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  • Caribchic: I completely understand and can related to you being at your wits end. You are right and I am most certainly like you. I did want to break up every few weeks. My poor best friend had to here me complaining all the time about no physical closeness and the distance. And it has been years since my Virgo has been divorced. Yours sounds like he has a fresh wound though. Stay open to the possibility that you can be the one to help him heal. Its just a thought. Oh you and I are alike. I am inpatient. I dont know how I made it until now and that is why I'm so blown away by my guy at the confession of love. He is telling me all the time now that he loves me. It trips me out I have to tell you. I understand how you feel and clearly know and acknowledge that you have needs and do not want to settle. Take one day at a time my friend. Give it a little time and see what happens. If it does not change and you are truly unhappy maybe it will be time to let go. Maybe with letting go emotionally and allowing what is to be flow freely it will almost fix itself. Just thinking. If you dont pressure him, if you live your life and do your thing and enjoy yourself maybe that could be the catalyst where he will come around. Worst thing that will happen from that is that your life will improve. You deserve to be happy my dear so take it one day at a time. Enjoy his company, have fun and stay positive NO MATTER WHAT. Sometimes having no expectations takes the pressure off a situation. This in no means not to care, simply let what will be, be. Sincerely, Bellaflor

  • BellaFlor, thanks again for your wonderful advice, I crave to hear him say those words again,,,but I dont know. Friday nite we were having a few beers and I asked him what is going on bet us and he said "friends with benefits?" and i asked him if ive been demoted without even knowing.... 😞 he told his girl cousin and she told me, (My Virgo is 40 by the way) that he doesnt want to fall in love again and have his heart broken again if his woman cheats on him and he prefers to block out all love than go thru that again..... I dont knw but that doesnt sound so hopeful for me as his fwb/gf.... So having heard that new bit of info, I am not sure what i should do..... It clearly explains his giant pull back and stopping of affections..... But still he invites me around, but no kissing no physical stuff.... 😞

    But I will try to just focus on my life and keep my options open since he seems to be in a diff. direction... and he knows of my frustrations too.... i text him all the time about this but he doesnt respond.....

    BellaFlor I am so happy your patience paid off and You are happy with your Virgo man.... I know mine has the potential to be just like yours it is just to crack him open is the catch....

  • Hello Carib: What a bonehead (him)! FWB???? HELL NO!!! Hah! I'm just exaggerating...

    Carib, If you can handle being his friend where it wont break your heart and make you sad that he does not love you then move forward and "hang" with him when you want to. HOWEVER, I highly recommend that you proceed with fulfilling your lifes dreams, goals, purpose. DO THINGS FOR YOU!!! Love yourself and do things that fulfill you inside. Excercize or go dancing or whatever it is that brings you joy inside. Do not hesitate DO IT!!! This will help you feel better AND having thing time to yoursel that YOU DESERVE will help you figure things out. You will either find the strength to be his friend where it doesnt rip your heart out and make you cry when you see him OR you may eventually decide or feel that you deserve more. Remember this my friend. There is no one person out there. In our life we are afforded several opportunities to love in different ways. Keep your heart and your mind open to POSSIBILITIES. Allow yourself to vision and dream of what you want and you deserve. Write down what you want in a man. What does he look like? What is his personality? Get creative. Either your man will become "the dream man" OR you will magnetize through universal cooperation a great partner for yourself. The most sexy, appealing, desirable, thing a woman can do is love herself, be self confident, laugh, and LIVE this life. Milk this precious life. Dont waste a minute. I care for mine but he is not the end all be all of my existence. I send you love and light and hope you stand up and pursue what you deserve. Love will come. Have fun on the journey to it. Be OPEN...The universe will bring you unexpected treasures.....Sincerely, bellaf

  • Thank U Bellaflor.....

