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  • Lovely posting Bellaflor!

    My take on that, upon a night's sleep's reflection,,,is that he is keeping you warm, letting you know he has feelings, but is taking his time. From what I know they take a loooong time.

    It must be like torture, but carry on with life, and attempt the same time frame.

    Keep him in your heart, but carry on with your duties of life. Get everything in order for a life with him.

    When he is ready, you will be too, and then decide if you want a structured, status quo life with him.

    I think their routine, work ethic, time frame for love (later, when things are perfect) will tell you how its going to be, when the timing is right.

    Nothing big end explosive will happen even when he IS ready, I don't think.

    I think it will happen without you knowing it.

    Try not to find yourself waiting for "The Big Bang" effect, when he will "start" to be different towards you.

    I think the way he is NOW is the way he WILL be. I think the words he is giving you now are the words he is choosing to tell you how strongly feels. I don't think he will use stronger words, or more words/ways to tell you in the future. This may be time he has chosen to tell you, to sort of test the waters. Don't over react, or under react, just take it in stride, but realise this may be one of the only times he does reach out like this.

    Try to see yourself living like that, with this beautiful, calm, sincere, shy, modest, patient, serious man.


  • Right on AquaCappy, EXCELLENT advice. I love it!!!!! Makes perfect sense. You are absolutely right. I need to get on with what I need to do. Truly I am not in a turbo speed hurry. It has been 1.50 years since my last relationship and I REALLY am not ready for a SERIOUS life long commitment right now anyway. So this truly is perfect. You are right. We will either merge in together uniting on one road together toward the future OR he will be the best friend I could ask for in this stage of my life. What woman wouldn't want a man in her life as a friend that is stable, loyal, truthful, sincerely, and doesn't lie or fib even? Me! I've been with liars and cheaters and admire that he has integrity. Why did you wait 3 years? What happened in the end of your relationship?? Just wondering. Dont worry I know that each circumstance has its individual nuances. ANYWAY I appreciate that you would take the time to give your experience and thoughts to this lovelorn soul. May the universe repay you twentyfold for your kindness and generosity. I will see my honey bee this weekend. CANT WAIT TO HOLD HIS HAND!!!! And kiss his face. Its hard my friend. He is terribly lovely to look at. Blows me away sometimes. Handsome fiend!!!! Anyway I hope this note finds you well and again thank you for your consideration and time. Peace and blessings to your realm of this wonderful universe. Sincerely, Bellaflor

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  • This post is deleted!

  • The Virg and I hung out last weekend. It was really nice. This time he came out to visit me. We had a great weekend. He met my son for the first time and he and my kids got along which was nice. We went to a day spa. Spent 1/2 day there and relaxed. We went to a jazz club. Ate out alot. This weekend we'll be going camping which I am looking forward to. Nice that he is able to spend some time with me. I appreciate it and like hanging out with him. He has a major test to take tommorrow and I hope he slams it. Things are good. No intimacy but I'm okay with it for now. It is good.

  • It sounds positively tickity boo!


    Doing things with V is the best way to spend time!

    All the best!

  • Me and the VIRG went camping last weekend. The weather was great and we got to snuggle up in the tent and keep each other warm. That was the extent, No love making but that is ok. We cuddled, kissed alot, hugged, held hands. He cooked and put up the camp and I helped him take it down as best I could. Every now and then I catch him checking me out. I try to look pretty and kept at all times for him because I want to. I kiss him all over his face alot and hug him alot. He calls me "crazy chick". We like similar music being we are from the same generation or era. This is neat. I am familiar with alot of the music he brings up. We like different types of music. He likes Beach Boys and I LOVE DISCO! We traveled up the coast. Walked on sandy beaches and at the local harbor. We ate great food and cooked hot dogs by the firepit. He probably doesnt know but I catch myself checking him out quite often also. He has great calves and his muscles show when he is stretching or reaching in different directions. OUCH! Anywaaay! We had such a good weekend and this is the 2nd weekend he spent with me. I know it wont always be this consistent as he gets tied up with other obligations but the actions of him spending time with me means the world to me. I really appreciate it. I'm going to write him and let him know this. AQUA CAPPY I will heed your advice and move along with my life. If our lives merge we will be two lucky souls. If not I have the eternal hope in my heart that the creator and the universe will steer me toward where I am meant to be. So I am grateful and move forward. Thank you again for your input and thoughts. Sincerely, BellaFlor

