself, that I need to forget the romance ...its just not his thing but I still believe w some persuasion, I'll change that side of him. :))) Good Luck gals, it's not an easy task but u can get there...I'm still working on it. Just 7 mths , things can always change. If anyone needs advice on ANYTHING just ask!!!!

  • Hi Blonde

    well uve certainly gotten the golden key to a Virguy's heart... boy do we need the advice here... I am soooo close to giving mine the ultimatum after putting up with his push/pull behaviour.. do uget a lot of that ???

    I dont see mine as much maybe once a week or so cause were both single parents... but yes i can relate to the lack of ..... he doesnt seem so keen on this and yes can live without it too... that really sucks.... LOL mine is just playing poker on his iPhone...... lol not gold rush.... I really dont understand that part... yes and romantic he is not!!! so I am not sure how he shows affection... he does cook for me and do small helpful things.... he said the I L U a couple of times now its dried up lol.... so girly please im with mine for a year but i dont think ive made the progress like you... maybe i should dump him and play hardball.......... ?????


    thanks for the advice 🙂

  • Hi Ladies,

    Just wanted to thank you for your insight and encouragement and understanding. Also wanted to let you know that the Virguy I had been interested in turned out to be pretty creepy. Last I wrote, he had told me he was still with his girlfriend after he disappeared for weeks after he told me he'd split up with her to be with me, thought I was amazing and giving me a super-hot kiss. He said he needed a little time to clear his head but didn't want me to think he was disappearing. So a week after cutting me loose because of the girlfriend, he is on I figured he was single now, and had broken up with his girlfriend so I activated my old profile and re-joined to write him a cute note. He checked out my profile several times and he read my email and his profile was highlighted -- so he was a full, paid member. He didn't respond to my note at all. Next day I saw his girlfriend's car in his driveway. They're still together. Later I saw him alone in the driveway and when he saw me, he looked kind of angry. We spoke for a few minutes and he said he didn't feel well or he would invite me in for a glass of wine, and that it was so great seeing me. Next morning, there's another girly car in the driveway and he saw me as he walked out of his house -- and he looked down to avoid looking at me. This afternoon, I got a note from him with some weird explanation of why he was on that was clearly a lie (apparently he didn't realize his profile was active . . . Strange since he's obviously a paid member!) . The note also said that he was sorry, but he just doesn't feel the connection with me or the enthusiasm for the possibility of a romance that I obviously feel for him. And that he wishes me well and hope that I find companionship. My guess is that he has been a player for a long time, I caught him trawling for women online WHILE he was still seeing the girlfriend, and it looked like he was starting something up with someone new yesterday. So he was cheating on this girlfriend emotionally with me, he's looking online while still with her, and he lied to me. I'm waaaaay too much trouble for him since I live so nearby and have to pass his house ten times a day and now know he's a creep. So I get kicked to the curb and he makes it sound like it was because I was more into him than he was into me, like he really wasn't all that interested, which I find hard to believe. His neighbor says she has always thought of him as a man whore and that there are always different women's cars in the driveway.

    I don't know if this is typical for Virgo men but if so, I am going to avoid this sign like the plague.

  • Girl all i can say thank the heavens you smelt that rat before he did more damage!!! what an awful man !!!

  • Thanks, Caribe. I keep thinking it was something I did or said that drove him away -- hard to believe that anyone could be this mean and play with someone's head just for sport. You're right. . . Glad he didn't do more damage. Glad to be rid of him, but still kinda sad to have lost what I thought I had.


  • It's is so hard to date anyone in this day and age with facebook, texting's like everyone can get an ego boost from anyone at anytime so they dont need to try as hard. So this is my dilemia. Even though I believe in my heart I have my Virgo guy, it still scares me to death and wonder if it's too good to be true. We are together everyday, we do everything together, even with each others kids. It's been 7 months, is it too much to ask to change his relationship status???? He owns a night club and he's never there but 80% are women as his friends on facebook. I told him I think it's time to change our facebook status to "In a relationship" and he's giving me an excuse. I know it's stupid because it's facebook but why the excuse. Am I being to paranoid or what?? He does have pics of us up but that's how he and I started in commnicate in the beginning and this was when he was still seeing his ex but I didnt know he was seeing her at the time. These guys are so hard to communicate to. He LOVES to change the subject when he doesnt like what's being discussed. He doesnt talk about his feelings but he does show me. Sometimes in an affectionate kind of way but mostly in what he does. It drives me crazy he doesnt share his feelings with me and he makes it so hard to talk about it...I know you guys know what I'm talking about. LOL

