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  • Tatochka: My best friend met my Virgo and she liked him. I have a few other freinds that I would like him to meet but in the right time. I do not see them (bff) as often as I would like so when the opportunity comes up I will have him meet my other friends. I love my kids but if they had it their way they would have me all to themselves and they are older and living their own lives so this is why although I care for their opinion I allow myself my own independence and space and do my own thing. My mom loves my Virgo. He is a sweet man, a kind man BUT their is another side of my Virgo and from talking to Carib it seems to be part of Virgo qualities that they have moments where they are arrogant and selfish. When this part comes out it is very unattractive and unappealing. But my Virgo is quick to apologize if he knows he hurt my feelings. I appreciate that he does this - shows that he cares. TATOCHKA I read your experience with your particular individual Virgo and he kind of sounds like he cares but he allows these other outside factors to rule and control his heart. He cares what his famly thinks - he is not ready or willing I guess to move forward based on his own inner convictions. I dont think your friends are wrong. I think they love you and care for you and when they see you being hurt by ANY man they dont want you to be in something unhealthy. Their is divine timing in everything that happens in our lives. Their is special and sacred learning from each encounter - even the uncomfortable ones. I applaud you for having enough self value, self love, self worth to decide that MAYBE this specific, unique, individual relationship is not healthy for you and that you deserve more. Their is a man out their that is ready (healed from past traumas) for you and willing to giving you the love you need and deserve. This very centered and grounded man knows who he is and does not allow the opinions of anyone to guide his decisions in what he wants or feels he needs. This great man has been through life lessons that will make him an amazing partner for you. Your step, action plan should be to work on your. Do that things that thrill you, live your life and dont look for this amazing man. He will come when the time is right, when you least expect it. Focus on having a GREAT LIFE. Travel, be with family, friends, and make this life special. Find yourself laughing and feeling joy in each special moment. HE WILL COME!!!! When we try to force or push our will, what we want sometimes things get a little botched up. Have faith that the universe has something special being custom tailored to and for you. By living your life independently, being free and enoying it this creates this field of magnetic energy that will draw in persons to you without even trying. This is a good precious life my friend. Focus on the things you are grateful for today. And at some point in your healing you will look back at this Virgo/Libra mixture and understand why you had to move through this particular partner to prepare you for the future. Power to you lovely lady that you are pursuing what you deserve and need. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. When you feel a little sad get outside and be in the sun, listen to music and pleases you and DANCE my friend DANCE. Sincerely, Bellaflor

  • I've been spending the last few days with my Virgo and his best friend and her family. She is lovely and smart and a great mother. When I met my Virgo he immediately told me that he has ended or broken up relationship because of his best friend who happens to be female. I wasn't dating him at the time so I really didn't have an opinion about it in the beginning. Since then I have found that he has a loyal and undying vow to this best friend relationship. If any of the girls he was dating didn't like his best friend he would break up with them. I had an issue with this in that after having spent years as best friend I had myself convinced that they had to have fallen in love somehow. The scene gets more interesting in that her husband is also my Virgo's best friend. My Virgo has assured me that it is completely platonic and nothing more but my analytical mind wants to think or believe that maybe their is love behind this loyalty. My Virgo has told me that she is his soul mate and that they are very much alike in many ways. But I believe the soul mate relationship goes beyond lovers but extends to mothers, sons, friends, relatives. All in all this last visit has given me peace and clarity in regard to their relationship. it is loyal and their is nothing wrong with that. If I love him I have to accept her with NO CONDITIONS or RESTRICTIONS. I have to trust and not try to control what they have. I admire and respect it. They have behaved decent these past days. They are very considerate and I can tell that she loves her husband very much. She has had her difficulties in her marriage where at one point she wanted a divorce. My concern was that my Virgo was saying he would go to the ends of the earth to make sure that she and her daughters were taken care of. But that statement can be taken and understood in so many ways. It concerned me before but no so much now or today. I cannot control what the future will bring. I admire these two friends that love each other so much. Just as he has been patient in getting to know and deal with my brats (my kids) that can be VERY BRATTY at times - If I care for him I owe it to understand and respect this freindship he has with his BFF. I guess when you grow up a bit you learn to understand that you cannot control everything around you all the time. You can control YOU, how YOU feel, and WHAT YOU DO but you cannot control love. LOVE occurs in many forms and designs. So although our inner possessive nature wants to control, possess, be the only and special one that is not realistic. This is a big world and we are constantly crossing journeys with other men, women, and people. The lesson is to LOVE huge - love everyone you meet and see. Dont judge, dont control..........I am working on this....