  • Its been a week and the beast hasnt called me. I read the comments, opinions, and experiences of some pretty incredible women and am in awe of the sharing and caring that is sent out among absolute strangers but sisters in spirit. My own conclusion of how I handle the distance with my Virgo love interest is that I need to take a Zumba class and get busy. I need to have a life and do things and be my own person. So am grateful to have read a thread of challenges faced by one woman with a married Virgo man. There is a big question mark looking out in to the future with me and my Virgo male. I move forward with no expectations. I'll appreciate his company and companionship when I have it. I will be my own woman and person. That is the best action plan right now. And things will fall in to place. They always do...This weekend we are supposed to go to a 25th wedding anniversary and a 60th wedding anniversary. So funny that he and I are not in to marriage at this time but we will celebrate the marriage of "others" and be happy for them. Its all good. My Virg is having financial troubles and I know that this has him bummed out. I understand maybe this is part of the reason that he is distancing himself again from me. It is what it is. I accept it.

  • You sound like you have your head screwed on the right way, BellaFlor. He is lucky to have you, and I will bet my right arm he knows it. It may take him another couple of years, but keep busy with your life until he can't bear to lose you to the other things that distract you. But also be willing to be distracted by other things, because as in all of love's matches, things aren't always meant to be...

    Keep your lovely Libra light shining out to the world! Light the way for him and all your other potential true loves!

    I'm trying that same thing!



  • Ten days (vaca) with my Virgo and no sex. May 30 it will be 7 mos of the 8 mos we have been going together, no sex. I cant stand it! His blue eyes turn me on. His hairy chest, hands, feet, legs, smile, sense of humor, TURN ME ON!!! Its driving me crazy. And yet I cannot bring myself to force him to be with me. This has to be natural. I want him to want me. I want it to be natural and will not settle. He confessed that he is able to go for long periods of time without being physical. Sex is not important to him. He said he is not a lover. And here I am, a lover. What a quandry. I know he doesnt want to lose me. He tells me that he does not want our relationship to end. I believe him. BUT I am an affectionate person and the lack of physical closeness is killing me. I totally desire him. The reality of our situation is that he is not in to being physical and I am. It would not be realistic to allow myself to think that he would or could change for me. I wouldn't want him to anyway. It just seems to me that the desire should be a natural desire not forced or imposed. I am pondering breaking up. And I love this guy. I love him and want him but if we were to come together my reality would be going for extremely long periods of time with no intimacy. That is not for me. I've been crying and I am dying inside. I know the hurt will go away but right now it is killing me. I might tell him tonight if we are able to talk. I feel like a fool, a romantic lover and fool. But not ashamed of having an open heart. That is who I am. I believe in love and loving. That is who I am. Why did the stars bring this soul in to my life? This sould that changes my world when he holds my hand or hugs me or looks at me. I am a fool - a fool in and for love.

  • I tell you that we are not compatible (in bed) with each other. You tell me you dont want it to end. The fact is that if you wanted to be with me it would have already happened in the past 7 mos. I'm torn. Part of me feels like the intimate part of a relationship is important. The other part cant bring myself to break up with you. I cant shake the thought of what a miracle it is and how the stars have to be in alignment for two people to meet. I mean really when you think about it what are the odds that two people come together. There are millions of souls in this world. What it must take for two persons to say that first "hello". Its mind bogglint when I think about it. This has me dumbfounded. In awe. SO I am so torn. Part of me feels like there is a possibility of me finding someone more compatible. This other side or portion of my being feels like you and I have this deep connection with each other that goes beyond the physical. You are an extraordinary man. There is no one like you. You are great and wonderful in many ways. I wish you would take me and be with me. I want you. I wrote a goodbye note and saved it in "draft" mode. All I have to do is push the button. But I cant. How long can I last without kissing you and holding you and being with you. How long.