  • @ caribchic,

    I had to play hardball...I had nothong to lose, at the time and he played right into it. I still play games at times. I know I should'nt but it seems to keep him on his toes a little more or maybe it's me just still testing him a little. Valentine's Day is coming up...I'm not getting my hopes up about it since this is probably the one holiday, he hates the most LOL!! I have dropped enough seeds so hopefully he does a little something. It's so hard to explain the mind games Ive had to play but I realized w any relatonship now, u have too. How else will u find out if a guy really cares or not. We Libra's have a lot of guy friends and admirers plus girlfriends so I used that the most. If he wasnt doing something w me...I went and did stuff w/ my friends. He ALWAYS ended up showing up. I'd make bets w my friends if he would show or not and if he had his kids, he would call me the whole time and then I'd leave since I figured I wouldnt want him to do the same w me when I would have my kids. haha! So don't stay home when their out playing...that drove him crazy. Think about it w any relationship youve been in....If you are home and they are out, you cant stand it. If you're out and he's home. you can have a blast bc you know where he's at. Let these guys know, you have a life without them around but definitely dont make it seem your a party girl. I just told him, when I dont have my kids, I get to lonely and I dont like being home by myself so Id rather keep my mind busy by doing something. Movies, dinner, or some drinks w/ one friend or ten friends......IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!

    I'm still scared bc I know I love him so much and Ive had so many dissapointments in my life w relationships so I pray he's not taking me for a ride like others have done in my past.

  • Hi Libra Ladies,

    I've been reading your posts for some time. I too am a Libra woman in a relationship with a Virgo male. I've known him for years before we starting dating. He is a man of his word. Anything that he tells me we are going to do, we do. He is a very hard worker, takes his job very seriously and never calls out sick. If fact he's held at least two part time jobs other than his full time job. He's big, strong and very handsome and will having me laughing even when I'm being pissy & not in the mood. He sees his children all the time and is still very good to his ex-wife, which is good for all of us. Sounds great, right?? So where do the problems lie?? His personality is very intense. He has extremely high expectations of me, which I cannot live up to. He wants to be with me all the time. I like my alone time and alone time with just the girls. He's not jealous really, but I feel like it's more possessive. If I want to be alone without my girlfriends, he doesn't understand why I don't want see him, then his feelings get hurt. I have a lot of female & some male friends, but he doesn't have any male friends. He doesn't hang out with these women, but they all come to him for advice & such because he relates to women well. (He has 5 sisters) And...the thing that I have to say annoys me the most is that he never lets me speak. He can go on and on for hours without coming up for air whenever I try to say something, he talks louder & faster. Our relationship is challenging, yet exhausting. I really love most of the qualities he possesses, but something just doesn't seem right. Sometimes I think it's me & I'm being too picky. I just don't know what to do anymore. Please offer some insight & feel free to be brutally honest (lord knows he is!!!)

  • albacar,

    You are soooo right. I feel the same way. I'm with my Virguy ALL the time. I do enjoy being with him. I do realise, he likes to be with me b/c he likes to know where I'm at. So yes, possessive is exactly what he is. I also feel like he never likes to listen to what I have to say. It's usually me listening to what he has to say. As soon as I bring up someting about me, I feel he's rushing me and doesnt really care what Im saying. If we are talking about his work and his plans, he loves what I have to say. If I bring up our relationship or feelings he gets very defensive and says things so I can shut up. I had to laugh when u said ur virguy talks, faster and louder...when ur wanting to talk to him. Mine does the same thing. I too, love him very much but there's definitely something missing. I think for me, it's lack of intimacy, affection and communication. We talk A LOT but it's usually always about him and what hes doing. Even though I'm with him all the time, I sometimes feel lonely. I always have to be the one to reach out and give him a kiss or hold his hand. Rarely does he. I understand that's his personality but I wish he would just grab my face, look at me and tell me how much I mean to him. Valentine's day is tomorrow so I have been giving little hints and I honestly dont want anything but I would love for him to take time out and at least get me a card. Just that small gesture would mean so much to me. So I ask myself as well, am I being too picky about this? I also wonder if these guys can change. I dont think Im asking for too much, just a little more attention. So how long have ya'll been dating??

  • """"I too, love him very much but there's definitely something missing. I think for me, it's me, it's lack of intimacy, affection and communication."""""I sometimes feel lonely. I always have to be the one to reach out and give him a kiss or hold his hand. Rarely does he. """""

    i can so ooooo relate to this..........with my Virguy.... why are they so cold ????? do they really feel anything??? sometimes i feel he lacks passion because we can sleep in the same bed likeplatonic friends rather than lovers... Ughhhhh !!! he is only 40 for crying out loud !!!

    me too blondie am waiting to see if he plans anything for that i wont be holding my breath so I wont be disappointed......

    albacar i can so understand you as well.. i think Libra ladies have a tough time with virmen... mine is an enigma andhe likes his alone time much so like i am waiting to be summoned by him by a text of some smoke signal... many times i have wanted to end things cause the lack of enough affection is just too much... and i feel stifled....but he does amillion other caring and practical things for me with such tenderness and devotion , i dont know how to weigh one against the other in my libran mind..... and heart.....