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  • I hung out with my Virgo and friend New Years weekend. We had alot of fun. And here I am again feeling so at peace with him. He assured me that he loves me. Friends tell me that he speaks highly of me and he's told me several times I make him a better man. He can be a little moody and impatient at tmes but not all the time. So far this hasnt been a deal breaker. We'll see what 2012 brings with me and this Virguy. I love him but not sure I'm in love with him. Sometimes I think I am but simply not sure. I'm still confused about my past relationship. I mostly feel I made the right choice. My ex was very serious and miserable basically. All vacations with him were him in a bad mood not wanting to be there. He did not hold my hand for many years. Us being physical was few and far between. I had to bug the heck out of him for this to happen. Small things but they matter to me. For some time I thought he was the match made in heaven but no so. My Virguy is financial not sound. Struggling financially but I dont let this concern me too much. I dont think this is forever. I am attracted to him physically and mentally. He makes me laugh and we have great conversations about all sorts of different things. You would think after all the experiences I've had that I WOULD KNOW how to proceed but I do not. I'm an optimist but do not want to get hurt and I dont want to hurt my boyfriend. Wish us luck. I'm not giving up, just thinking out loud. Happy New Year

  • Hi Bellaflor,

    It has been great reading your posts. I can relate....somewhat. Im a Libra 10/1 whos been friends with this virgo man for about four years now. I'd love some feed back. Before i tell my story my question to you is did your Virgo, or any womans Virgo on here that is reading this start out by saying they allegedly did NOT want anything serious, relationship etc? Because once i felt this Virgo was somehow acting interested I asked him if he had a gf his response was no and that he didnt plan to ever get married etc etc. ALso that he dates frm time to time when he gets lonely. His history is: adopted when young and has traveled alot and is now settled in same city as I. I met him out at a social setting gave him my card and he called about 5-6 months later and i hardly remembered him. Long story short he became a client but advised me to (call him when I think he needed to come in again). I thought really?? For a shy guy I now see that this was probably him flirting but it took me a couple of yrs to see it. Then I introduced him to my mom becaused he offered to give her a free service(he is self employed too). So now he has met mom and this was pretty early in this process. Throughout the years we talked more during his appointments with me, we learned we have a few common interests etc and we'd started hanging out here and there(NOT OFTEN). I moved away then he started to keep in touch a little more. Still not as often as a Libra would like. When i came in town we'd hang out sometime. I was away two years then I relocated back and now we hang out more. Before it was ev blue moon, now every 2-3 weeks whether on a date like or just hanging out. BTW never been intimate and he's never made a pass at me until 3 weeks ago it was this kiss....of all kisses tht i'd ever had. WTH It was random but GREAT! In the past although hes mentioned not wanting to settle down lately he has showed some signs of something, wht? Idk. HELP! I dont know how to handle this. My intuition tells me to continue to be his friend and keep it platonic while getting to know him on a closer level now. SN: We went out to a xmas party then club together(where the kiss happened-PDA, no? and he for some reason felt tht was the time to bring up (relationships etc). In a club? Then googles on his phone (Libra/Virgo) comatibilty???? the club??? Guys.....Help me out! Exactly WHAT is going on here!!??

  • Dear beauty Geek

    Girl join the club on these confusing virgo men.... I am still no closer in understanding mine either.... bella have you any advice for this sister:) i have been with mine for a year.... but even though we are bf/gf he keeps it lightly platonic too.....

  • HEY bELLa

    hOW have you been girl ??? I have missed you... what is the latest on you and Virguy???


    he is testing you to see if it is ok to proceed... the fact that it was very sudden and out of the blue means that he has deep feelings for you ,,,and you would have never guessed had he not kissed you so proceed with caution...before he gets scared andgoesback in his shell.... hemust trust and love you alot i think.... to actually kiss you after all this time.... wow!!! u go girl:)

  • Hey sweetness, Happy New Years first of all. It went by too fast dont you think? Anywhoooo, spent New Years with Virguy and friends. It really was great. Everyone that he is around tells me that is talks highly of me all the time which is really nice to hear from someone other than him. New Years he told me he loves me, tells me every conversation now. I got a reading a while ago that said he was my sould mate. This (me) romantic heart has been searching for her soul mate all her life. I guess if you find someone that you love, that you enjoy spending time with, that you should be grateful for what you have. Had mixed feelings around the holidays thinking about my ex. BUT he is my ex for a reason. Only after you are out of a long term relationship are you able to analyze and figure out the whys and the hows. My ex was a cappy and I truly believe he was my soul mate. We were together for 10 years BUT apart in daly activities and in ways that was more like being alone. Finding Virguy was not planned. It "happened" one weekend I went to visit my sis from out of town. And here we are over a year later. Libra likes fast results where Virgo is slow in the process of finding out they are in love, expressing it, and then becomes steadier in the love they feel. I hope this happens to you my friend. Best advise I can give is that you live your life, stay busy, take care of yourself physically and mentally and spoil yourself with fun things that make you laugh and grateful to be alive. This one life is short, fleeting, each day should be precious. When you find yourself feeling sad get out in to the sun, listen to music that makes you feel good. Follow your own best advice as if you were your own best sister and confidant. I send you a hug with this update. I hope you are well and being good to yourself each and every day. I missed you too my dear!!!!

