Blmoon - we love you!

  • Blmoon,

    Blmoon, we love you, don't go. In dropping in on various threads I read today that you are thinking of leaving the site. I was deeply saddened to hear that news. Certainly the decision is yours, I only hope we as a whole have not taken too much from you. I hope that you will find solace in your lovely garden. Know that we here, myself especially are truly grateful for all the kindness you have shown in sharing your thoughts, wisdom, advice and patience to those of us struggling with learning. I know I for one am so very lucky to have met you here and I didn't want you to leave without knowing how very much I appreciate all you have done for me personally. You have guided me through tough lessons and opened me up to so much. I hope that this will turn out to be a time you just need some "me time" and that once you rest and recharge your batteries you might pop back in and offer your thoughts. There are so many people here who have been blessed with readings by you, the gentle coaxing or push and shove to help guide us whichever was best suited to our journey. The knowledge you share with us is priceless. I believe you are a remarkably gifted woman. I am pleased and privileged to call you my friend. I might never have had the courage to keep trying had it not been for your guidance so I THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart for helping me along the way. I hope you will find your own ways to continue to do so on occasion.

    I just wanted you to know whatever you decide I for one want to THANK YOU and let you know WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  • Blmoon, I can only echo what our lovely RC has just perfectly said,.... I sincerely want to thank you SO much for ALL you have done for us.....

    we really DO LOVE YOU and wish the best for YOU




    Blessings Bee X

  • blmoon, i really hope this is not true, but if you have decided to go on a different Journey, I want you to know, what a beautiful soul you are...Not only that, you have triumphed over some of lives hardest teachings...You have came out of it with so much love,wisdom,faith and beauty..

    Not only have you helped me in ways I can never explain..But i have watch you helping so many, with a message to share that is meant for me also..

    I love you



    aka shatz

    Peace,light,love,blessings,hope and laughter being sent to you

  • This post is deleted!

  • Blmoon,

    You are very patient and kind to everyone on here. I hope you will reconsider leaving but just perhaps take some time away. If you feel that it is time to move on then I pray for God'd grace to watch over you.

    On the funnier side though, I never DID get a reading from you......devilish grin just wanna make you smile sweetie.

  • Bimoon

    i have never posted for advice in the time i have been reading the forums, so my name will be unfamiliar to you, one reason i have never ask any of the readers for advice is that i tend to rely always on my intuition, but however i have read many of your post, which offer excellent insights to the situation, i have read from many readers and physcis here on the forum, i always put myself in others shoes, this is quite time consueming, i myslef just reading sometimes, alot of my time goes, i have alot of responsibilties to a family, whatever you decide to do the decision is yours, but my heart deepest wish is for you not to leave us completely, i participate in what i am thankful for forum, i know many of the sisters there hold the most high esteem for you, and the help you have given them, if you are determine to stop doing the readings, dont leave us altogether, we would love hearing from you and sharing experiences. from the very bottom of my heart, i send you blessings of health and happiness, may the universe guide you to do what is the very best for you and your family.

    blessings and light,


  • Blmoon, Just saying thank you for all youve done for me. You told me that all my dreams will come true and its happening. You are truly blessed. May all your dreams come true!

  • A "Angel of Hope"



    aka shatz

    I forgot the aka on my last posting:)

    peace,light and love

  • You will always be our angel Blmoon, know that we appreciate all you do very much.

  • RC,I so felt your words, and i am positive Blmoon will also...



    aka shatz

    Blmoon, sending you hugs,light,love,blessings and laughter...

  • Blmoon you are always in my heart.

    Blessings N love Bee x

    PS: This thread has you're name on it, All it needs now is you, i hope who ever is directing you, or guiding you, guides you to this thread and lets you feel our love for you, we appreciate all your help and kindness, so please don't leave us just yet stay for your presence is something spectacular and something of beauty and knowing in our hearts your something spacial, you are our angel. in so many ways.

    Blessings N love Bee X

  • Hello Blmoon,

    Just wanted to tell you I think you are grand and whatever you deceide has come from within you and you are following the request. Thank you for your reading you gave me. I will cherish it . I know you will enjoy your life no matter what for you are connected to the source.

    Happy Days To You

  • I do not know you BLMOON, as I just joined...but I feel you need to stay. I have read all the threads and the answer is overwhelming "STAY"

    Please send prosperity and abundance my way

  • i JUST SAW THIS NO!!!! DON'T GO WE DO LOVE YOU AND APPRECIATE YOU. This is a great place for your "good works" for Humanity. We all need guidance. Whatever your decision, we respect and wish you the best but oh golly what would we do with out you?

    I pray for you daily because I don't forget a kindness and you deserve all! Take care! šŸ™‚

  • Blmoon, I was searching through Angels, and I happen to come across this one, "how could I not post this for you..."



    aka Shatz

    Sending you Peace,Light,Love,blessings and Laughter

    and a cyber hug from me

  • blmoon i know you're proberbly still checkin in occasions so i hope you have not left us completely already. but to know we are always thinking of you.

    Please do come check in and leave us a little message if you happen to come across this thread, is filled with love just for you šŸ˜ƒ cause your our specal angel.

    And it wouldn't be the same without you here, Hope you hear our prayers and well wishes.

    Blessings N love Bee X

  • Blmoon, keeping you in our thoughts and prayers always. May you not let the neediness of many and the arrogance of others keep you from sharing who you are and what you know with others. You are an incredible person who has graciously given of herself. We are so very blessed to have had you touch our lives, thank you. May you find peace with your guides, comfort with the angels watching over you and may you always know we really care. We love you!

  • Amen! OM!

  • I say Amen too!, wonderfully put RC!...... I want to echo your words to Blmoon!


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