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  • I am glad you saw the light Tat... 🙂 Tell me how long were you with your Virgo?? Im with mine about 1 year 4 mnths. and I really reaching my breaking point nw. i do see that it is an unhealthy relationship it is just how to get out now....harder seeign that he lives 5 mins from me, like i said..... even though we went on our little beach break things havent improved .. u know as a single parent its nice to have company ....and a man around who can help do little manly things....but he is not very physical and i can t compromise that.... UGH!! at least you got some good luving with yours :)) and it will be harder to ignore him .. he has a way of sneaking back in..... 😞

  • Carib my love, I am sorry I haven't been on in a while...I've been swallowed up by work and my kids, and the Virgo....It will be two years in September believe it or not...Ok so the last time we were physical was in March, could be February. It was pretty awesome. He really spent alot of time with me....After that we haven't been together physically. So a few weeks ago he tells me that he has been wanting to be physical but we haven't had the opportunity because we are always around friends. So we both agree that we will make it a point to be alone and spend time together physically. So we spent mothers day together right next to the ocean. We had an amazing dinner which he paid for....the next morning he starts to kiss me and then you know what comes next....NOW I haven't heard from him and I am feeling insecure...maybe he didn't enjoy himself. My mind is racing here and there. I dont know. The breaks between the times we are physical are so far apart. I reallly would like to be able to be together at least a couple times a month. I dont think that is unreasonable. He didn't even let himself go this last time which makes me think that he might not be that into having an "o"....CARIB I totally understand your frustration...Completely. I guess I've convinced myself that the physical part is not that important but I love being physical with my partner...Sheeesh....He and I have made all these plans for camping and traveling here and there...He tells me he loves me every time we talk on the phone. When I daydream about us actually living together it stresses me out. I like my freedom. I like not having to pick up after anyone or having to decide misc things with someone....I like only having to see him every now and then. I dont know if I could handle seeing him every day. I think it might make me hate him...Just thinking...We have been vacationing really. Not in a real relationship where you live together and make decisions together...So I wonder how we would get along in that situation. I'm feeling insecure because i haven't heard from him. And sure enough when we do talk he assures me that he loves me. The many times that I have suggested that we MIGHT NOT be physically compatible and might be better off with other partners he would tell me that is a STUPID idea....I just dont know. Sometimes I am so sure and other times not certain at all....And I am older. Aren't I supposed to know better now that I have been through hell and back???? I dont want to keep learning. I dont want to be hurt or hurt anyone....Just thinking out loud. I am glad I have the Libra ladies to chat with and get feedback from.

    TAT: I hope you are allright and that you are having fun dating....its all good my dear. Have fun with it....TAKE YOUR TIME...there is no rush....Enjoy dating and take your time choosing who you your next LOVE will be....I hope the universe brings you someone special. The Virgo sounded like drama my dear. Not worth expending so much energy on that....Find happiness Tat. You deserve it!!!!

    Love to you both...Bellaflor

  • awwwwww Bellaflor jus yesterday i was thinking of you taht you sailed off into the sunset with your Virgo never to be heard off again cause u found your ultimate happiness..... welcome back my dear ive missed u!!! will tell u more soon...



    Girl i can relate to that non physicality sooooooo so so hard... im tired of complaining... geeze im in my 40s and i am on a sexual slim fast diet.......arrrrrrr

  • Hey Guys/Gals,

    I have not been on here in a while and hope all is well with everyone. I have been away dealing with my health issues and I am much much better after multiple surgeries and I remain cancer free!!!

    Of course my Virgo problem has only gotten worse. I am so deeply in love with my Virguy and he refuses to have any contact with me. I told him about how he made me feel and called him a jerk and an asshole and I never heard from him again. It's been over a month I have called him, text him and sent him heartfelt emails and he responds to nothing which cuts me to the core even deeper. I asked him to just tell me he isn't angry wth me and that we would be okay with each other and I will leave it at that but he refuses to let me have any closure from him. I hurt so much I cry all the time. I miss him so badly that I can feel the lump in my stomach now but he refuses to have any form of communication with me after I told him how insulting he was to me.