  • Ok, i´m a virgo guy and i have read this post from start to finish. This is true that we don´t show our emotions that easily, they are there, just locked up protecting ourselves for some idiot reason i can´t say. One thing is that the more you push/show those feelings over the limit, it´s like pressure. Everyone goes up and down, you just have lost yourself for who you were. Try to remember what were you like before you two meet, that is what got him interested in the beginning. The saying goes if not succeed, try and try again. It´s not that you are not patient, just don´t loose yourself for what you are. My advice is no contact for a while, like brush him off, change the pattern, let him call you, talk just normal stuff and keeping it simple. You already have written a letter, so if you try this, what can you lose? If he is serious about you he will think whats going on, and will also go through all the possibilities( whats wrong, why are things changing). Think of it as fishing, you pull the fish in, then give some slack, then pull in again. Just keep writing and keep your head in place. Anyway it goes, you will still be on solid ground and unshaken. True?

  • I also forgot to mention concerning between the sheets. All guys have urges, just as women do. Don´t give in, try to hold back the feelings, flirt and not giving anything will most likey spice that up. Who nowadays wants a easy catch? Another saying goes, if you really want something work for it, use effort on reaching your goals.

  • Hello Virg0man, Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it even more being that you are a VIRGO. So I feel fortunate that you have given your input. On my end I'm a natural girl. I dont do fake boobs, fake lips, hair color, or fake behaviour. Please ladies and gents that are into the plastic surgery - Please dont take this personal. This is me and if you do these things to feel better about yoruself more power to you - I am only describing me. So the earthy part of me doesn't gel with being something that I'm not. I'm talking about the "fishing". I understand your perspective and it is not wrong. It is absolutely right if I want to "catch" this fish. BUT if I cant be the true, real, and total me and it connect this way it doesnt seem like the proper or correct foundation for something that can hold together where we can grow old together. That is my own perspective. I know there are alot of folks out there that are in to playing head games. The games that will most certainly reel in and catch that special fish. But internally, in my own person that is not me. I prefer to be the full whole natural me and if the fireworks go off this way even better. I am a hopeless romantic IN LOVE. And I am dealing with a man that has been hurt by life and love. Today I am feeling that I dont have the luxury of 6 months or the next 3 years to woo or trick this darling man in to loving me. He eithers feels it or he doesnt. IF he doesnt I would greatly appreciate if he would just tell me and cut me loose. He doesnt want to cut me loose just yet. Why is he hanging on? I do not know BUT 50% of me wants to end it now and the other 50% is cool with this. Life is precious. It is brief and should not be taken for granted. I want to live and see the world. Was hoping this fellow adventurer could see it with me but he is of the perspective that we have "forever" to do these things. I dont want to wait until I'm 50, 60, or 70 to LIVE. I want to live now. I still feel that there is "somthing", "something" that is keeping me from ending it. This afternoon while looking at the mountains, clouds, and blue sky came the realization that it is Love. I'm in love. And a voice whispered in my ear earlier today "he is an angel"....Maybe the voice (spirit) was talking about my guardian angel and not my boyfriend. A FOOL in love I am. A Shakespearean tragedy. I know - abnoxious eh? Eeeesh! Anyway - I appreciate your feedback. Always, always thank you for sharing your perspective. This lovelorn lady is checking out for now. And the novel continues.