    Met with my Virgo over the weekend and he basically said I am not what he is looking for 😞

  • Carib: Listen, as sure as their are unlimited stars in the universe THERE IS A STAR OUT THERE JUST FOR YOU......Someone that will cherish and return the LOVE that you feel in your heart. Write down your dream guy list. What does he look like, what shape and color are his eyes, what kind of clothes does he wear, what is his personality. Create him Carib and HE WILL COME. The BEST thing you can do right now is be good to yourself. Take care of your body, do bubble baths and candles and listen to music that makes you feel good. Read books that give you hope and help you dream and create. Allow the artist in you freedom to dream and write down who your shining star is. I realize is hurts and it is hard so heal the pain by being good to yourself and occupying yourself with good things. Do not look for someone out of despair or desperation. Create and find the one, he will come at the perfect time and place. Count on it. Your Virguy doesnt know what he is missing....His loss my friend. Life takes us on many journeys. Thank the universe for whatever lesson it has given and move on with hope and the spirit of adventure in your heart and mind. You are not alone Carib. Hang in there. Go out there and create and it is ok to feel good and laugh. Be around people that appreciate you and make you feel good about yourself. That is what you deserve. Sincerely, Bellaflor

  • VIRGUY: I was doubting and wondering if you truly cared for me. So last night I started to ask the question (do you love me?) and you answered even before I go to finish. You immediately said "I LOVE YOU". You took away all doubt and filled my heart and spirit with hapiness and joy. I've been smiling and smirking ever since. How simple it is for you to make me feel like a lovely lady, someone cared for. How something so simple can feel so good. I'm crushing on your my Virlover. Imagining how great it feels to be in your arms, to kiss you. How is it at this juncture in my life that I could be so lucky to find you? A mystery that has me in wonder quite often. Do we get married ever OR do we just keep walking forward in life together indefinately. Dating forever 🙂 We are given so many opportunities to love. You've opened your heart and let me in. For that I am grateful. Intelligent, handsome man. You capture me and hold me entranced by the wonder of you.

  • awww Bellaflor you are truly a wonderful Libran soul,,,, thanks for the lovely tips....Your Virguy is so lucky to have you.....

    met with my Virgo this weekend after the weekend he criticised me so much, dont know if you have to put up with that..... but he was so much nicer and attentive after i complained he was so criticising of me... He was very sweet and bf like and we went out to a party and I can still feel the connection between us.... its so sublime subtle and powerful

    so maybe I'm the bonehead for still hanging on around him......

    and yes I do doubt if he cares for me,,, but he hints at marriage ,, and make "wife" comments......

  • Hi Carib: You are not a bonehead. When we are in love we see things from a different view or perspective. In confused in that your Virguy told you that you were not what he was looking for and now he throws hints of marriage? Ok, he clearly cannot make up his mind. Look I'm a hopeless romantic like most out there but I have to tell you that if you want to see how this will play out with your Virguy you will have to be extremely patient. Mine took a year to tell me that he loved me. I wanted to break up several times but he didnt want to end it. Your Virguy must enjoy being around you or he would have cut it off completely so thats a good sign. I'm glad you stood your ground and told him not to criticize you so much. That cant be any fun and if you are going to spend quality time with someone you sure dont want to spend it having them bag on you. Listen my dear. Best thing you can ever do is to learn to love yourself and be your own best friend. If you were giving your BEST, BEST EVER advice to someone you loved or a good friend what would you tell them? Follow your own best advice and DO NOT SETTLE for anything but someone that APPRECIATES and VALUES you. You deserve that. Dont ever forget it ok? One day at a time my friend. With that in mind ENJOY your life. Dont make one person the end all be all of your existence. Enjoy your youth and time. Do things that turn you on and make you laugh. Get out their and enjoy this world.....If Virgo is it he'll come around. If not THE TRUE ONE for you will find you. Have fun and enjoy the journey Carib.....I hope you have a lovely turkey day......I send you a hug. Remember, YOU ARE WONDERFUL and dont ever let anyone tell you or make you feel anything different....Sincerely, bellaflor

  • I have come to the conclusion that there is no perfect. After many relationships and many attempts at love I realize that we have to take each experience at face value. Thinking about my ex lately for what reason I do not know....I miss him. Its been three years. He had so many good qualities but he definately did not want to meet me half way....Hes right, I'm wrong. How can we compromise thinking this way? As for my Virguy I wonder..... I am extremely attracted to him physically and mentally. But he has been on his own for so long. He can be selfish at times. Maybe my expectations are too high.... I dont know. Romance and my heart has led me in the wrong direction several times...So I dont trust it or dont believe that it is the best gage of finding stability, consistency, and peace. I am moving forward. Taking one day and one step at a time. Time always unfolds and reveals the truths we need to know. It will come...I know it. While I'm crazy about my Virguy I'm not sure that this will lead in to the future. Time will tell.

