NEED a reading please been awaiting since last yr Please

  • my sun sign is in Leo 08/02 My moon sign is :Scropio, My love sign is Libra, my left left in july 2010 I have not had any copntact with him been married over 30 yrs his date of birth 10/27/55 shall we get back 2gaher or not? also, I have someone special I have not seen for a long time we c0 wrote a book 2gather he keep it along with the last painting I ever did lol it was on his desk he did not ever paint over it or throw away the book will we be seeing each other this yr or not is there a chance for us yes or no, we live on the oppisite of the country however he has some family a few blocks doewn from where I live mmm? I just do not want oto live alone with out aa mate again ? Yes, I have loved & prayed & worried about them bot equally over all these decades for a special reason. his dob is 05/05/55 the co writer of the book . My estranged husband is 10/27/55 mine is 08/02/57 please someone give me a real reading thanks love light peace goodwill to all harmony thanks for your time hope someone does this for me thanks i sure would like to know that i might have a chance at real love once again ( psa. i can't get either mens phoine #s due to well..) help please tthanks awaiting a long awaited answer Please thanks

  • Hello Angelique,

    Oh what a tangled web we weave in our lives at times, only to want to undo what can not be done. In this new year you will move on and make many changes from how you eat to what you drink, and mostly how you think. You will not go back to either of these men, yet you will try to keep it civil with your ex. You will move forward with a new man that seems to be some what of a scholar meaning he has a lot to teach you in the love and life departments. He is tall and has light hair , wears glasses and would be considered a nerd , but one that can do a mean dance around a dance floor. Herbert is a name I hear, do not know if this is him, but is someone coming in here to be heard in the near future. Anna also comes in here and she is such a wonderful warm vibe, do u know her, if not look forward to a wonderful friendship with her, as she will be a lifetime friend. Married 30 years is something to be proud of that you achived, please hold dear the good, happy memories and let him go so that you can fullfill your distiny with the new man that will move you elsewhere it feels like from the north to the south or vice versea. I feel should good love vibes coming in here for you. Fasten you seat belt as you are in for one great magnificent ride to your hearts desire.

  • Angelique7, I will compare your birthdates with these other people but your primary issue is not other people, but yourself - why are you so afraid of being alone? You must get to the answer here or else you will only form relationships based on need and not on love. And relationships based on need never work out well. Is it that you feel unlovable or unworthy and so need someone to make you feel you are not that way? Or do you dislike yourself so much that you can't stand your own company? Or do you feel you are too weak and helpless to support yourself in life? You must get to the bottom of this vital issue - if you understand yourself better, then you can make more informed choices in life. Unless you know yourself, you will never truly know what you want.

    Now for the compatibiity reports -

    You and your ex-husband: this relationship is best for friendship. As friends, you two can be very close, usually have a great deal of respect for each other, and can count on each other in times of trouble. Astrology predicts more friction and conflict in an intimate relationsip. And given that you are two of the most stubborn people in the zodiac, friction is indeed a certainty. But friction can also mean passion - there is a strong physical connection here. Sexuality is especially important in this relationship. In a love affair, honesty plays its part, being combined with passionate and erotic intensity. Marriage may be no less passionate than a love affair but is certainly more demanding in terms of responsibility. Your pride and his perfectionism would have to be sacrificed to make workable compromises in this relationship. You both share a belief in being truthful no matter what and your relationship increases this quality, which may well become its core focus. At the same time, you both often see truth as something relative, rather than an absolute written in stone. For the most part however, you both agree that honesty, integrity, ethical behaviour and sticking to the facts as much as possible is of paramount importance. But honesty can also cause emotional upsets and disagreements. You both tend to be demanding and somewhat rigid partners and you believe in giving your projects and relationships your all - or not at all. And once you or your partner - or both - feel that it's over, then it's really truly over.

    You and your old friend: this is also best for friendship. Not infrequently, a school or other institution of learning is your first meeting ground - you may well be two students, two teachers or a teacher-student pair. In this context, arguments and disagreements over knowledge and information are virtually inevitable between you, with one challenging the other to prove the reliability of a source or reference, for example. The satisfaction of the 'I-told-you-so' attitude will also appear more innocuously in playful or humorous bets over how an event will turn out. Indeed, the relationship often centres around using existing knowledge to look forward and predict the future. Even when you two have strong hunches about how things will turn out, you inevitably look to some other source to back up what you think. A shared pet peeve here is when others make prejudicial assumptions and statements, particularly of a racist or sexist nature. In such a case, you two will either withdraw in distaste or go on the attack. So the relationship's conflicts and arguments are likely to focus on who is right, who was right the last time and who will be right in the future, making a partnership of any kind here plagued by egotistical power struggles, condemnatory finger-pointing over who is wrong, know-it-all attitudes, and one-upmanship. Struggles over which person is to be the boss or authority figure are bound to be severe.

