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  • Hello, I am married to a virgo man, and I am a Libra woman........we have had our turbulant times, but for the most part we have had our good times, with a lot of humor, just playing around, and just knowing that we would be there for Us. Virgo's are so unpredictable, they tend to have self rage over nothing. But, the Libra woman seems to calm him down, due to the fact that he or she weighs everything evenly and that makes him calm down alittle. Living with a Virgo, You will not have the passion that you desire, You will have to teach him what you want in a sexual relationship, This is only what I have learned in mine. Virgo's are the most compassionate people that I have met, but they lack the need to be themselves in any circumstances.

  • Unbalanced Libra: Thank you for the feedback. 6 years is a long time!!! Congratulations to you have you have made it this far. To answer your questions YES I do feel a strong compatability with my Virgo. He has old soul qualities and yet can be a kid at times. He definately makes me laugh. YES we can be apart for a while and when I see him again it is like I just saw him a minute ago. I will admit though when we are not together I do miss him. I cannot describe in words how great his hugs feel. So nice to hear that you are planning having a child together. Bless the child.....Bless your relationship!!! It sounds like you both compromise which is one of the biggests secrets of your longevity and success. Hang in there. When he is sad you are his sunshine....I know...I dont like to see mine sad either. I let him pour out his heart and let him know that everything is going to be allright. We are both strength to and for each other. You will be each others love and joy along with your new child. Great life! I am happy for you.

    DEAR LOVE TO LEARN: Thank yo for the note. Hmmm Passion: Marriages destroyed over it, relationships ended for lack of it... Maybe if we never live together we can have a little passion??? Seriously though... If I can keep getting the great hugs, the great conversations, the excellent kisses and that awesome feeling when we hold hands - That will carry me through. You give me hope when you say that "I will have to teach him what I want in a sexual relationship". That means theres a little room for a smidge of passion. That would work. Now that I'm older I realize that that flame (the passion thing) does burn out. The friendship and communication is the foundation that can keep the boat sailing forward in to the future. Yes I have seen the self rage and from my Virgo impatience. I dont take it personal. It comes and it goes. Not often and I understand. Everyone has their own way of venting. This is the Virgo's. Yes mine is compassionate and LOVES talking to and spending time with the elderly. He has a great big heart. Another thing that completely attracts me to my Virgo. Bless your marriage! Thank you for your thoughts and sharing...

  • I am really looking forward to this weekend. I have to work 1/2 day Saturday but the rest of the weekend will be fishing on a lake that is supposed to have huge trout, soaking in some mineral springs up the coast and camping. I cant wait!!!! This weekend is about spending time with great people, relaxing in the sun and in nature, and getting as many hugs as I can from my honey honey. Something great to look forward to.

  • That was very well put into words. Thank you. I two am married to a Virgo and he is very complicated

  • In September it will be a year. One great, amazing year. My Virgo man and I are still seeing each other. TODAY I have no expectations. I am not in a position to ask for more nor is it something that I truly want or need right now. This "exclusive" relationship has worked for me. I can trust my Virgo. He is an honest man. I admire his work ethic and his love for people. He has a good genuine heart. Although me may not be passionate like me he has his own type of passion. His love of the sea, his loyalty, his humor, his love for his grandfather, father, and friends. That all counts. That all has so much value. I do not know what the stars had in mind when they allowed these two souls to meet. In my heart from the beginning I have always felt that it was something special. Last weekend we were joking around and copying some high notes from a BeeGees song. It was the funniest thing. We both hauled out and did the tune at the same time spontaneously. Made me laugh so hard. He tells me he digs me alot. I know he means it. I know I have value in his life and that sometimes he fights the feelings that he has inside for me because he doesnt want to get hurt. I dont know where we go from here. I only hope that wherever we find ourselves that it is facing the sun, smiling, and appreciating the simplest things that truly have the most importance. Each relationship, each encounter that we are priviledged to experience is a gift. I am grateful for this one.

  • Bellaflor, I have read through all of your posts and the responses you have received and I am curious about one thing. When you say that your Virgo hasn't contacted you all week is that because he just doesn't? Are you not allowed to call him? Does he have a cell phone? You seem to put him on a pedestal no? I would think after seeing someone for a year that everything is out in the open and that you contact each other often via text, phone, email, whatever the means.

    I just found this to be a bit odd.

