Likelihood of someone having all 3 master numbers

  • What is the likelihood of someone having all three master numbers, is this possible? if so who famous has been?

  • Having one or more master numbers in your lifepath or name is not guarantee of a master life as well. Master numbers are choices - you can either live up to the hgiher more difficult vibrations - or not. There are probably many people walking around, living a normal ordinary life despite having several master numbers just because they choose to live this way and not step up to the greater calling. For example, someone with an an 11 lifepath or personality may simply choose to live as the less stressful reduced number of 2, the 22 person as a 4, or the 33 as a 6. There are also many people without master numbers who live extraordinary lives.

    I know many people with these numbers in their life path, expression, cycle etc who have done very little with their lifes. On the other hand, there are many who have these powerful numbers who have done much with the chance they have been given. It's all about choice and what you make of your life with what you are given.

    Many famous/infamous ground breaking people who left marks on the world have master numbers in their chart -. Bill Gates is a 22. Obama's lifepath is 11. Michael Jordan is a life path 11. Michael Jackson had two 11 placements in his core numbers. Bruce Lee had 3 master number 11 placements in his chart. Joseph Stalin had 3 master number 11 placements in his chart. Muhammad Ali's destiny number was 11. Fidel Castro, the most famous Cuban revolutionist, is a lifepath 11. Martin Luther king had 2 or three 11 placements out of his 5 core numbers too. All of the people I'm mentioning are ground-breakers for either good or bad, the ones who stand out and set the stage for others. However, I think ALL of the numbers can accomplish great things. Ghandi had a Life Path of 9. He, more than anyone in recent history, lived that Life Path to its true potential and it wasn't a master number.

    Sometimes master numbers are painted as being "flawless" and powerful. I think some descriptions exaggerate and of course people who don't have any master numbers in their chart will never admit to a master number being powerful. But I do think the influence of a master number in a person's chart does hold great and significant possibilities. Some people who have a strong master number influence may be lazy though and not in tune with their potential. A person has to ultimately work for what they do. You can have all the potential in the world but, if you don't use it, it's pointless to boast when you're showing no signs of putting that potential to use.

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