    Angleique, you instinctively seem to be drawn to people who you sense will oppose and challenge you, probably because you know you won't do it to yourself. These people cause you to question yourself. And you must look deeply into yourself in order to grow and to understand why you behave and think as you do.

  • wow thanks . 1. Ihave lived years alone without a man and raised my children & my grandchildren alone, . I do not fear being alone. . yes, my dear I do like myself . $. I have been changing for the better in every area. I recently got my adult daughter off drugs, without help from any agency or a doctor it was very hard thank God she lived and claims she shall not ever touch them again. she is now in college, getting a divorce after 10yrs of a horrid marrige and has 2 little girls I help her support and love. My son has opened his own company again, following my lead I helped him raise his 3 children for 15 yrs this all cost me the man I loved who Now is on a sefsh trip who only thinks of him self. He has no reationship with our daughter, sad but true,she planning to remarry next yr also,our daughter . My husband has a needle in his arm , joint in his mouth, bottle in his hand, bible in his back pocket NOW how about a Real readinga about my future life : I do not date not all. y old friend is self employed living ing New Mexico he is having a very hard way to go down there he has realized he did not need many wifes just one me wow . My legl estranged husband thinks he can walk back into my life anytime like always this time I just do not think so special if my 1st love in N.M, comes back 1st so please try again. t, I sure would like a real reading from someone thanks for your time.Ps Next timemake sure you have the facts right . I have no problem living with myself I would just like to have a trusting Mate to share my love & life with is that in your cards for the coming holidays I have spent many alone with my children & grandchildren I would like to have some time with a loving man for me is that asking too much .love ,light peace goodwill harmony ps. I also do not have much longer any way but I am doing fine. Thanks for caring I jus want a few yrs of love of a good caring mate.

  • thjis is a joke right? lol read below thanks for your time

  • please read my story 1st then a reading would be wonderfulif u care to try to give a real reading thanks fo your all time love light peace good wood harmony I ave nbot laughed that hard for a long time thanks guys & gals. love kathy

  • You say you do not fear being alone and yet your post is all about finding someone: quote - " I just do not want to live alone with out a mate again" etc.

    You really shouldn't be so rude to those who are just trying to help you - and for free. You should really think long and hard about what's been said to you before dismissing it out of hand. You want people to read your posts and get the facts but your posts are full of contradictions and unrealities, like you say you don't date but you do want to find a mate? You talk like it's everyone else's fault that you are unhappy but the truth is we make our own choices and happiness.

    With your bad attitude, i doubt that anyone here can help you.

  • PS I can see from your profile that you don't help people, you like to control them and have authority over them. This is what drives people away from you.

  • And please stop saying 'love light peace goodwill harmony' when you are being rude.

  • Hi Captain, you have read my vibes before and I have found you readings really useful, you seem to hit the nail on the head. I would really appreciate a reading here.

    I first contacted you some time ago when my partner had died and I was just coming to the end of a realtionship with a friend of ours, and your readings were so true. I have since been in a five month relationship with a very complex, confusing man, who constantly gave out mixed message and blew hot and cold. He was either very encouraging and supportive and hinting at a future for us, or distant and casual, saying we weren't right for each other. I have now ended this relationship altogether, which is really difficult as there is still so much in him that I love and want. But sometimes we need to let go of what we want so as not to get what we don't want.

    I have done a lot of soul searching about how I have presented myself and lived my life, , and can now see real patterns in what I have accepted over the years, and the things in me which have prevented me having a really fulfilling relationship.

    There are still things about my last relationship which disturb me and would be helpful to get to the bottom of. He could be quite evasive if not secretive, and the relationshp was definitely on his terms. He said that this was just an emotional protection following a difficult childhood and a very painful divorce some years ago, but I have always felt that there was something bigger in hs past which he did hint about but never really opened up about. The 'bigger' more universal part of me now sees him as a very damaged, hurt, emotionally scared person, but the insecure defensive side of me thins, 'was he just a complete conman'? Although I had a great deal of pain from this relationship, I realise my part in this, and that I allowed this to happen. I don't feel any resentment etc towards him, and really do hope that he does eventually find the fulfilling relationship he really wants with someone who he can feel really open up to. I do suspect that he is already at the beginning of another relationship.

    I feel that I now need to get grounded in not just living alone, but really being alone without a love relationship in my life. From this recent relationship I have realised more of what I want and need in a relationship and just wonder if there is anyone in the future who could love and cope with this crazy Gemini?

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