    The real kicker is now my job has been relocated to his state and the same city and I am so afraid to tell him. I don't even want to live on the same side of town as him. I am afraid to run into him and have him treat me like he never knew me. When I found out my job was being moved there I never even told him. He makes me walk on eggshells and I don't want him to know. I don't wnat him to think I am there for him even though deep in my heart I am excited that we will be in the same state. I really love him and all I really want is to have communication and friendship with him. He hasn't deleted me from his fb page and I am wondering why if he doesn't want anything to do with me. I miss this man and he knows how hurt I am yet he gives me nothing. I just want our communication back. I can' say that I will want our sexual relationship becasue I believe that will be death to any type of repair we could do with our friendship or lack thereof. I really miss him so much please help me out give me some sound advice.

  • Dear4thloveoflibra: I am sorry that your love is not returning your communication. I have loved like that before I I most certainly know how much it must hurt. I have to tell you, in hindsight after having gone through alot of pain, depression, low self esteem and self worth.....I got through it. Now looking back I see that I was blind in love. Even to this day I have dreams of the men that rejected me and they are still indifferent in my dreams. It is going to be harder to heal from the rejection living so close. You might be tempted to drive by where he lives or check up on him. I suggest that you do not do this. Try to find healthy things to distract yourself with. Things that will benefit you and your recovery. Yoga, or meditation....I realize it is hard to not have love returned. Even harder to shift your attention and direction on healing yourself and away from him. But you have to take care of yourself. A a true, deserving man; the one that deserves YOU must be able to return your love. This man exists. He is out there. It MAY NOT be the one that you have your eye on right now. You MIGHT not even have met this attentive caring soul. But please know that he is out there. Focus on YOU my dear. Focus on learning how to breathe and spending minutes where you and your heart are not consumed with thoughts of the one that DOES NOT DESERVE YOU. Slowly but surely if you focus on contiuing to heal yourself, you will feel better and better. Each day the darkness will lift a little more each time and one day you will actually feel lighter and ready to go out and enjoy yourself. YOU DESERVE THIS!!! AS time passes it will be clear to you what transpired with this person. You will be able to think about it without hurting. You will know what lesson and purpose the experience came to you with. Try not to allow yourself to become bitter. Try to allow yourself to LOVE yourself. The time to start is now; baby steps. Don't lose focus. Things WILL get better....As you learn to love and appreciate who you are you will attract a relationship that is healthy, a love that is reciprocated, and a life that you most certainly deserve. Sent to you with love; bellaflor

  • I miss you Carib. You are my sister in a far away place. If you are not on often it is because you are living life and I am happy for you. Take care and I send you a hug with this...bella

  • awwwwwwwww bellaflor i miss u too....yes im in the caribbean in a far away place and yes we have bondedover our virgo love and struggles.... Virgoguy and i have been still tee tottering up and down..... nothingmuch has changed and i do have little to report thats why...... his moving closer has made me a little more cagey andyes he comes over more often an does a little cooking and odds and ends around the house but girl the non physical part is jus the part i cant stand...... its always on his terms and conditions...... but other thanthat he is near perfect..... girl i feeeeeeel for you because i just wnat to melt in his arms and give him all the love and affection and i tell him he has all these rules regulations and restricitons before i can sneak up the garden path to his arms its such a long winded process...... i dont knwo if i have the patience girl cause now i have an impatient gemini fellow air sign who is after me and i know i dont need all that wooing to get to him !! Ha . but i think of my patient caring virgo.... but lord why isnt he so physical ???? Bella maybe u can p.m me at caribchicathotmailcom

    hugs and love

    Carib 🙂

    How are things with you and your virguy??? Imnow reachin 1 1/2yrs with mine....whew!!! an what a rollercoaster..... thanks to u bella i have been able to cope a little more