  • Hi Bellaflor,,,,

    Yes its true about these Virmen how they make us spin around.... and around.... and you are right my Virguy has a sort of kindness mixed with aggression an unusual mix.... badboy and knight wrapped in one..... I too have to put up with unusual meanness, snippy comments arrogance and extreme opinions like my way or the highway attitude.... Girl my virgo also comes with a best friend who I absolutely abhor.... but i guess he is woven also into the fabric of my Virguy's life and I will have to accept that too..... and ure right I have to learn to accept that cause no circumstance is perfect... It is true too that alot of my gfs dont really like him for me personally. they think he is not of my calibre in terms of class and education..... well those things dont really matter to me so much, and i have had to stop talking to at least 2 gfs because of him cause i know they disapprove... well they sorta stopped the communiation.... anyway, putting up with his BF and losing a few of mines is ok for now..... he is great with my son and we know how hard it is to date someone who likes and approves of your kid... and yes bElla my son would love to have me all to myself but yes i have a life too.....

    well as you know ladies I was ready to dump him before we went on our trip... was that bad before.... so we all sailed for our weekend of blue clear waters sun and sand and waves lapping away under a big nice green almond tree.... well all our stresses were forgotten... my only complaint was that it was as always short on romance and s...x.... as usual.... but he was a perfect gentleman ,paid for everything the kids had a blast... my son and his daughter are a year apart ,9 and 10.... and we drove around like a little happy family going to the beach etc... I cannot even find 1 complaint he cooked breakfast lunch and dinner and was like the man of the family and everyone was happy ..... so he came up shining after my uncertainty about going with him when he got me so mad and i ignored him all week before.... ladies I dont know how long this relationship will last becaue to me sometime it is just too platonic for me and really mostly on his terms affections .. i do feel stifled,,,, but hey my kid is happy and i appreciate all the little things he does for me... at the same time he is a drinker, chain smoker... doesnt hold a good job (like me) so sometimes i dontl liek to feel like i am fundign my own relationship ,, so we have quarrels over money,,,, the substance part i feel is not what i want my young son to emulate... but no one is perfect these days and like after divorce we come with so many more expectations and demands .... so the trip to the lovely little island worked wonders.....u know i noticed the shy virgo in him looking at me so exposed and vulnerable when we were in the pool.... he seemed so shy andunsure even though he appears soo macho.... who can figure out these virogs.... so here i am still unsure and still in the middle of it....

    Tat ure really brave to endyour relationship girl !!! Congrats..... !!

    and yes Bella now that my Virgo is really like 5 minutes away from me ... he has come over a little more often..... but we cant seem to crack the ice around each other yet girl.......


    Carib 🙂

  • Bella

    at least your Virgo is expressing his love regularly,,, mine said I love you s so often in the beginning now I hardly hear those expressions it is I who say it more now ... by text 🙂 and yes he doesnt allow me to leave him or break up with him,,, he doesnt apologixe but he knows when I am upset and reels me back in ...... He is the kindest man Ive ever gone out with,, and the most prudish.. this relationship has gone in different levels that Ive not had in other relationships.. the depth is there but he is holdign back why ???? He is afraid. He said women are the most deceitful cunning creatures and he has had too much crap from them... so i said dont you think I havent had my share of jerks too... His ex wife cheated on him and he still wanted to make his marriage work... so with that kind of baggage I dont know how far I wil get with him........


    Relationships these days are just impossible ....

