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  • I've ready several articles regarding the Libra Woman and Virgo Man. Basically three quarters of them say to run. Look the other way. NO WAY this combination will work. The other quarter says that says it "could" work in to something fruitful and wonderful. I am falling in love with a Virgo male. He described himself as a "pompass ass" which is a quality that I, me, Libra woman abhors. Yet there is this lovely side of him. This warm fun loving side that I am very attracted to. He is in to politics and I am not. He loves the sea. I love the mountains. He's told me several times "We'll figure it out". That gives me hope and optimism that we can overcome and learn to admire or respect each others differences. I was hoping to find ANY feedback from successful Libra / Virgo relationships other than Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Any advice or success stories you can share would be greatly appreciated. Is astrology right on when it comes to lovers in love?

  • There are many different versions of each astrological sign. For example. one Libran will not be exactly the same as the next (unless they have exactly matching birthdates). There will be many similarities between them but not a complete match. Generalisations like sun signs should not be strictly followed or believed. You need to compare the whole birthcharts for better accuracy.

    But basically I think any two people can have a good relationship as long as they are aware of their weaknesses and issues and both are prepared to work on them.

  • :Agrees with last paragraph:

    The kindest and purest person I've had the pleasure of talking to was a Libra.

    I kind of admire how libras can interact so well with so many people, and yet not lose track of what is indeed important.

    And, well, I may be saying something stupid, but to me Libra seems to be a very faithful sign, kind of like Capricorn except the latter seem to do it for the sake of their image, while Libras seem to do it for the sole reason of maintaining the balance of the relationship, which is admirable.

    But insecure Virgo probably are likely to have trouble with Libra's need and talent for socializing... unless they're into astrology?

  • I apologize that it took me a million years to THANK YOU for your insight. Your input is greatly appreciated and validates the hope I feel inside that with compromise anything is possible. Thank you very much for your feedback.. Sincerely, Bellaflor

  • The Captain and Hidden Diamond. Thank you very much for sharing a part of you, what you know. My Virgo is a pretty secure man. He has so many qualities that I admire so much. I did a self reading a while back and it described someone who was coming in to my life. It said: "The essence of earth (virgo) behaving as air such as a diamond. A true business man with a gift for identifying opportunities and taking advantage of them. A person well informed about the world skilled in all things physical and eager to encourage others. A pillar of practicality and dependebility embracing tried & tested methods and possessing an innate snese nd understanding of material reality. A philanthopist and devotee of both luxury and hard work. WHOS WORD IS AS GOOD AS GOLD. Totally decribes my guy. I also had a dream about meeting the soul version of him 2 mos before we actually met. INTERESTING. Anyway thank YOU BOTH ASTROLOGY ANGELS for giving me your input and feedback. Love to you both and all blessings that you so deserve. Thank you, thank you...This Libra is giving it a shot with a hopeful heart.

  • Moving forward with this Virgo male has been challenging. He is very (sometimes brutally) honest when he speaks and tends to not allow you to share. Once he is done speaking which is sometimes for a couple of hours he shuts down. When I try to elaborate or voice information that I would like to share he gets up and leaves or doesn't respond. He has a great mind which I admire. I like to hear him think out loud and speak. I just wish I could share my thoughts with him too as I know they are equally important if we are going to truly get to know each other better. We have vast differences and some similarities. Virgo practical and logical / Libra hopeless romantic, emotional. My Virgo lover of sea / Me lover of mountains. We acknowledge our differences - we know we are different and do not feel that the other is less because of this. We feel we can learn from each other. I am open to learning by listening to him. He feels he can learn from my optimism and what he describes as "goodness" or "kindness". There is a connection between us that goes beyond physical attraction. I know this. I hope this is the glue that keeps us moving forward and exploring each other more. Sometimes it feels like too much work. Other times it feels like a soul connection that was meant to be and written in the stars. If you are dating a Virgo male or know the Virgo male and have any leared insight please share. If you know any Virgo male / Libra Female success story I would be forever greatful if you could share it please. Thank you community for sharing a part of yourself and what you know. We all learn from each other.

