Scorpio girls & cancer girls make good friends for each other?

  • I've gone to the same school with this scorpio girl since I was 5, we're seniors now, but we've never really talked much. It's not that we're completely different. Infact we seem to be alot alike, but like I said we've never really talked or anything. She looks over at me sometimes, but I cant tell if it's a 'off in space' stare or a glaring stare. Alot of the time I have no problem staring people down, but she's just as good at staring people down as I am! I know zodiac signs probably dont matter when it comes to friendship & everything, but like I said before, we've never talked or anything. I have no problem talking out in class or anything, but I havent ever talked to her. Today I did & she seemed to want to keep talking & carry on the conversation. I know sag people like to talk, I have afew sag friends, but are scorpio's like that? Also, If you know of any scorpio & cancer friends, can you tell me how the friendship works out? Thanks.

  • You're a bit of a mystery to this girl and, being a Scorpio, she loves a good mystery and is dying to solve 'you'. To her you seem to be a bit withdrawn or reserved and she is not sure if you would welcome a freindship with her. So she plays it cool until she gets a sure sign from you that you would like to get to know her better. But don't expect a Scorpio to share herself in return. She wants to find out about you, not tell you about herself. You are both emotional signs who like to back away from a person or situation if it gets too heavy so you have that in common.

  • My very best friend in the world is a Cancer, so, yes they can. 😄

  • @ thecaptain

    Does that mean they'd get along well together? Or be more with drawn after a while?

  • They would get along very well as long as they realised that they both have that tendency to over-react emotionally. Deciding tot ake things more calmly and rationally would be a good idea that would prolong the life of the relationship. But the Scorpion must try to pry less and share more and the Cancerian to withdraw less and be less touchy.

  • Would it be the same way between a cancer girl & a capricorn girl? Or a cancer girl & a pices girl? I know Pisies is the other water sign, but would they get along as well as the cancer & scorpio?

  • No relationship is ever the exact same as another. And whether you get on well with anyone no matter what their sign depends on how honest, caring and real you are with other people.

  • Is there a way to put a chart up on a post?

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