  • CARIB: I know they SEEM impossible. I admire you for trying. You too are a patient soul. The thing is we are physical, we express affection and caring by touching, kissing, hugging and more. Virgo's dont need that to feel close to someone. They are able to connect on a non physical level. like you I get tired of not having affection. When I get it - well it is GREAT. But the times I do receive it are few and far between. In my mind the ideal experience would be to be with someone I love physically at least 3 times a month. I truly get blown away when I read and hear about girls getting it once or twice a week!!!! Our guys are great guys. They are knights in a sense. But they let themselves be close, then withdraw, then closer, then withdraw. It is maddening. .......... I am in the same boat as you Carib. I fund EVERYTHING. My guy pays when he is able but he does not make what I do and he rarely has funds. Its amazing too because he has a degree and knows how to do many things. He has a good life dont get me wrong. He spends 3 days off at the beach every week. Has lots of friends. He is pretty content. But I have to take the next month or two to recover from our last vacation. I basically funded it all. I wish he could manage his money better. Seems like he almost has given up on himself and his potential and what he truly can do. It is not for me to tell him or make him be his potential. This is his own journey. I see it. He needs to see it in himself and take action. I tell him often. He truly could do anything he sets his mind to if he wanted. I found out recently, on this last vacation that when he lost everything he went in to depression and doctor had him on meds. I truly understand. I have had very hard times also and I have had times where I fell in to depression as well. His mom is Bi-polar. Sometimes I wonder to myself if he got a little of the melacholy blues from her. The rest of the time he is a happy guy. Tells jokes, laughs, is social, gets along with everyone. I cannot afford to fund everything forever. But I dont want economics to stand in the way of my happiness. I tell myself this is good enough yet I wonder if I am being a dreamer or idealist or romantic. My Virgo now tells me often that he is IN LOVE with me. He said he has me in his cell phone under the title "WIFE". Yet we both are so comfortable with seeing each other once a month or once every 3 weeks. I most certainly LOVE the breaks from him. I like having my own time and my own space, room to breathe. I think he likes it too. Watch. If a couple of weeks goes by and he does not call me or talk with me I'll get bitter and want to break up. See? I know me very well dont I?

    I'm staring to believe that SOUL MATE is that thing we want but can't have. Or something we are allowed to experience and enjoy FOR A MOMENT only and not for a lifetime. How can something so profound turn in to something so ordinary?

    Right now, today, this moment, I am ok with not seeing him. My heart is not hurting or bleeding and I am not brooding.

    I fallen and been in love it seems so many times in my life. Maybe I am in love with the romantic version and promise of love. Maybe this "THING" that captures me is a fleeting possibility but not meant to be permanent.

    CARIB: You are a lovely soul. Your Virgo is lucky to have you in his life. I am so glad that you both get along with each others children. This is HUGE when you are in a relationship. I am glad that for a moment your VIRGO was your knight in shining armor. I am happy that you have joy and are satisfied for a moment. Enjoy the good and be patient. Maybe your man will come around and confess his love. As for the physical maybe holding off gives you time to get to know each other internally, deeply. I am just throwing it out there....possibilities

    I do wish you the best. If I can be patient I KNOW you can do it to. Dont be ruled by impulse, be ruled by sensibility. Enjoy it. Every minute

    I hope your Virgo comes around. While you are waiting enjoy his company my dear

    I will try to follow my own advise as well ok?

    Good hearing from you sweet Carib.........

    I will keep you posted I am taking a break from mine for a month or so. Need my bank account to recover 🙂

    Hugs to you my friend Hang in there!!!

  • CARIB: Mine is also a drinker YUP!

  • It was raining last night pretty hard. I spent the evening talking with my Virgo on the phone. He too was stuck inside due to the weather. He lives 3 hours away so I couldn't get in my car and go see him. We spent a good amount of time. He talked alot about his grandpa, why his gramps was special, how much he loved him and missed him. He also told me how he enjoyed talking with an elderly customer he helped earlier in the day. He loved listening to this mans "stories". I admire that he gives the elderly the love and respect that they truly deserve. This endears me to him and I remembered last night one of the several things about him that I really love. Listening to him talk about all the great qualities his grandfather had, the things he made out of wood and steel, fishing, his excellent wit and lovely sense of humor almost made me feel like I knew him myself. It also made me feel or with that I had met his grandfather. He sounded like such an amazing man. He did impersonations and made me laugh. He says he is a simple man but I do not think he is simple at all. He thinks all the time. He thinks so much he makes himself nuts sometimes. I basically just listen. He says that I help bring balance to his life. He definately brings peace and balance to mine. Now that I'm over the whole head thing that you make yourself go through when you are getting to know someone. We are past that fortunately. Sometimes it seems that he is more than enough to live and be happy with. Sometimes I think we would make each other insane if we lived together. Dont know - there is no rush........................................Lately I have thought about my has been 3 years and I was the one that left. Now I wonder WHAT IF or IF we could talk and compromise and make it work.....i second guess my decision every now and then and then remember the differences that kept us apart like to strangers living under the same roof. When you get nostalgic over someone you only remember the good and not the realistic challenges. You cannot compromise with someone that will not look internally for growth and blame everything on the world and NEVER take responsibility. I do miss him though. He had so many great qualities. The difference between my ex and my Virgo is that my ex was sure of himself. My Virgo tends to second guess himself, his value, his talents. He gets melancholy and depressed when he thinks about all the things he has lost. I TRY to remind him how and why he is wealthy right now. It is not about material wealth. It is about inner integrity, value, and talents. Both my ex and my Virgo are very intelligent men. Very intelligent. My ex however is not an advenurous type of man. He tends to stay inside where it is safe and does not want to go outside. My Virgo on the other hand is a man of nature and the world. He has been and seen many places and cultures and open to seeing more. My ex is financially stable, my Virgo is broke and economically challenges. They are both amazing men....And I fortunate to know them and be able to grow and learn from each. I miss my ex. But I do not think I will ever go back. I am going to see the world with or without a partner. I will enjoy this rich amazing life.........I told my Virgo last night that it amazes me. What are the odds that two people should meet. Of the millions of stars in the sky the universe brought these two souls together and allowed them to meet. That amazes me and I am appreciative of it and do not take it for granted. I am awe of this rich life....And there is so much more to do and see....I am blessed

