Don't know birth date or name

  • I was abandoned as a baby so I was given a birth date of 2/22/67. I've had at least five last names that I know of, and the pronounciation and spelling of my name has evolved and changed 4-5 times. Can numerology evolve with changes of names and birth dates? I feel as if a number in this birth date chart is missing - like i know this particular number is 100% my destiny confirmed by a dream given to my husband about me, does this sound weird?

  • aenyu,

    I was given a birth date of 2/22/67: a very strong indicator of travel or moving your home or your business. It could indicate a change in your health as well. At its most basic level, it means a change in your lifestyle, or the things that you do day in and day out. Something will change that affects the way you live or the things that you do each day. This usually brings with it a certain amount of restlessness and the desire for changes or travel. It can result in a dissatisfaction with the way your life has been that motivates you to want new things, lifestyles, and experiences.

    Can numerology evolve with changes of names and birth dates? No.

    I feel as if a number in this birth date chart is missing - like i know this particular number is 100% my destiny confirmed by a dream given to my husband about me, does this sound weird? No.

    Your mind is constantly planning to do

    this and to do that. The mind goes on working like this

    until death, though it gets nothing from its activity.


    mind always keeps you in difficulty, whether it wins or

    loses. The mind is like a gambler. If it loses, it

    thinks, "Let me play once again -- I may win." And if

    it wins, it thinks, "Now my luck is in, I must not miss

    it; let me play once again." If he is winning, the

    gambler becomes more hopeful, and goes on playing. If

    he loses, his mind balks at the prospect of going away

    defeated: "Play once more, you may win. Try again!"

  • Hello hanswolfgang,

    Thank you very much for your response. "Yes" i have a deep desire for change in my lifestyle as well as travel. My husband and I have willingly played the martyr role for at least 7yrs, we are tired and are waiting expectantly for change, I am getting restless as heck. Hopefully change will happen soon and bring rewards 🙂

  • aenyu,

    throughout your life you value the person in

    proportion to the weight of the stone -- the greater

    the load on her back the greater she is.

    The truth runs exactly contrary to this belief. Those

    who know look for the person with no load on his back;

    he carries no burden and is as light as a flower. But

    it is difficult to find such a person, because everyone

    clings on to some load or other; no matter how small,

    the load is there. If he is not the president,

    he is at least the head of his family -- and it is not

    always the case that only the father is the head of the

    home. If the father goes out for a while, his eldest

    child will assume the role of head over his younger

    brothers and sisters. He immediately begins to dominate

    them. He begins to play the role of his father. For

    instance, your eldest son is quarreling with his

    younger brother in your presence, but if you leave that

    place, you will, all of a sudden, find that the eldest

    begins to dominate. He begins to play the role which

    you were playing. Its scale may be small, its status

    may be small, but the drama is the same. There is no difference in

    the drama, only the proportions differ. Small children

    will play small dramas, grown-up children will play big

    ones, and the elders will enact really great dramas.

  • thank you hanswolfgang for sharing this information with me.

  • aenyu,

    transform small things into celebration.

    For example, in Japan they have the tea ceremony. In

    every Zen monastery and in every person's house who can

    afford it, they have a small temple for drinking tea.

    Now, tea is no longer an ordinary, profane thing; they

    have transformed it into a celebration. The temple for

    drinking tea is made in a certain way -- in a beautiful

    garden, with a beautiful pond; swans in the pond,

    flowers all around... guests come and they have to

    leave their shoes outside. It is a temple.

    And as you enter the temple, you cannot speak; you

    have to leave your thinking and thoughts and speech

    outside with your shoes. You sit down in a meditative

    posture. And the host, the lady who prepares tea for

    you -- her movements are so graceful, as if she is

    dancing, moving around preparing tea, putting cups and

    saucers before you as if you are gods. With such

    respect... she will bow down, and you will receive it

    with the same respect.

    The tea is prepared in a special samovar which makes

    beautiful sounds, a music of its own. And it is part of

    the tea ceremony that everybody should listen first to

    the music of the tea. So everybody is silent,

    listening... birds chirping outside in the garden, and

    the samovar... the tea is creating its own song. A

    peace surrounds....

    When the tea is ready and it is poured into

    everybody's cup, you are not just to drink it the way

    people are doing everywhere. First you will smell the

    aroma of the tea. You will sip the tea as if it has

    come from the beyond, you will take time -- there is no


    Somebody may start playing on the flute or on the


    An ordinary thing -- just tea -- and they have made

    it a beautiful religious festival, and everybody comes

    out of it nourished, fresh, feeling younger, feeling


    And what can be done with tea can be done with

    everything -- with your clothes, with your food.

  • @hanswolfgang

    I will take your advice in consideraton and savor every moment, thank you.

  • aenyu,

    one who looks after the whole will look after you

    too. And if the whole is going so smoothly, why be

    worried? Trust! But you bring in your tiny ego and you

    start controlling and you want to manage your live. Of

    course you manage, and that management is nothing but

    the way to misery -- the sure way to misery.




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