  • Wow! Here I was searching for info on VIRGO MEN and I find a thread with 179 comments. I found alot of insightful information. Ultimately we as human beings have to find a way to deal with each other and we are a product of our environment, our upbringing. The signs are an intregal part of who we are but our ACTIONS truly demonstrate and indicate WHO WE ARE. I am going in to three months dating my Virgo. Interesting that some of his traits are similar to descriptions noted in "A Virgo Mans heart". Mine has told me that he is not a player. My Virgo has told me that he does not cheat. I want to believe this is true. But I have seen tiny player traits come out on recent trips we took together. Checking out the beautiful girl in a bikini. Watching her walk away. Watching her swim in the pool. Flirting with my best friend. My Virgo man has lived quite a life. When he was in the navy apparently he had women in "every port". Part of me feels that this polar opposite individual could be my soul mate. We both love nature and being outside. He loves to fish and most definately dont mind sitting beside him enjoying the ocean or water when he does this. The thought of it is soothing to me. He does tend to very freely voice his thoughts, opinions, feelings and I dont get to share mine. That sucks.

    I have been dating my Virgo three months. The distance (3 hours) is a challenge. My Virgo was an excellent lover the first encounter. Since then the intimacy has gone down hill. I am talking about the physical intimacy. He holds my hand and hugs me but "no sex" my friends. Yep there it is I said it "no sex". ............I've come to the conclusion that I can adapt and adjust to basically any sign. That we as human being CAN figure out a way to get along and compliment each other. It is just a matter of what we are willing to accept and not accept. What we are willing ot compromise. I decided to wait and see where this relationship goes. What direction it takes. The most of me feels optimistic. There is another part of me that doesnt want to waste time with someone who may not be compatible with me or have commitment issues. When we met my Virgo told me that I "did it for him", that he "wanted me to be the mother of his children", that I was "perfect" for him. I hope that these words were not just words but that he meant them. I hope that he has integrity as he has described himself. I love him, I believe in him. I hope he is strong enough to believe in himself and us.

    In the other thread, the other scenario this lovely woman is pondering waiting for her Virgo for four years until he is able to divorce and get his family situated.

    Can any person afford to wait four years? Ultimately sign or no sign then man / woman you pursue is either available or not available. You CAN find your sould mate but the timing be off for some reason. It could be possible that this soul connection not be meant to come together IN THIS LIFETIME. There are millions of available men and women out there. To wait four years to see if a married man will come through to his word and leave his wife does not seem like and option to me. Yet several ladies came forward to share that they too were seeing married Virgos.

    My Virgo is not married. He is single. His only relationship was 2 years a failed marriage. He is and has been a bachelor. He mentioned that his cynicism at times makes him think that he will always be alone. It can be biting and I do believe that you have to have a thick skin somtimes to not take the Virgos "opinion" personal. I have learned from myself that I am developing a tolerance or understanding of this trait. Learning and teaching myself to accept it. I am emotional and do take snyde comments personal. Something I am trying to change. My Virgo is very opinionated, very political. Describes himself as a "pompass ass" and "self absorbed".

    So I move forward on this journey of discovery with my Virgo.

    I love him. I do not know if this will last forever, six months, a year.

    I'm taking one day at a time. I want to be with him at the ocean while he is fishing. I want to laugh with him and watch old movies with him.

    I want to hug him.

    This is my 3 mo status with my Virgo man. Who I think is a great, amazing man.

  • Okay so I'm talking to my Virgo guy last night. Somehow I had myself convinced that he was a player. Especially after reading a string of Virgo "player" traits and qualities in Forum labeled "Virgo Mans Heart". Also the recent checking out the chick in the bikini incident and the flirting with my best friend. Well...I asked my Virgo guy how long it had been since his last relationship. He said is has been two years. Two years that he has been alone. He likes to fish, the ocean, hanging out with his friends. He is not in to meeting people on the internet. Two years. That is enough time to get over the past girlfriend dont you think? My Virgo told me he was not a player from our very first conversation. He said he has never cheated on a girlfriend. Sounds entirely different from the countless players described in "Virgo Mans Heart". I dont know if I'm convincing myself but he just seems different. He likes to say "hello" to everyone. I like that about him. He is personable and friendly. He has a compassionate and caring side for people. Likes to help folks. To encourage them to be their best. Actually there are alot of things I really like about him. His work ethic. He is one of those guys that will never be out of work. He is hard working and has done many things. He is a survivor. Wow, he is a delight to look at. He makes me laugh without even trying. The addiction to football and beer has me a little concerned but it seems like that is a "guy thing". I probably spend way too much time thinking about this. There is a part of me that does not want to spend precious time on something that does not gel. But a part of me feels there is something deep here. Some connection there we can learn from each other and make each other happy.