  • Hi Carib: So great to hear from you. Thing is Carib we are feeling people and express that feeling with affection and intimacy. Our Virgo's have it in them to be intimate but they are more reserved and cautious than we are. The other thing is that if you look back in to the past. Past relationships, dreams broken, hearts broken you might see that we tend to get lost in that amorous nature that we have. When we are lead by our hearts often times we are taken in a direction of pain and hurt where the love is not reciprocated. What I like about the Virgo mans traits is that he is consistent. When he does finally fall in love he loves deeply and is consistent. Hey may never be the lover that we are but he is able to be physical and intimate with his love interest. If you set aside the emotional aspect of the relationship and look at the other things that are also important he might be worth the wait. Is he loyal - not a cheater or a player. If the answer is "YES" than that is a great quality in a man. To know you can trust him. Are you able to have great conversations togther? If "YES" that is a form of intimacy that is important in a long term relationship. He cooks for you. Thats pretty sexy if you ask me.... A man that cooks for his girl. If we are led and driven by simply the physical than I have to say right there is a potential imbalance in our priorities when truly looking to find stability and fulfillment in a man. I want to venture to say that our virgo men can be what we need after they fall in love. In September it wll be two years with my guy. He loves me and I love him. He understands and agrees that being close physically is important. He is opening up in that area and sharing that side of himself with me. I want to venture to say that you not give up. If he fulfills 90% of your needs the other part can come with time and patience.....HOWEVER; if he is wishy washy and non comittal it is probably time to give an ultimatum letting him know that you have specific needs that are not being met. Be truthful and honest and let him know that you are feeling that he does not have all the qualities to meet your specific needs. Tell him that you are affectionate and that you do not feel being physical is dirty but something that two people need to bond and it helps them to be closer. Explain to him that it is healthy, helps blood pressure and relaxation set in. Studies show it is healthy to have sex. Tell him that you feel he is not a physical person and that you understand you are both different in this aspect. Be honest with him. See what he says.......He might surprise you and come around. Maybe the thought of losing you will spring him in to taking action and will help him open up. Just a suggestion Carib. See what your gut and inner intuition guides you to do. I've been led by my physical side in the past and it has taken me to unhealthy situations. There has to be balance. You might have great potential to be wonderful together. Talk to him and see what he says. Make sure this is truly what you want before you talk to him about this. If you are not certain that this is what you want it might not be time yet. You will know when the time is right. I would venture to say that you dont want to tell Virgo about the Gemini. That might totally turn him off to pursuing more with you. If you truly love him you wouldn't entertain Gemini...Only suggesting how virgo might take this. Take your time with Gemini....Make sure that this isn't just about the challenge in having you. Weigh out what is truly important to you. True foundational values to base your future hapiness on. It can't be all physical......thoughts only sweetness but I hope they help you analyze and figure out your next step....

    ON MY END my Virgo loves me and I love him. I need to going out to see him as much because it can get quite expensive. I just spoke with my virgo about the physical aspect of our relationship. I really was pleased with his reply. When discussing it further he enjoys it when we are together physically. He told me what some of his likes and turn ons are. I appreciate that he opened up and discussed this with me. We talked about alot of thing and it makes me feel closer to him. He also explained that last year he was still making plans on his own. He realized that he loved me when his plans started to include me. It took him a while to feel this but his love is deep Carib. I would venture to say your Virgo also loves deeply WHEN HE IS READY.....If you do decide to wait Carib ENJOY the wait....Flirt and be sexy and do fun things together. TALK TO HIM. Ask him questions.....You'll know when its time to make your next move and what direction to take. Patience sweetness...everything will fall in to place.....LOVE your friend, Bellaflor

  • Hi Bellaflor

    How have you been??? ive missed our correspondence sorry ive been out in space for awhile..... things havent been so good with me an my virguy for a while.... 😞

  • Hello Carib beautiful spirit and soul.....I have not met you in person but in my heart feel you are a kindred spirit. First let me start by saying "I MISS YOU"!!! I apologize that I dropped off...Got sooo caught up with work and diffusing from work I have not have had time to update. I am sorry that things are not moving forward with VIRGUY. Based on everything you have told me he seems to have commitment issues. If you TRULY love him and he is reciprocates then the magic word is PATIENCE. I know you have been patient and you are mostly tired of waiting BUT good things come to those who wait. HOWEVER if you are tired of waiting and have decided to find someone that has an open heart and is ready and open to give you all the you deserve; I hope you either have found it or find it. I KNOW you will find it. Beautiful souls like you are people magnets. Just keep being your most wonderful self and lovely things will come I promise. ANYWAY....I miss you and I hope you are well. To be able to be at least well is a blessing. I hope this finds you abundant, blessed, loved, and peaceful. Sincerely, Bellaflor