  • Girl me and Virguy still having lots of teething problems ..... sigh!!! I'm ready to throw in the towel but cant!!!! How are things with u Bella... any better news for me ??? 🙂 i miss your updates !! me and virguy 1 year is this weekend... I wonder if he has anything planned......

  • I have read this entire thread many times to get insite on my new Virguy. Crazy how similar they all are. I met my Virguy a few months ago after a storm hit our state and knocked out power. He gave his card & offered to help me and my family but we just got through it on our own. Wrote him weeks later to say thanx. He was happy to hear from me & we began e-mailing. his last e-mail was sweet & said he couldn't wait to see me when got home from visiting family. Then he disappeared for two weeks. Wrote him a quick note to ask if I could borrow something he had offered, and he responded days later, very cold. When I came over, he invited me in, showed me every inch of house, we spent hours talking, drinking wine and laughing. Flirted and put his arm around me and walked me to my car. Then he disappeared for three weeks. I couldn't figure out what I did drive him away. We ran into eachother inthe street before New Years and he was very excited to see me and told me he had an amazing time with me at his home, looking me straight in eyes and smiling. He also said he had some stuff going on and he wanted to tell me about it when he ready. 2 weeks ago, Asked me lastminute to dinner. He ran into friends who didn't leave the table. The friends got very drunk and didnt leave & girlfriend was all over Virguy. He looked disgusted. We left and he seemed angry and just wanted to go home by himself. Didnt want to talk to me at all. I started to walk away to my own car and he followed and then told me had been in a relationship but he ended it, that he thinks I am beautiful and smart and the night we were at his house was amazing. He said he was going away on business the nxt day and wouldnt be able to contact me for more thn a week and that he needed some time to clear his head. I said I am not in a hurry because I know from all of you here esp BellaFlor that I cant hurry him anyway. He seemed nervous. He gave me the best kiss ive ever had and then left. I havent heard from him since and that was almost 2 weeks ago. I am climbing walls and scared he is completely gone. Any advise from other Libras who have been in same situation? Wait it out or walk?

  • Bright day

    You need alot of patience with these men.... hey get at u from the inside but they are soooo slow my ready to tell my bf im done with him even if he is the kindest most considerate mani have eve rmet.... because I cant take the reappearing and disappearing acts.... no more....


  • Thanks, caribchic! I think I will just keep busy & distracted and wait & see. This guy seems like he is worth waiting for but I guess time will tell. I dont think I can take the push/pull for very long.

  • Girl they reel you in emotionally cause they are so private... and slow... but i cant wait for the long haul....look my bf cant even text or call for the week but he has always been like that even if I am withhim he is hte most kindes caring considerate kinda guy,,,placing the pillow under my head,smoothingmy hair,or covering me with the blanket..making coffee ,compounding my car scrapes.... girl but it reels me in but he pushes me away... sigh... its tough ///

    are u a libra too btw????


  • I am a Libra. I'm very Libra, as a matter of fact. This guy is similar to yours, kind, caring, would never hurt a fly, makes me feel beautiful and special but then he tells me he needs time away. we're just at the beginning. Only had one date and it was strange, he kissed me & told me he was going to be away for awhile & then I havent heard back from him at all and its been about two weeks. So this is a Virgo thing that they start to get close and then back off completely, no calls, texts, nothing? And then they just show up? Its like Im the only woman in the world when Im with him and like I dont exist when Im not. I dont mind taking things slower if it makes him comfortable but I dont want to be waiting around for him if hes gone & right now I cant tell the difference.

  • Bright day,,,,

    well that is why Bella and I have been keeping each other company re:our Virguys 🙂 I am a very libra lady,sept 30... and even though its in my best interest to not be with him, i just cant break it off yet, cause we are only together a yearnow but he has touched so deep inside my heart with his kindness, his stares,they jus make u feel very special not so??/But on the opposite end I have to put up withhis coldness aloofness and the infamous push/pull.... I have searched and googled everthing on virgo libra and most says it cant work at all.... we simply dont seem to understnad each other very well sometimes but ...i just can t let go yet.... and yes in the beginning he was very honest open romantic inhis own way... that made me very special... but like he felt he was gettin too close too fast and that is when i experienced my first push pull.... after about 4 weeks or so.. and then very often after that... but he makes the effort to see me when our schedules allow it.. we are both single that makes it tougher.. hehas felt alot of pain in his life and i know he has said that he hates to feel vulnerable and confused about his feelings..... so maybeyour virguy is going through that too....

    well girl good luck with your virguy ... we can keep bella company together


    keep me posted

    enjoy your weekend


    ps and still no text from VG this frida evening ... sigh.....