    Was it fate or destiny that we met?

    Was it a connection written in the stars or orchestrated in heaven?

    My heart wants to believe it is. But the best advice tells you to not allow your heart to make your choices and decisions. Ah, the heart. This wretched feeling thing... Is it driving me to my destiny?

    I'll let you know and keep you posted.

  • Its Jan 2011 and I am still with my Virguy. I have to say that intimacy has not been as much as I would like. One of our hurdles is distance. He lives 3 hours away. You know for the most part I'm pretty sure he is in to me. I've read a TON of perspectives on Virgos and they are not as emotional or romantic as Libras. I like my Virmale. He is practical, attentive. Likes to talk (give his perspective and opinion) but doesnt reciprocate, that is kind of a bummer. Likes to hold hands and hug. I like that. I've read once the Virgo man is interested in you that hes pretty consistent about staying with you. Mine seems like that. I love his work ethic. I admire his intelligence. My Virgo has a good sense of humor, likes to joke around. That is very nice and refreshing for me. He says I threw him a curve ball when he met me. He was not looking for anyone. Nor was I. We are two independent people coming together because we enjoy each others company. I move forward in exploring this sign that I have not had too much experience with. I guess everything happens in its correct time and placement. We are very different. I know I repeat it all the time. I'm not discouraged though by our differences. I actually feel that one will compliment the other. I'll keep you posted. This weekend a hopefully intimate coming together. My desire seems to be more than his. Maybe he will surprise me when I see him. I hope so. Good luck to all your LibraLady / Virmale connections. Wish me luck also 🙂

  • Bellaflor - Hi, I'm Jenever from the "Heart of a Virgo Man" thread. First off, quit reading that thread. I feel that it is putting worries into your mind that shouldn't be there. If your instincts are telling you something is amiss with this man that is one thing, but if reading the thread is putting unfounded thoughts into your head, then you are polluting what otherwise sounds like a decent developing relationship. Please, just enjoy your relationship and focus on the good things. No relationship is perfect and if you want to search for the bad you are sure to find it. Challenges will come about on their own, they always do, but stay positive in your outlook and in how you seek to resolve these things as they arise. That's the best any of us can do. I hope that things will continue to go very well for you and your Virgo!

  • Hi Jenever, Sorry it took me until today to thank you. I appreciate your words and agree with you that reading the thread can have my mind start going in an entirely differention than forward. Thank you for reminding me 🙂 Wish me luck.

  • I saw my lovely Virguy this past weekend. We had a great time. Too short though. We had an opportunity to be intimate. We had privacy and watched the sunset. Unfortunately he wasnt able to respond where the love act could be completed. A little frustrating but this relationship to me is not about just having sexual relations. It is more than that to me. He suggested that I leave him. He is feeling down because of finances and doesnt feel good enough for me I guess. I sent him an e mail today telling him all the reasons why I shouldnt leave him. Sometimes he is too hard on himself and is his own worst enemy. I see so many good things in him. I sent him a list of all the GREAT things that I admire about him. I told him that although we are entirely different we can get along and make it if we are both willing to compromise. Anything is possible if two people try to make it, both putting in effort. Both willing to give and take. When he hugs me and holds my hand it feels like heaven landed in my front yard. He has a good sense of humor and makes me laugh. I get to see him next weekend and am excited about that. So all in all we move forward appreciating each other and meeting in between. I believe in him so much. I hope he starts seeing the beautiful person that I see in him. I hope he starts believing in himself the way I do. He is a great man. I'll keep you posted and update sometime soon..... Libra/Virgo moving forward.