  • LIBRA WOMAN / VIRGO MAN: Hello friends. Its been a while eh? I met my Virguy 3 years ago. Our relationship has improved with time. The first year was rough with being crazy about him then uncertainty. Now is seems to be more steady and consistent where we both feel comfortable with each other and we aren't both wavering on staying together and breaking up. We talk alot and are friends first which helps alot. Slowly but surely we find different things about each other realizing how similar we are. Sometimes I feel like we are soul connected. The parallels in our lives and our likes and dislikes. The easiest thing to say is that we seem to be more secure with each other. He was hurt before he met me and not ready to be in any kind of relationship. I was feeling the same and was pretty confused. We laugh when we are together and talk about alot of different things. I love that he is intelligent and can also build and fix things. He knows how to do all sorts of different things. I admire him. He tells everyone that I'm the nicest person he ever met and how much he loves me. Then they tell me later.... WE are talking and making plans for the future and we are both not forcing for that to happen NOW. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet someone so interesting and amazing. It still blows my mind when I think about it. I feel like a very fortunate person. He is a great man. Can be a little cranky every now and then but mostly wonderful. I miss him when too much times passes and I am unable to see him. We live 3 hours apart and sometimes go a whole month without seeing each other. I feel for folks in long distance relationships overseas. Feel for them and admire them all at once. ANYWAY wanted to give you an update on Libra Virgo match that is working out. Several people have commentd on what a great couple we make. I wonder if they can see or sense our energy fields. I wonder if they see something at the soul level. I hope this message inspires others entertaining a Libra or Virtgo match. While the journey has not been perfect it has been pretty amazing so far and I expect there will be much more love and wonder to share. Blessings and may your find YOUR MATE be delivered to you soon or love the one your with. Sincerely, Bellaflor

  • LIBRA VIRGO BREAKUP.....It has been a month. No phone call, no communication. My Virgo shut off and shut me out completely.

    The turning point was a recent trip up north with my Virgo and his best friends; one of which is a lovely female and his best friend. The day I met him he told me she was his soul mate and they connected the minute they met. She married his best friend from high school and has 2 daughters with her husband. The last day of the trip my Virgo stayed with her; I ended up touring the city alone. He made a comment at the end of the trip that leaving her all alone in the city was not safe. Her husband decided to climb a tower. On the way to begin the trip my virgo told me that if anything happened to me or her husband (death) they would move in together. These comments from my Virgo culminated in to a realization for me. He has a natural and precise instinct to protect her, care for her. During the trip he described the swimsuit she wore the very first day he met her. Multiple times in the past 3 years he has told me she is just like "one of the guys" yet multiple times he talks about how good looking she is. It turns out they are twin flames. THE CHALLENGE is that my Virgo has cut out any girlfriend that he has ever had if they had any issue with his friendship with his best friend. When I brought this up to him I was upset. He said the last day of the trip with her was "just one day" and that the comment he made about moving in with her after I die was "hypothetical". It is clear to me that my Virgo has made a life oath and vow to protect her. The DANGER for me as a partner is that if her husband passed away or they get divorced my VIRGO will drop me like a hot potato to go to her. It has been explained to me that this is natural for a twin flame, the two flames are drawn to each other. I dont want to be with someone that will dump me like this, execute and extinguish the love we had for each other. And that is what has happened

    But guess what? He was my Soulmate!!!! He and I connected beyond words, thought, time, and matter. He was home for me; and I was home for him. I dreamed about him before I met him and I saw his higher self, his soul and spirit self and I knew this connection was very special

    Of course I am hurt. It has been a month. NO call, no contact. I am saddened that he has cut me off just like all the other girls; but I wasn't just anyone. I was a special love, he told me this so many times. That he never knew anyone like me, that I was the love of "his life"

  • BREAKUP CONTINUED.....I am grieving and mourning the loss of my soul mate. There have been many tears, you feel like your heart and soul is being ripped out and extracted from you physically and spiritually. There have been many sleepness nights. BUT I have had multiple epiphanies about the whole thing. You have to be able to love yourself first before you love another. My VIRGO was his own worst critic and he was extremely insecure. He has had so much pain and dissapoinment in his life and has been in a deep depression, a dark place. When you are in that place it makes it easier to push away, damage, or destroy a good things, self sabotage. The entire 3 years my sweetheart has not made me a priority although verbally he has professed undying love to me. HE has to take action to change. I cannot force it, impose it, will it. His father once was wealthy and from bad business management and divorce the father never recovered. He ended up dying alone in the mountains. My love has the same tendency. He is not pulling himself out and bettering himself or changing. I believed that our LOVE would "fix things". I was in love with a man who would not allow himself to love me completely even though he knew I was a once in a lifetime encounter.