  • bright day u can check out

    dxpnet on virgo messageboard... very helpful insight on virgo men....

  • Thanks for welcoming me. My friends dont understand why I just dont walk away. Usually guys are crowding me so this is a complete change. if a guy disappears I either figure hes not that into me & walk or if I like him I'll chase him, text him or soemthing. Im just sitting back and waiting to see what happens. I dont know my Virguy well enough to know what else is going on in his life or heart. We didnt get too close or anything. I didnt know for sure until he kissed me that he was even interested in me. I am just drawn to him like crazy but dont want to look like a fool or get my heart broken waiting around.

    good luck with your Virguy. I hope you get a text soon, and me too!


  • Brightday

    I understand completely how u feel.... Virgomen have a way of making a Libra feel special without doing much,very subtle, but powerful..... Iknow ucan never tell how romantically involved they are and I can understand u didnt know he was interested till he kissed u.... and like u i chase my virguy with texts and hte like and kept ina corner waiting .... so girl i understand....but i am trying to be strong and dignified and give him a little rest in hte naughty corner.....

    hang in there

    we will keep each other company with these virguys... 🙂

  • Thanks caribchic! Nice to have company and someone who understands. I dont contact my virguy at all when he disappears. Last time I saw him he said he wanted timeto clear his haed so I backed off completly. I want to wait for him to come to me when hes ready. Once you chase after men you lose your dignity & then they dont respect you & then its all over. Looks like we have both learnt that same lesson. So I wait, & wait & wait some more & hope he will call 1 of these days. I dont know him well but long to be near him. Its so hard to be patent but Ive heard that its the only way to go with Virgo men & if you rush them or bother them when theyre in their naughty corner, they will run the other way. Stay strong my friend!


  • Bright Day and Carib: I LOVE what Bright Day wrote regarding backing off and not waiting around for the Virfellow. It is so true!!! I can tell you in the past year with My Virguy if I am aggressive and pursue him he is aloof and distant. This analogy is correct. With the Virguy you have to allow them the time and space to figure out their love for you. Seems like it almost draws them in when you are independent, do your own thing and when your happiness is not contingent upon being with them 24/7. Appears they are attracted to this. BUT GET READY GIRLS!!! When they do finally fall for you they will want to be around you all the time. I love my Virguy, I love being around him and being out in nature with him, camping and hanging at the beach. Gives me a lot of peace inside. BUT he can be pretty inpatient which rattles my nerves sometimes because I am really calm and easy going. He can be down on himself at times and I do not mind reminding him of how great I think he is. I wish you both the BEST in your endeavor with the Virmen. The biggest thing you can do is to love yourself and have FUN while you are waiting for these guys. Live your life to the fullest because it is the only one you have. Have fun, do things that turn you on. Enjoy your girlfreinds and keep dating!!!!!

    A huge hug to you both and best wishes in the hunt for the elusive Virman!!!! Sincerely, Bellaflor

  • awwwwwwwwwww Bellaflor

    I've misse you too 🙂 A big girly hug to you too:)

    So i take it things are smashingly well and you've got your heart's desire :))

    My Virguy has been spacing me and pacing me andure correct when i pursue him im in the naughty corner.... but..... recently a few days ago he said there are gonna be big changes between us and he hope im ready... willing and able.......another cryptic "text" i have to interpet... well we will see cause u know every week im ready to give up LOL...

    missedu gf

    take care speak soon

    carib 🙂

    ps yes we just crossed the 1 year mark this weekend ... so lets see if i turn a page with him this year cause my patience is SHOT!! 🙂

    hEY Bright day ... how are u going girl :)???

  • Good morning, Ladies!

    I woke up this morning frustrated and ready to start closing off my heart and walking away. It's been more than two weeks since I've had any contact at all with my Virguy. We don't know each other very well (but I have insight from both of you and this forum, so I have the inside track, right?). From his actions over the past several months, and the wicked great kiss he gave me before disappearing this most recent time, I can see his interest. He told me he met me while he was seeing someone else, but there were problems, and said he needed time to clear his head after breaking it off with her. I have no idea how long he was with her, but it couldn't have been going well if he was interested in me, right? His approaching and then pulling away confused me because he was SO into me when we were together, and then he backed off completely. I understand this now, it was because he was with this other woman and he is a good guy and didn't want to get anything started with me before resolving it with her. Now it's a different story. He isn't with her and isn't pursuing me either. I don't think he is pursuing anyone else, either. Seems like he is home alone a lot (we live in the same neighborhood). I guess I am just scared he has backed off completely and decided he doesn't want to see me. I don't know him very well so I don't know if he is gone for good. I hate that all I can do is wait for him to approach me and keep busy and happy, which I am doing, but not comfortably. This is so hard!

    Bright Day

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