  • Hi Bella,

    we have so much in common.

    """"He thinks all the time. He thinks so much he makes himself nuts sometimes. I basically just listen. He says that I help bring balance to his life. He definately brings peace and balance to mine""""

    that sounds like my Virgo too !!! will talk more later



  • and pretty much alot of all the other things you said about your Virgo and your ex 🙂 Your life seem to mirror mine a bit... lol mus be a Libra thing 🙂

  • Bella if i think sensibly and not with my heart about this whole thing i would cut and run.... but logic is weak right now and my heart is in control ... sadly.... i really need more physical affection.... but he says i love you by doing a thousand million other little sweet things for me..... that is the elixir of the Virgo that keeps me hooked...

    ireally wish i had the courage like Tatochke and cut it much harder now that he is 5 minis away from me.......

  • Hi girls!!!!!! I miss you so much! I was so busy last week, so I took time today to read what is going on!

    I am really happy for you, you are with your men! I miss my Virgo sooooo much! He writes me everyday, how he misses me, how he wants to hold me in his arms and etc! But........... that is not enough for me. Plus, still.....bc I am not writing him back he is getting so angry. I don't get it. Yday I even asked him , If he was drunk. I never saw him like that before. He was extremely angry and said some hurtful things AGAIN! So......nothing new here. And it's sad. I wish he will change......change FOR ME, but I think he has a deeper problems. Mental maybe? I don't know, and I really don't want to know, he is no one for me anymore, so it's not my place.

    Carib, your situation with Virgo so different that mine. At least you now that your Virgo loves you, so if I would be you, I will keep him around and see. Remember we have patients, but even IT can come to the end!

    Ok ladies.......I have to go now, talk to you tomorrow.

  • Hello Carib: Glad you are well. You are right. Maybe our lives are aligned in a parallel universe somewhere. hahahhaha.....I clearly understand your frustration due to LACK OF physical affection. I yearn for closeness. For me it is natural and I enjoy it. I feel like I have to PULL it out of my Virgo, FORCE it out of him......Don't get me wrong though...I had this same challenge with my ex, he was a Capricorn. He also could go for leaps of time with no physical affection. It was so frustrating. OK SO, a million updates ago I mentioned that I "thought" my Virgo had been with many women when he was in the Navy. Apparently I was wrong. When chatting about his past experience with women turns out he was not a man ho..... 🙂 Doesn't it bug the heck out of you how amorous men and women are when they first meet. Then NOTHING!!! I dont get it. Its like some light bulb turns OFF or switches OFF. I dont know my friend. Seems that there is no perfect. If there was, PERFECT maybe THAT would make us nuts...I don't know, Just thinking out loud I guess. CARIB: Dont lose hope yet. Something may turn and change. Maybe its the kid aspect that he is protective of? Sometime that part takes time. Both parents want what is best for their kids. If your Virgo moved five minutes away to be closer to you that is a pretty big step Carib. That is a pretty substantial indication of love. Dont toss it just yet. Give it a little more time and see what gives. Just a suggestion. You definately need to do what is best for you.

    TATOCHKA: Congratulation on having the inner strength and self value and worth to know what you deserve and dont need in your life. Sounds like your Virgo is a smidge of a drama queen. Because you are not caving in he is resorting to digs that he maybe thinks might hurt your feelings? Dont let him have that power or control over you. If he is drama now he most likely would be drama if you were in a relationship. No girl needs to spend this precious life crying and fighting. Life it too short, precious and delicate to be spending it arguing. Trust me, if he doesn't find drama with you it will be with someone else. Find someone that FITS, that soothes your soul and someone you can enjoy your life and time with. He is out there. Dont worry...he will come. In the meantime - dont get sucked in to the negative drama. Let that move down the road. Sounds like our guys have some differences. Could be in their other planets and life influences. I had guys in my life that were total drama. So not worth it!!!! Enjoy your life. Have fun. Dont let anyone get you down. You will attract and magnetize someone special. Patience. Bellaflor

  • Gosh bellaflor !!!!