    TODAY I am healing, still realizing and seeing so many things. Today I understand clearly that he and his best friend are twin flames and the implications of these soul ties.

    A psychic told me that the lesson for me is to learn that I can have a spiritual connection to someone the way I had with my love. Each day things get better, I write and listen to affirmations and walking has helped take out alot of my frustrations. My son was brilliant and left me his dog. She has been a healing force and energy for me.

    I am hopeful for the possibilities of what can be created with the law of attraction BUT would like to honor the love that we had and take the necessary time to grieve the loss of this very special things

    I am learning that certain soul and twin flame connections do not always end up coming together and living "happily ever after". I am accepting that there are distinct lessons in these experiences and hope to learn and grow in this experience

    I am hurt that my Virgo and his BFF has not had consideration for my feelings or her husbands but as explained to me by the previously mentioned psychic the draw, connection, and pull is something that they can't even control.

    Each day gets better and nothing can or will change this hopeful heart



  • Slowly but surely the pain is healing. The Virgo was my soulmate; and my lesson is to learn how to let go, to forgive, to have peace with it all. I am also learning that the romantic notion that we have that we connect with our soulmates and then everything is happily ever after after that is incorrect. Each encounter is to learn, if we are open to learning. To go through challenging times is not easy especially doing it alone. But if allow ourselves to heal, to mourn, to grieve, and open ourselves to love in whatever form the universe brings it to us, then we become whole again. A little at a time the pain eases and lessens. And we start to actually begin to feel joy again. I am learning many things in this journey. If it makes me a better person then I am only that much more full and ready if and when the universe sends me another partner. Its not easy. There are good days and there are bad days but I am seeing healing in myself physically that I have not seen in years. So I release and let go all that does not serve me or others and welcome in all that is for my highest and best good and good of the universe. I do tihs with love and gratitude for what has been given to me thus far and I look forward to the possibilities of what is to come..sincerely Bella

  • Oh Bellaflor,

    My heart breaks for you. I've loved every word you've written in your romantic conquest with your Virgo and wish you all the best in your future endeavours and may you find your happily ever after.



  • THANK YOU PiSCES1803 for your kind words...maybe they will be like a butterfly that goes out in to the universe and helps to effectuate healing. I have been sleeping with my rose quartz crystal every night asking for it to help heal my heart. And slowly but surely the healing is occurring. I've lost alot of weight. I have literally walked off alot of the pain with my dog and I'm fitting in to dresses that I could not get on before. At the insistence of my best freinds I signed up for a dating site. I am amazed at the number of people who are looking for a companion or a friend. Wow! While the memory and love of my Virgo still lingers slowly but surely I am making many realizations. Although we shared a special bond maybe our union was just that, for that bond, to feel it and know it. He basically dropped me. No phone calls, no communication. But that sting is slowly healing. And I realize that I deserve to be with someone that would not cut me out of their life like that. He is going through multiple challenges, financially and emotionally. These are things that I cannot force or fix. This part is his journey. And I must face my own dark shadows, acknowledge them, learn, heal.

    I know things will be ok. I know that time will continue to heal and help me grow. I am grateful for the mornings and the sunsets. I am grateful for this lovely dog that is with me through all this and so loving.

    I am thankful for the ability to breathe today

    And love will come again in its own time


    AND SO IT IS!!!