  • Its been a week since a last talked to my sweetheart. My valentine is not a valentine right now. He left a brief message on voicemail apologizing for not calling and his voice sounded, deflated and tired. I've gone to bed a couple times crying just a little. Right now tiny tears. But I've been more emotiional than normal this week anyway - so I know that my emotions are not steady as they usually might be. And I know myself that when I am emotional my reasoning might not be the best. So I take it easy during these "up and down" times. I'm in love with someone who planned on being alone. Someone who wasn't looking for companionship - who did not expect to meet me. He said "I threw him for a loop". I'm a romantic. I'd like to believe that the stars were aligned when we met. That we were meant to cross paths and know each other. He attracts me beyond a physical level. Dont get me wrong. He is lovely to look at but I'm turned on by the kind of man he is. He is special to me. It is possible that what I am drawn to and attracted to could also make me nuts if we were to live together and make a future life together. I did a little reading on "us" and you would not believe how phenomenal it was. Things are going to turn around for him. It makes me wonder how some couples are able to do it. How they are able to maintain love with an ocean and countries between them. My love and I only have 3 hours between us. That is not alot. I wish I could describe in words how amazing it feels when he hugs me. And how all it right with the world when he holds my hand. I wish that feeling could stay suspended in time. I wish I could hang on to that forever. I have to find things to do. Feed my soul with good things. This will balance the feelings I've had this week. And I hope to see my love next weekend. Peace and love to all...beautiful flower

  • I saw my sweetheart this past weekend. For the fifth time intimacy did not take place. In the past couple of months we have had opportunities but he either would walk away or well this past time simply say "no". I am drawn to this man in every way. I do not know though that I can continue an ongoing relationship without being close. I shared my feelings with him last night. He admitted that he is a better lover than a friend and not a passionate person. Wow, I wish he had told me that in our early discussions. I am so terribly attracted to this man. It seems though that everything else is important and that the relationship is expendable. Work, his dream of sailing, his disagreements with his roomate. All take precedence and the relationship is pushed to the backburner in importance. I am talking about someone that has not had a relationship last more than a year. And he told me that they do last most of the time due to the lack of intimacy. Can I be this person? Can I be with him and not have any physical connection whatsover? Part of me feels like I can do it BUT the other part says that I probably deserve to be with someone who is capable of being affectionate with someone like me. I am most certainly a lover which he says he is not. I'm sad, I am baffled, I am pensive. I did my own reading, it confirms who he is, his character, his qualities good and not so good. Why did this falling star and I cross paths? We both are drawn to each other. Why so easy to let me go? This I wonder.

  • Oh BellaFlor! I'm an Aqua with an ex-Virguy. With 3 hours drive distance too.

    I wouldn't say run away from him, as many would suggest. But I know Libra ladies, my best friend is one. She is lovely, fair, loves to please her friends by cooking, talking, listening to music, going places.

    Just remember Virguy is PRACTICAL.

    They LOVE to work. That always takes priority. He sounds like a stand-up, honest man.

    Question: did he do any of the driving to see you?

    Maybe he doesn't wan't to try anything physical, because he thinks it will go nowhere. Especially regarding the travel distance. The are sooo pessimistic, and sometimes they can be wrong...and sometimes they do things to prove themselves a self-fulfilling prophesy...but most times they are right.

    That is pretty stand-up of him though, to not take it physical..

    You, I think will need an amourous, affectionate lover.

    Virguy (and mine was Virgo X4 in his chart...supposedly 4X the trouble) is a PRACTICAL lover.

    He won't woo you like you might need. He might be afraid he can't provide that. Mine had a eerie way of knowing how to analyse our issues, and forecast it. They know themselves very well, and they know you. They study you.

    Trust him, he probably knows best, yet still adores you.

    Perhaps that you try to explain all the things that is wonderful about him, just proves to him that the other side is correct too in some way.

    Believe him that its not going to work right now for him. He knows you love him.

    The problem will be the distance.

    I've heard they like to keep being friends, and then when they are in a better place, will proceed with someone they adore, perhaps he adores you to never forget you!

    Take me with a grain of salt, because I still believe I will love my V forever, but I feel unfulfilled, but I still MIGHT be willing to needs...but it won't be bliss...but it might be true a PRACTICAL way!

    Good luck with everything, sincerely!

