Pure love, a sacred breed

  • i have walked alone my whole life. i waited for a man i knew oneday would appear. he did. 3 and a half yrs later. suddenly turned and walked away. but in this 3 year time. he cried every moment of every day. with his overwhelming love he had for me. i had waited my whole life for this to appear. when i finally believed it was real.? he turned and walked away. i am a very strong being. for him to take all of my soul? and to rip it away is the most devastating feeling i have ever endured. i am one who does not believe if it isn't real. how could i have been so fooled? i stayed with him through everything the lies.(forbidden in my life) my # 1 rule. all the deciept and betrayal noone should shame themselves with. and for some unknown power, kept me there. and his confused mental manipulations. that had me by a thread. don't get me wrong. what we had. still is part of the universe. he's just too immature and too scared of the powerful connection of us. his name is matthew lake. and what he's done to me. who he's become. i don't know who i just spent the past 3 yrs with. he has become a predator of woman. to feed his ego and to litterally fuck as many woman he can. i can't even tell you, the hell and emotional damage he has done to me. woman beware of this guy. he is a liar. cruel person. he just killed my soul. for the last time.trust me

  • You fell in love with an illusion. You had a romantic fantasy of what love should be and you grabbed onto a man you thought would fulfill that fantasy. You used your emotions and not your intuition to decide. You made the choice to get involved - you are not a victim and it is not all Matthew's fault if he didn't live up to your high and unrealistic expectations. Accept responsibility for your bad choice, learn the lesson you were meant to learn about loving yourself and not expecting others to do it for you. Now move on and leave resentment, blame, anger and hurt behind - you don't need them.

  • well, thank you for your version of what i thought was there. but you are confused by my words. i don't imagine fantasyworlds. and i am not one, who is blinded by an imaginary love? yes. i do believe inpure love. but i don't base my life around this. i was expressing my pain. give me a break.lol

  • You mention you broke your number one rule.. I notice when rules are broken the lessons that come with it are harsh and they hurt but they teach you to never break them again.

    All the best. Time heals all, remember. 🙂

  • life is about learning and moving forward. you are strong enough to go on, you survived manipulation didn't you? shake off dust of the pass of your feet and move on.

    everyone makes mistakes. just learn from your mistakes and start a new.

    there are good men out there. I married one of them. your experience with that man shows you have the ability to love and forgive, that's why you held on for 3 yrs to him

    from now on, you will only love and forgive the person that deserves love and forgiveness

    everything starts from within

    love and forgive yourself, even though mistakes have been made

  • One of the things that I have considered in my friendship with "my" Matthew is the meaning of his name, which is messenger. We aren't together anymore, or at least for now. But he consistently delivered the most amazing, beautiful expressions of love to me on a regular basis. I have begun to believe that maybe it was the message I was supposed to fall in love with, not the messenger...

  • thank you for your kind words, it does help when there is no judgement, just understandig.

  • yes this is one of the main things we had together. the deep understanding of what i taught him. the reality of the deepness of a pure heart. i just feel like he raped me of the one thing i held sacredly.for noone to just undeservingly take. to finally trust someone enough to give this to, only for them to disgrace it. makes me very dissappointed in myself. he didn't have the right to have been given such beautiful knowledge of this kind. all i can say is karma.thank you for your words.

  • you're welcome blakkie

    have a good week !

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