  • It has been two months since my Virgo cut me out of his life entirely. No closure, no phone call, no acknowledgement of the thoughts, feelings, perspective that I shared with him. Instead total silence. I have been removed from his life entirely. He has made a conscious choice; his best friend. Someone that is his soulmate but that is married and committed to another. She has 2 children with this other man. Someone that my Virgo may never have in this lifetime. Here we were making plans for the future and he chose her. I did not ask or demand that he make this choice. I did not ask him to choose me or her. He chose it. He cut the cord with me. Now as time passes I realize that there was so much more behind the decision. Most likely the feelings of inadequacy, self criticism, self hate. Not feeling good enough, self critical as is typical of how a Virgo can dwell on the worst part of themselves rather than focusing on what is possible. He most likely did me a favor as I would not have wanted to be living with him and then his Best friend loses her mate (her husband) and I am suddendly dumped for her. One of the tarot psychics said that he does not even realize he does this, it is natural and instinctual for him. He has cut out and dumped love out of his life since college. Why did I think that I would be any different

    What has transpired for me is growth of a kind I have not experienced before. Realizing that I deserve so much more. I do not feel I was settling being with him 3 years. There are obvious lessons in love from the experience that I must learn to grow, to better, to prepare me for what comes

    I have now set my sights high. I have not given up on love. I will be patient and hopeful that THIS OR SOMETHING better comes....and through the power of attraction and manifestation I will sing him to me....

    I miss the Virgo often. I still have moments where I will hear a song and cry for him. But the agony, the pain to the depth of my sould has eased and is being replaced with hope and healing

    I have lost weight, I am fitting in dresses that did not fit before. Getting compliments and there is still more to come. More good to follow, more good to run toward

    Maybe this love story will encourage others to NEVER GIVE UP. To always keep trying and reach for the stars. While our heart beats there is the possibility of finding love that will be nurturing, caring, love that we deserve

    NEVER LOSE HOPE. I am here with you. We are in this together!!!



  • Bella, you are such a beautiful being in how you always move and project forward in a positive way. I am learning that and most of all to trust my instincts...There have been times when I wanted to believe the words another was saying but I knew deep down they weren't true. I am healing as well and trying to understand the big picture. All that you can do is accept the emotion that you miss him and just let things be...the rest will come. And it sounds that you are not the kind of person that dwells on the past which is a very good thing. It is hard for me to do that.

    One thing you should keep with you is that whatever was true it still is. So, you could never lose what was truly yours. Who you really are, what you really want for yourself, you cannot lose that. And what happened truly happened. The love did exist.

    It sounds like this was mostly your decision? Based on what you were seeing from him?

    I hope that you are well and continuing your healing. Love and light!

  • Hello Mardepp,

    Let me tell you. It has been since 7/23. No call. It's okay. At first agony, absolute agony; felt like my soul was being removed from my physical being, my heart broken, shattered, glass, bits and pieces. I cried, pain, agony. My son the absolute GENIUS left his dog with me. I had to walk her, I had not choice. Walk we did.... We walked, and walked, and walked. and I thought, and thought, and thought. And then I started noticing the sun rising on the mountains and the feeling, how it lifted my soul and my spirit. I saw coyotes come down from the mountains, shy watching me but keeping their distance. I saw the seasons change and EACH DAY it got BETTER and BETTER. The pain subsided, it eased, it diminished, it healed. This live being (dog), this angel sent from heaven, she has been with me. Making me, FORCING ME to exciercise.

    AND GUESS what??? I write, I journal, I release. Affirmations, release, The Law of Attraction!!!

    It brings this spiritual, rich, amazing ANGEL. WOW! I am in awe

    Do I think about the Virgo? Absolutely! Just the other day a song came on the radio. Flash back to love. A cd arrives in the mail from his best friend of a trip we took before we broke up. Is it the universe singing songs to me? Calling me? Maybe, possibly

    At the same time, I walk, and walk, and walk and walk until I cannot walk anymore. I write about how I feel, I release, figure who I am, what I want, WHAT I DESERVE

    This angel reaches out to me. This spiritual man, this deep being.

    I dont know what will come of this. The universe, God, heaven has been so gracious to me. To allow me to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, and LOVE again. Why am I so deserving. To allow me to find perfection after devastation?

    This is my message. There is HOPE. There is the promise of tomorrow and things that will lift you to the heights of heaven on earth. YOU DESERVE THIS! You DESERVE TO BE LOVE, APPRECIATED, VALUED!!! So do I!!! Let's find it together. Let's have HOPE and vision. Let's sing him to us. Write it down. Who is he? What does he look like. What is his personality. Let's sing him to us. Never lose hope. There is always tomorrow and it can bring things beyond your dreams and imagination. Start believing that you DESERVE. he will come

    Peace and blessings...Bellaflor

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