  • Progress! Last weekend my boyfriend (VIRGO MALE) finally told me he was falling in love with me and then later that same day said he loved me. So after spending last weekend with him and then hearing him say this I left with profound peace inside. Still no intimacy but I do feel filled up in that he spends time with me and enjoys my company. Nice to know that we like to "hang" with each other. He is pretty laid back most of the time and can be uptight at other times. Without even trying life forces me in to getting to know ME during the times I dont see my guy. And then I get the pleasure of his company, laughter, and great conversation when we are together. I am appreciative of that. I MIGHT see him this coming weekend hopefully. If not I'm finding all sorts of neat things to do at home. Its all good.... Wish me luck. I will you all the best. I'll check in again sometime soon.

  • I really messed up with my Virgo man by trying everything under the sun to get him to me. I pushed him away. I am going to fall back because he was never mean to me he just wouldn't communicate. I hate that I tried everything except patience. I don't feel like he is gone completely but I can't contact him either. He made feel like I will never deal with another Virgo guy. I am sorry I did everything wrong.

  • Dear 4theloveoflibra, I think you are being way to hard on yourself. I have to say with relationships in general if you have to work too hard then it might put you in a position of not being true to yourself. Yes when you care for someone you have to put in effort but there is a balance. You dont want your relationship to be one sided where you are the only one loving and giving and the other party regardless of their sign is not able to give back to you in return. I believe in my heart of hearts that there is someone out there for everyone. iIf you know you werent patient enough you can start being patient and wait to see if your Virgo gets in contact with you. I dont mean sit by the phone and wait for it to ring - I mean get on with your life and hopefully your love interest will call. However, if after time your Virgo is not responding or communicating with you it might be that they have moved on to something else. You are the only one who decides how long you are willing to wait.........................I was really honest with my Virgo a few weeks ago and spilled my heart out to him. In 7 mos we have been together physically very few times. I let him know while it is not the most important thing it does matter. In Sept it will be a year. He finally told me he was falling for me. He is such a sweet person and very honest with me. That I appreciate more than anything. He has made an effort to be with me recently and it was great and made me feel loved. It feels like he feels so much more for me but holds back. Slowly but surely though I think the fear of not getting hurt (he fears this) is subsiding. I think through my being there he has come to realize I'm not going anywhere. And he has shown me how steady he is. The times I have wanted to give up he convinces me to keep trying..and visa versa. We both feel we are good for each other and feel very comfortable together.

  • I feel like he calms me inside. I would like to think I calm him also. Seems like we are each others biggest fans. I know that people can be "blind" in love or like in the beginning where they probably overlook obvious red flags that life has taught them but if you do not risk. If you do not put yourself out there you will never know the great love that you are capable of finding, having, and being with. I'm not ready to get married. I love this mans company, I love his sense of humor, quick wit, and intellect. We are different but I read an article by Dr Phil that explains our differences benefit the other and offer the other a learning experience and opportunity to grow. We are going fishing next weekend and to Kauai in October. I realize it is too soon and there is no perfect way of knowing what tommorrow will bring. I can see myself having his guy as my partner, getting old together. Time unravels realities and truth and heals all things.

  • He told me he missed me today!!! YAY!

  • I definitely understand where you are coming from. I have been with a Virgo male for almost 6 years now, and I am also a Libra. Granted, there is a large age gap between the two of us, but thanks to your blog and other people's remarks, I feel I can understand him better. He has 2 kids, I do not have any, but I want to have his. He told me that he would love to have a child with me (we have already decided on a name - I decided/we compromised on a male name, and I let him pick a female name). It seems that more than anything, he is occupied with his responsibilities, as he has a lot on his plate now. Even when I do see him, I almost regret it because I see the sad face on my wonderful Virgo which I cannot fix.

    I know that the compatibility reports may say otherwise, but I feel a strong compatibility between myself and my Virgo. Do you feel that as well? Even when we do not see eachother for extended periods of time because of business, I feel like he just went out to the corner store and will be back in a few minutes. Do you feel that?

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