  • To provide some perspective:

    I'm a virgo male considering the dive-in approach with a libra female. When looking up our charts, I've found- Me: Solar Virgo, Lunar Leo, & Libra Ascendant; Her: Solar Libra, Lunar Leo, & Virgo Ascendant. Yes, many times it's like communicating with some strange sentient soul-mirror where I see her reflecting her own ideas through me and vice versa. We're insanely telepathic with one another on a level that baffles people when they catch us doing it. It's pretty awesome, I'm not gonna lie. As a Virgo, I had almost given up on my emotions completely and lost all hope in intelligent women even existing until this chick showed up. We're roommates right now, which could complicate things if not be detrimental. The only strange part is that she has showed almost zero physical interest at all, which to a Virgo (who has pretty cleverly assessed the entire situation) can be rather frustrating. As, a Virgo I hate making the first move, it's not in my nature at all. C'mon, I'm a sought after pure being, who has some of the most awesome attributes of the whole zodiac...the only real problems with Virgos are the ones that they self-manifest, our mutable quality even makes us aware of being able to change our own innate nature. Clearly, the Virgo perks aren't quite getting her attention enough to say, "Hey! Would you check out what you're overlooking here?"

    Some advice for this Virgo on the brink would be highly appreciated. 🙂

  • LINK57: To answer your question regarding the communication. My Virgo doesnt like phone communication, does not like texting, not into sending e mails. He might have been better off living in the 1800's when technology was less sophisticated (JK). Yes I do call him. I ususally get his voice mailbox and have to leave a message. He shuts his phone off on his days off from work which is 3 days a week. Sometimes he's great. He'll call me a few times in one day. Other times over a week will go by and I do not hear from him. His job is strenuous physically and very challenging. He has had much frustation with it and I think he sometimes shuts down where he doesnt want to talk to anyone. I understand this. I feel this way too sometimes. I call him and leave him messages. I dont alot, I have a busy life also. Interestingly enough even with this limited opportunity to communicate we do manage to see each other at least a couple times a month. When we do it is great. Do I get frustrated when he shuts down? YES...BUT I want him to be who he is, not who I think he should be. Most of who he is agrees with me. There are some things that do not but the good definately outweighs the challenges. Marriage or life partner? I'm not even in a position to think about that right now. So this works for both of us. We both enjoy each others company. If and when we are ready for more we see where we go from there. I hope this answers your curiosity.

  • Chiron2012: Ooooh yours is interesting. See the clincher is that you live together as roomates. She may show no interest in you being that she may have written you off as a potential love interest because you are living together currently. The tricky thing is that if you go for it and her feelings are not the same you may have lost a good roomate. HOWEVER if you think this is a gamble worth taking why not be honest with her and ASK HER if she would be willing to take your relationship to another level AND if she would consider dating you. She will probably appreciate your honesty. But be ready for ANY answer. She could say "YES" and she could also say "NO". You have to be prepared to not get weird if she says that she doesn't want to date you. Because if you did get weird it totally messes up a potentially awesome roomate situation. That wouldnt be the worst thing that ever happened. Having a wonderful roomate and great freind. If you can hang with it. THIS (me) Libra is a hopeless romantic. I've never givev up on love even though my heart has been broken a few times. So maybe your girl will be flattered if you ask her. You have nothing to lose you know. Just be ready for any answer either way. Dont let a "no" hurt your ego or make you get down on yourself. I would venture to say that the reason you both get along so well is that you both feel very comfortable together. I hope no matter what your decision is that you continue to enjoy the special bond you have and live life to the fullest.

  • I met my VIRGO 9/1/10...Soon, very soon it will be one year. We will be going to Hawaii together in Oct which we are really excited about. Our relationship has not been a physical one. Its taken adjusting to for me since I like being physical. We've had a ton of laughs and have spent great weekends together. We have enjoyed nature together, hanging out with friends, watching movies. My guy is an old soul mixed with man-child if that makes any sense. He is so grounded and firm sometimes and a silly goofball when he is not being a man. He gets angry and expresses it. He tells it the way it is so you know where he stands most of the time. And he lets himself cry when he is sad. To me that is truly a man. Someone that is not afraid to feel. We both have our independent and adventurous sides. The part of us that could take off to the other side of the world on a whim. We love each other. He told me only a few times - that is allright. Everything in our "charts" said we are not compatible yet we are compatible in many ways. Interesting.... He's in my dreams. One dream was that he was talking up a storm walking from the living room to the kitchen yet his body was still in bed. Its almost like his soul or spirit part visits my dreams if that makes any sense. He sleepwalks. And I met him one month before I actually met him - in a dream. I know...I probably do have him on a pedestal and when I come down from the high and see through clear vs. rose colored glasses things may look different. Right now though they are pretty blissful. Surreal. Pleasant, enjoyable.... Makes this time of my life pretty special.