  • AquaCappy, Thank you for the feedback. Much to think about. My sweetheart is my valentine. He calls me "sweetie". I call him "my darling". He has alot of things going on right now. Financial, alot of financial challenges. And they have his mind spinning. He is critical of himself and you are so right. Seems to be like a self fulfilling prophecy. Self critical, self destructive, dooming the relationship rather than give it a chance. I saw him last weekend and had such a great time. No intimacy, tried BUT he was too tired. His job is physical and he always falls asleep. Sooooooo he has been my sweetheart 6 mos and we have not been physical for 3 mos. Yup!!! You are right. I do deserve an amorous and affectionate being. And my darling cannot give me that. Part of me thinks I can go on with him without sex. Kissing and holding hands being enough. You know when he holds my hand or hugs me it feels like home sweet home. I clearly understand why you still love your Virgo ex. I can feel the love you have for him. How nice that you know this. My darling and I are planning a trip in May to see his friends and some family. My sweetie has a steady, consistent side of him. Like he will never go away. You are right. He would probably be a friend for life. He is online now. I'll probably talk to him in skype a bit. Thank you again for your input. I appreciate it very much and will read it again a few times to have it sink in my head. And the Libra lover has the Virgo man in her heart and soul.....What will she do. I want to kiss him and hold his hand!!!!!

  • Sorry Aqua Cap, He has come out to see me 3 times. All other times I have driven to see him. I've probably driven out more than he. He has a gas guzzler, expensive to fill up. I do think that he feels he cant give me what I need right now. He is always apologizing for being so tired or too busy to call. You are extremely right. He is a stand up guy. Honest, very honest. Doesnt cheat. I really like that about him. He is steady. I like that about him. Hard worker. Totally admire this. I miss him. Probably wont see him for another month. Already miss him very much. He has a down to earth sweetness about him. He inherited this from his grandpa. And great sense of humor. A few of the things I love about him. How did I go from being a grown woman to schoolkid again? eeeesh!

  • I think we are talking about the same man! I've heard others say this too about their stories!

    You are lucky to have him.

    Try to tap into your earthy signs in your chart. We all have them.

    Have patience, (and it sounds like you do!) have forgiveness, (but don't express it too generously, other than in your eyes) give love, (but dole it out it out wisely, too much and he'll feel bad for not returning it which may cause him to back off) keep your sense of humour, (but not at him, unless you keep it to yourself) and remember your future, (one that involves your happiness, and may or may not involve him as your lover in all respects, but definitely as a love to carry in your heart).


  • Thank you for your thoughts dear lovely Soul Aqua Cappy!!! Time, patience, love, understanding will manifest the greatest love of my lifetime or simply the greatest learning experience. I embrace all posibilities with love, hope, faith, and acceptance. Thank you for sharing with me. I will take heed your wisdom and experience. I move forward on this journey hopeful and with childlike anticipation. What a magnificent world. What a precious life. I am blessed. Talk to you soon, blessing and peace to you and may you also find the soul that nourishes all parts of your being. Sincerely, The Bright, colorful flower.

  • My Virlover, You send me back and forth, to and fro not knowing if we are coming or going. No communication, no phone call then all of the sudden you come out of the woodwork and call me. Eeeesh! Here I am sometimes wondering where we stand, wondering if I am truly patient enough for you to come around when you feel like it - and then you come through. Saying things that touch my heart and remind me how special you are. There is no one like you, only you. Tonight you told me that you drove by the school where we first walked one night under the stars. You remembered. I thought that was really nice of you to remember this and I remembered what a great weekend it was. I remember the very first time you held my hand that weekend. Wow it felt great to hold your hand. I remember when you kissed me the first time. WOW what a kiss. We kissed all weekend. Best weekend ever!!! You told me so many things. That I mesmerized you. You captivated me. Your kisses are out of this world. And your hugs. So I was a few days ago at my wits end wondering if you really cared or thought about me at all. Then you call. Am I built for this long distance love that we have? Most of the time I feel like I am. Other times I am not so sure. Most likely when I have too much time on my hands I guess. Too much time to think. Who are you anyway? Where did you come from? Sometimes you seem like the other piece of my soul. Sometimes like a stranger that I am getting to know. What exactly do you want from me? Friendship? Love? You said the word "love" just "complicates" things. Okay so what are we then? Passing time? Sometimes you sound so certain of who I am in your life and say the greatest things. That I set your "rudder" (sailing term) straight. Other times you are not so sure of yourself and suggest that I leave you. Where are we going my dear? What direction? Are we heading out in to the universe on a journey together? Or is this another passing love affair? You havent been with a woman longer than two years? What makes me any different that the many loves that you have had in your life? You say we fit. For how long sweetheart?

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