  • BellaFlor~ I can see that your relationship wif your mr virgo is quite stabilize. Becos Virgo don't simple say "I love you." too quickly like i treat my mr cancer . I took a year to commit into this relationship and i recalled only telling him not more 5 times "I love you" in the six yrs time whereby he told me this 3 words almost every meet up.

  • Hmmm my virguy told me "I love you" in the first month of meeting him and has said it several times since, and it was the most wonderful and meaningful one ive ever heard in my whole life..... will get back to you Bella thanks for your wonderful and kind support....and like you even though I am crazy about him not sure if it will lead to the future....since I dont always trust my romantic heart....

    Hugs Carib.

  • Missing you BellaFlor

    You really should check out the tarot board and ask for a reading from AstraAngel on your VIrguy....

  • Hi Carib, Miss you too!!! I got a reading from "Elightened One". A few days ago. It went pretty we....HERE IS WHAT HE SAID: "Well can you tell me the name and dob of your love


    so some times this person comes towards you in a positve way and some times is not which makes you worried where you stand in this persons life

    isnt it right??

    plz go ahead

    yes he will be a good partner

    and you know one thing

    this person is realizing that something is missing in life and that is nothing but you

    and also if you just observe this persons eyes you will clearly see the love for you in this persons eyes

    have you ever observed it

    My answer: Yes

    tell me

    plz go ahead

    you are exactly right

    Wel li can ee that things in the coming time will be getting better for you both and one thing will be leading into the other and so on

    And I see an see that this perons financial condition will soon improve and also i can see that whenever you both think of each other i can see that your both souls share positive vibes with each other and this shows how strong is the connection in between you both

    well one thing is for sure that you both will be together and no one can separate you both from each other and if any one tries to do so you will see that there attempt will go in vain

    and i can see that this person in the coming time will be having a detailed talk with you about you both relation and will ask you how you want to move with this person in this relation and will work out the things in your way only


    Exactly you both are Soul mates

    CARIB, TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK????? Sounds promising eh? He is meeting my dad & mom this weekend. Eeeeesh.... I'll let you know if the above come to pass

    Ok my dear so tell me what you have done lately FOR YOU? Are you being good to yourself? Make sure that YOU TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!! Ok? Let me know how things are going. Good to hear from you....BE GOOD TO YOURSELF. Know and understand you are a deserving person and you deserve happiness. Believe it and it will come. Sincerely Bellaflor

  • Carib, I am going to see him this weekend....Hes meeting my half of my parents. My mom already likes him. Dont know. It is challenging living 3 hours away. I dont see or talk to him enough. Just wondering what comes next. Readings arent the end all be all of our lives. They are messages but we have free will to change and modify what we are given. If you read Virgo man and Libra female compatibilies, various, it explains that virgo tends to be critical. As yours has been with you and mine has been with me at times. Dont know if I want to head in to the future with that. I dont like that. My Virgo had a good upbringing, hes a pretty affectionate and loving person but man when he gets impatient and testy, watch out. So funny too one of the compability charts lists your ideal astrological partner. Years ago Aries was our perfect match, one chart I read said that it is the match made in hell. Anyway my darling I hope you are keeping busy and taking care of you. Dont dwell in dark places, get out in to the light and enjoy your life darling. I will too okay? Lets make a pact. Your friend, bellaflor

  • Dear ladies,

    Sorry for intruding like this but I was wondering if one or both of you can assist the gent in this thread.

    I recognize a great deal yet I am not a Libra to fully answer him.

    Thank you in advance...Flow

  • thats sweet of you Flowsco. Will try to assist .