    Virgo and Capricorn for a Libra ..... thats amazing!!! You really love hard girl!!! 🙂 My ex was a Cancer not too good either for a Libra girl.... Ugh... but yes financially better off than the Virgo and intelligent... just wish it could have worked out.... sigh....

    I dont know Bella every day is touch and go with me and my scale brain ... yes stay no run yes stay no run..... ad infinitum.....

    and he only moved closer to me cause of circumstances.... if i hadnt met him a year and some months ago, he would have moved to my town anyway, cause he has a house there, but I would not have known him...... so whether i end things or not with him he will still be 5 minutes away..... Sigh.....

    Hey tat,

    girl sound like your V is missing you big time !!! But will he change ??? Do men really change for a woman ??? I havent met one yet!!! So jus ignore him and see what happens 🙂

    Bella if it werent for you and this thread you started I would be so lost!!!!! I really cant stand the lack of physical affection ... i think I will have to tell him that is the dealbreaker for me....... i mean he doestn even like to kiss all that much either...... reallY!!!! i am over 40 and i feel like I am on a sexual slim fast diet !!!! Ugh... Ok u guys know I AM frustrated!!!!!

    and yes Bella Im amazed ladies come on here and say they get ahem 3 or 4 times a week .... like really !!!! Sigh......

    Tat u were lucky girl !!!

  • Bellaflor, thank you very much. I do hope ,that someone is there for me, I just wish it was my Virgo, oh well. I keep my eyes open, who knows!

    Caribchic, ignoring him MADE HIM SUPER ANGRY!!!!! It's what make him calling me "names" and tell me all these awful stuff about me. But, I keep ignoring him, b/c it's no point for me to talk to him. It's over. I keep telling him that, but he just doesn't hear me.

    And yes with my Virgo was AMAZING!!!!! We had such a chemistry. I just wish I can experience that chemistry again, and not only in sx.......:)

    have a great day, ladies. Talk to you later!

  • ure a brave girl Tat... I wish I was as steadfast as u to dump my Virgo.... but i aint so easy..... adn i think if I did what you did I would get an onslaught of Virgo anger on my head too..... My virgo is jus so non touchy feely I am complaining to him that if it goes on like this much longer I would have to leave him.......

  • Ok, when you tell him to be more touchy, what does he do? Does he try to be, at least for awhile?

    I really start to think that it's not's just THEM! Yours, mine and Bella's. Remember I told you about my friends who married to Virgo? well they are all very affection.

    I really wish carib, that your Virgo will change and he will make you happy.

  • awww thanks Tat... I wish yours would change too....

    Nope,, he doesn really become more like that... His love is shown in actions.... little small sweet things all the time unasked, subtle.... so its like sweet little kisses all the time, but he is a little prudish... but can be a stallion when he is ready.. just not that often....... Ugh !!

    and dont even ask if i can approach him for some luvin I might get rejected !! I did mention to him I cant go on much more longer in an unaffectionate relationship.

  • Hi ladies!!!!!!

    well........who ever said , that Virgo NEVER LET YOU GO, was wrong!!!! It was more then a week and my ex Virgo not once contact me!!!!! I am so happy! I do still cry sometimes about how things went, but I am really appreciate that he is not texting or calling me! It's getting better now. I am not thinking about him as much anymore.

    I actually put myself out there.....ready to date again, so wish me luck!. Wish me to find a man of my dream!

    How things with you, girls??? I hope everything is well!

  • Tat ure a lucky girl...!!! i wish i can be so brave to let go too 🙂 hang in there 🙂 maybe I will come back in here and say I am finally done with my Virgo.......

  • one thing I did understand, that it's not us, it them WHO CAN'T LET US FREE!!!!!!! It's really hard carib, when we ( Libras) made our mind and here they are...... want us back. It's hard to resist them. So that's why I am grateful, that my Virgo finally did let me go and from now on he will never contact me. B/c I am sure if he call me and call me and call me, I would come back to him! I don't want that!

    That more I think about it, that more I see how wrong our relationship was. How unhealthy......

    What's new with your Virgo, Carib?

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