Love Your Illness

  • Well, maybe that's stretching it a bit - I'm not sure anyone can LOVE pain and suffering and sickness. But we can see it for what it is and appreciate what it gives us - insight into ourselves and where we are inflicting self-harm. In whatever form the illness or even accident appears, it's a 'last resort' tactic from our Higher Selves to send us the message that something is wrong inside us - more than just physically. Whatever part of the body this 'dis-ease' occurs in is a huge signpost pointing to where we are not living the life we were meant to live. For example, leg problems can indicate a difficulty moving forward. The more serious the dis-ease, the further away from our real selves we have drawn. That's why conditions like cancer force people to reassess their whole lifestyle and behaviours. Sometimes it's the only way to break through our self-imposed barriers of not wanting to see or know.

    But something serious like cancer is the very last resort of a last resort - those with a life-threatening illness or accident probably had smaller clues which they ignored for a long time so their spirits had to 'shout' to get their attention. I mean, something like a heart attack is such an obvious clue that you are not following your heart's desire or not showing enough love and compassion to those around you. If you can catch the smaller less serious symptoms in time, you can prevent a serious illness from developing. But you have to be aware. Deep inside you really do know if you are living an authentic life or not. For a start, you will either be very happy or you'll be miserable and discontented. You may be living the life that others want for you, but that you never feel comfortable or completely satisfied with.

    So try to see your ill health in a positive light and not something sent to you as a punishment or a random event. It's just your spirit crying out for you to become as real and natural and happy and fulfilled as you can be.

  • Awesome again Captain! I agree whole heartedly. I've had to learn thru experiences w/ a back that gave me grief and last 5 years Intersticial Cistitous how to find acceptance and look deeper to create compassion for myself and try to heal my thoughts around my "challenges" My IC and disc problems both taught me I needed to change my perspective slow down and love my body more.It certainly gives me compassion for folks w/ greater challenges and limitations.

    Hayes says back problems are "burden's" so I took it to hear I needed to be more gracious about my responsibilities.I also found other positive ways to strengthen my mid area. But more importantly my attitude about my limits had to change. Like you say awareness. Paying attention.

    The IC hit end of 2005 and really threw me. It's one of those things drs don't quite understand they say no known cure. I found Hayes says bladder stuff is "being pissed off" I laughed it was just too right on to dispute. I do have an reactional side.I try to connect the emotions around my flareups and do my best to let it go asap. But I am learning to make peace w/ it for it's forced me to slow down get more sleep improve my diet etc.

    When I broke my knee in March I had a harder time as I couldn't walk but I had glimpses of serenity. The whole throw your hand in the air philosophy cause there was nothing else I could do. Hans helped m w/ seeing the positivity in my vulnerability.

    I appreciate this thread. As I age a loving kindness attitude towards this vessel that has given me so much I believe deserves all the positive input I can give it.

    Thank you dear.


  • Healer Louise Hay says that the thought patterns that cause the most disease in the body are criticism, anger, guilt, and resentment. For every condition in our lives there is a need or reason for it, otherwise we would not have it. For instance, criticism indulged in long enough will often lead to diseases such as arthritis. Anger turns into ailments that boil and burn and infect the body. Long held resentment eats and festers away and can ultimately result in tumours and cancer. Guilt always seeks punishment and leads to pain.

    But don't wait until you fall ill or have an accident that forces you to rest and reflect. It is so much easier to release these negative thinking patterns from your mind when you are healthy than to try to dig them out when you are in a state of panic and under the threat of the surgeon's knife. Work on the developing the willingness to release the need for the cigarettes, or the excess weight, or the headaches, or whatever. When the need or reason for the dis-ease is gone, the outer effect must die. Willpower and discipline alone do not work here because they only battle the outer effect, like cutting down the weed instead of getting to the root of it. No weed can live if the root is pulled out.

  • Well said... look to the cause of the dis-ease. I am willing. I found it was a control issue for me. I need to remain willing to let the things be that are outta my control. I feel I am one of the luckier ones I can function well enough to take care of us and learn from my experiences. When I did MBSR I realized the Universe was prompting me to look to healing.

    Thank you again dear...I'm off to bake chipatis yum yum!


  • I saw this on the internet today and thought it was interesting -

    "Underneath depression is usually a raging anger. For those experiencing depression it would be wise to make a valiant effort to accept and access the submerged and suppressed rage, responsibly. I recommend the following exercises, all well tried and successful.

    1. Scream into a deep place within (not just your throat) in a closed car until you access the deeply buried energy of emotion.

    2. Punch a punching bag (or pillow) until you get in touch with the suppressed energy of the emotion.

    3. Another is to stomp and stomp on the earth until you access the core anger.

    4. In all cases allow the dense fiery energy to emerge and release. Once released imagine it transmute into light. Then it will not contaminate Mother Earth.

    One of my friends completely cured herself of cervical cancer by utilizing the above methods. They work!"

  • Hi, Every Fall, Winter I get recurrent bouts with bronchitis. Before I got it (about a week ago) my nose felt all dried-up. I thought, the air must really be dry. But there's probably something drying me out. Any thoughts.--Captain.

  • Louise Hay cites the cause of bronchitis as "Inflamed family environment. Arguments and yelling (sometimes silently)."

    Affirmation: 'I declare peace and harmony within me and around me. All is well.'

  • Thank you Captain.

  • Thanks again Captain. I've heard that also about anger. Meditation of course helps alho I have days I resist. I was told 30+ years ago by my 1st psychic mentor to get some ugly old dishes china etc and throw them at the image of my mother.We had issues at that time, I couldn't bring myself to do it, But supposedly hearing the crashing breaking and including the physicality make it a greater release. Also later I heard of tin garbage can and bat. Seems so violent to me now. I did the primal screaming in workshops when I was young many many years ago. One time I screamed so intensely into the pillow when I came up I had 2 black eyes!! Now it's funny but I looked dreadful. I couldn't figure out why everyone was looking at me so funny.No one said a thing. I walked into the lavatory and that's when I saw. The intensity of it shocked me.

    Now when I feel the energy building I jump on my bike and ride till my legs can't do more or I run outta trail.Or my stairmaster. The deep breathing w/ exercise I believe is helpful releasing blockage. It most definitely helps w/ depression. I'm more aware now where I "avoid" being present w/ exercise too cs it can be a "doing" sorta thing if you are not present.

    Thich Nhat Hanh in his anger book talks of exercise as an exhaustive short release. Meditation and of course the breath are a more transformative experience. Now I try to let go, surrender it to Spirit.

    Thank you again dear.


  • Pfree, do you know exactly why you have anger towards your mother? If it is because she neglected to give you something you needed, then you must now give it to yourself. Unless you fill the 'gap', it will always make you angry.

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