  • Hi Bella

    Will keep you in my prayers for you and your Virguy 🙂 That certainly is a big move!!! sounds like wedding bells are around the corner 😉

    Meeting the parents is a big move and if your mom likes him well that says a lot...OhHHHHH I am so excited for you and wish you thebest.... I like the reading you got esp. the part where he says that he you see the love he has for you in his eyes..... awwww that is something i see in my Virguys eyes although fleetingly an then it disappears,, its a certain softness that I have not seen anywhere, like he is lost and vulnerable ... so if you see that look I can imagine how it makes you mellllt 🙂

    Yes I like that pact ,, Bella lets find the love we deserve 🙂 because we deserve it...thanks for being there for me fellow Libralady 🙂

    PS while you an Virguy meet his future in lawsy 😉 I will be out partying at mystaff xmas function I 'll try and go and have fun without my Virguy...... I cant handle these 0 calls and texes girl its hard!!!!! Sigh....... he complained so I've resolved not to text him at all unless he does... jus leaving him out for a while.... .and we live 1 hour away from each other but still hard to meet up unless its weekends....... anyway im goint this weekend without him.... or try 🙂 will let ya know ....

    Goood Luck 🙂

  • Carib, Good to hear from you. Glad you are GOING OUT to your xmas shindig....No worries, you can have a good time without him...Give yourself permission to 🙂 🙂 🙂

    The weekend with the in laws went well. He likes them and they him. A little harder for them I think since I've had a few loves in my life and they are probably tired of meeting them....Thank you for your feedback on the reading. I thought it was good....Got a little I dont know uncomfortable when he started suggesting I do a cleansing to get rid of negative energy....Always makes you wonder when they want do to thing that are going to cost you quite a bit. Not only that we can do our own cleansing effectively. That aside i want to hear about the xmas party and if you had FUN. Keep doing that my friend. Get out there and have a good time...AND KEEP DREAMING....You deserve someone that will give you back the love that you give....Its all good my friend. My xmas party is 12/14. I hope it is fun..I'm putting it together and trying to make it special for everyone. ANYWAY MY DEAR....Hugs and blessing and white light your way okay? TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF you very deserving lovely being..sincerely Bellaf

  • Hye Bellaflor

    well i am no closer in understanding this Virguy and like I said very close to giving up.... we will see what the new year will bring for you and me We are going to a New Years party .... so even though I have my doubts here I am starting off the New Year with him....

    ...thanks for your support and enjoy your holidays with your Virguy 🙂

    PS i did hve fun at my xmas dinner and my Virgo insisted that he go with me.... just cant figure him out....

    PSS what is the updadates with you??? have you any New years plans with Mr. Virgo???

    Merry Christmas

    carib 🙂

  • Hello Carib, I will be with my Virgoman and family Xmas...New Years i am supposed to drive up and hang out with him and friends. I dont know I'm feeling a little confused I guess. You know I'm a lover. I am a hopeless romantic. I've been in love a bunch of times. So I think I'm second guessing my judgement when it comes to men. I just think I let myself fall in love to quick. Here I go again. I just dont want to be with someone years to find out they are not it for me. I'm tired. I'm tired of this merry go round of love. Part of me feels like maybe I was meant to be alone. The other part is trying to figure out why I have loved so many times. Sheeesh. Anyway...While I'm crazy about my Virgo I dont know my friend. I'm just not sure. I got out of this 10 year relationship 3 years ago. Now I'm wondering if I made the right decision leaving that gig. My ex definately wasnt like me. He doesnt like going out and about the way I do. He is way too serious. But I guess people like that balance out air signs like me. I'm confused my friend. .....A LONG time ago this psychic told me that there was a match made in heaven for me. She was over 90% right with all the things she told me would happen. And they did. Maybe I've been looking all these years for "that guy". I fall in love over and over again. My Virgo turns me on but crappers I dont know. ........ Sounds like yours waffles back and forth with you. The fact that he wants to hang New Years indicates that he enjoys being around you. That is a good thing. Watch you get tired and move on then the guy changes his mind. I can clearly understand where you would get burned out loving so deeply and not having the love returned. It is a simple decision you will make when the time is right. The decision to pursue what you truly deserve. To love and be loved. My Carib friend. I hope your Christmas is nice. You are my spirit sister. I do wish you hapiness my friend. Find it. You deserve my dear. I'll let you know what this very air sign decides to do next. love and hugs to you my dear and peace of course....Bellaflor

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