  • 9/1 was my and my Virgo mans one year anniversary. Hard to believe that this year went by SO FAST!!! This weekend is his birthday and I head up north to see him and there will be quite a celebration up north. He is a popular guy. Everybody cares for him. I bought him a few present which I will wrap tomorrow. Bought different paper for each gift. Stuff that he likes. I hope. Together he and I will head off to Kauai 10/1. I cannot tell you how excited I am about it. Okay you will probably guess or figure this out by now but every few months I get tossed about the physical thing. I would say it has been several months - maybe even 3 since we've been together physically. I brought this up today in a conversation and he said that he has wanted to but just hasnt had the right opportunity. He is right in that every time we have been together we've been surrounded by friends. I told him that I need to know if not being physical for months on end is "normal" for him at his age. I asked him to be honest with me. He says that he is capable of having "s_x" on a regular basis. Somehow I dont buy it being that in the past hear we've been together probably less than 9 times. Its been an adjustment for me since I like the physical aspect of being a couple. I like affection and s_x. At the same time I feel like I've been able to get to know him better as a person and we have grown pretty close regardless of the physical part. I dont think I would marry someone or make any kind of long term commitment if I knew they could not be physical but you never know. Maybe it is time in my life for a cool change. I love this mans company. We laugh and really can have a great time doing absolutely nothing together or doing all sorts of different things. Hanging out with friends, window shopping, being by the ocean, camping. All in all it has been a great year. Frank Sinatra has a song "The Best is Yet to Come". That is the way I feel right now. If the best is yet to come and life just keeps getting better I dont know if I will be able to stand it. I am grateful. And if tomorrow it ended I will not regret EVER meeting this great guy. How mysterious life is and the people we are able to meet and be close with. How magical. That's it for now. Peace and blessings to all who read this bit. Bella

  • We leave for Kauai Sat 10/1 and I am pretty much packed. This week is extremely hectic at work and I'm trying to wrap things up so the group I leave behind is able to function without me. I have total confidence in this team. they are a great group of people. I am really proud of them. My boyfriend should have packed but even if he didnt he will probably only need board shorts. He'll probably be out in the water most of the time. I cant wait to dig my feet in the sand and swim in clear waters. I cant wait to see fish of all colors, lush green foilage everywhere. Cant wait to get away from my roomate. She is kind of a nut case and while I'm pretty easy going she and her daughter wear on my nerves every now and then. That is why I'm up at almost 1am. She makes noise without thinking that I may have to work the next day. I cant wait to move BUT I'm working on paying off bills first. First priority. Back to the trip... I looked up all sorts of things to do yesterday so we have so many cool choices. But mostly I cant wait to relax, bask in the sun, and be in nature. THE boyfriends birthday was a hit that lasted a few days. Everyone came to wish him happy birthday. He is loved by many including me. We were able to be together although the deal was not fully consumated if you know what I mean. Still it was great to be close to him. My sweetheart is so steady in some ways and a total wacko in others. so many facets to this man. I've got a grinding next few days before the trip. Busy, and hectic. But I know this will make the time go by faster. And when we get to the island....hopefully time stands still.

  • Bella Flor

    i've read your heartfelf outpouring on you and your Virgo man love affair and I feel so much the same that you feel for your lover. Me too am a Lovely Libra Lady involved with a Virgo man and I can relate to so much that you have written. .... especially the part about between the sheets...... it is so difficults sometimes to communicate with him yet i love his mind and hte way he sees things andhow he takes care of people around him in the minutest of details.... in the first month he said he was in love and i was completely floored by it and I too am approaching a year with him , in January.... but like you ive read so many things that said this is an unlikely combo and to run far... so your blog here has been sooooo encouraging.....



  • Dear Carib, I appreciate your reading and am thankful that what you have read helps you. In any way. Maybe reading another persons experience of perspective helps fit it all together? My Virgo just told me he loves me today. Its been more than a year. We just got back from a vacation on one of the hawaiin islands. We had a great time. He told me he likes being around me and I feel the same. No one could of ever told me that I would meet someone like this very different man. He interests and intrigues me. He is smart, and witty, and a lover of people. We laugh alot. He is the constant joker and comedian. I love to laugh. It is so nice to have him hold my hand. I cannot hug and kiss him enough. We were able to be together physically on this trip. It was great. Aside from this it feels like we bonded and have grown closer even more. I am flattered that he considers me a valued friend. He left me a voice message telling me he is crazy about me. I save those messages and listen to them every now and then. They make me happy. The island we visited made me feel very happy inside. So much life, color, and bliss. Now I have to adjust to being back home, away from the beauty of nature and his beauty. I miss him already

  • Just when I think we are too far away I find myself thinking of you, wishing I could feel your hug or see your lovely face. Then you call. Maybe you can feel me thinking about you, maybe. Turns out you were thinking and feeling the same thing I was. Could it be we are connected and that you do feel me? I think so. I miss you. You make me laugh. You make me mad. You make me smile and want to kiss you till there is no end. I have no regrets of having met you. You've made this time of my life the best ever. I can only imagine what is ahead but do not want to put unecessary pressure on you and I. I know you think about it. Where do we go from here? We talk about it. Its been a year. Its been a great year. What next my sweetheart. Where do we go now? Lets see where lifes river takes us. I miss you and it was good hearing your voice. Thank you for calling me. Good night sweetheart...

  • awwww how sweet Bella Flor... I hope i have the same success as y ou with my Virgo though I dont think I have as much patience..... yet he intrigues me so.... But I cant unravel him... I really cant understand Virgo men!!!

  • Bella Flor...

    How do you cope with the lack of physicality ???? Sometimes I jus wanto plant a big one on him and hold him down cause I am tired of expressing my frustration to him, that it is difficult being around him and not want to be affectionate!!! I mean even the kisses are few and far between but like you , I know there is so much more stirring below the surface... why cant my Virgo be more expressive physicaly?? and like you I dont know if that is somethign I can compromise......



  • Hi Caribchic: Eeeesh. I definately know how you feel. For whatever it is worth it has been a year and FINALLY my Virgo has told me he realizes that he loves me. Last weekend he made sure to hold my face in his hands and make sure that we were looking in each others eyes when he told me. Needless to say I was blown away. Also for whatever it is worth HE ROCKED MY WORLD LAST WEEKEND!!! Physically. That also blew my mind. I have been given feedback by other folks that are in or have been in relationships with Virmen that the movement towards this is slow. You really have to be willing to take the time getting to know him on a friend level and developing the comfort there first. I can say that looking back I can appreciate that we have had the time to get to know each other beyond physicality. Did it frustrate me every now and then? YES!!!! You have to decide and decipher how much you can handle basically. If you have it in you to be patient enjoying each others company it can develop in to something great. The key is how long are you willing to wait? And be sure to not short change yourself or settle. When you weigh out your mans great qualities and the good side of the list by far outweighs the bad that may be something definately worth your waiting for and fighting for. Did I go nuts sometimes and want to break up? YES!!! But he always talked me in to giving it more time. And here we are. Be honest with him, try not to force something to happen before its time. This also gives you time to determine what you want and do not want and get to know him better. I hope this helps....

  • My Virgo lover and friend, I have been enfatuated and captivated by you this past year. Your hugs still feel like home. I am physically and mentally attracted to you. You genuinely and sncerely turn me on. I have been told by all your friends that you are a "great guy", a "loyal" and they speak so highly of you. I have had you on a pedestal. I do believe in you. I only wish you could see yourself as I see you and believe in yourself. Not be so hard on yourself. You can do anything you set your mind to. You just need to have a little faith and hope. You told me that you will not marry me until we are able to sail, alone, just us 2 for two months and still stand each other. I dont know if we'll have the opportunity to do that. Its been a great year. Stay with me and lets see more of this amazing world together. Hold my hand and dont let it go. I love you too.

  • awwww so sweet 🙂

    Bella Flor.... you give me some hope and yes I am so ooooo close to breaking up with him..... every month , I wonder if this is worth it. the truth is, he has gone thru a messy divorce, his ex cheated on him and I think that really has messed him up some and he seems to have lost hope in finding love again.....but my Virguy told me he was in love with me , several times, in the first month of meeting and now he has gone almost completely cold and disappeared and the lack of ahem.... is like few and far between.... it really is soooo frustrating.... its now 10 months.... Im almost there like you.... but im sorry i complain to him we are more like buddies than lovers... 😞 i hope I can tell the tale of patience like you, but Im a Libra and not known for my patience but flightiness......... But when he gives me that stare with those soft eyes and that loving look that no one else can.....I believe , or I feel I must give him a chance......

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