If anyone could do a free reading for me, greatly appreciated!!!

  • I've been unemployed since March, not going anywhere finding a job. Both of my kids are in high school, Catholic high school. My husband drinks alot. Family kind of falling apart and my health is so great. Any insight or help that anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated. Falling apart.

    Dob 9/28/56

  • I feel you are preventing anything positive happening in your life by hanging onto resentment, anger, or negative thoughts like 'I just can't ever get a break'. Nothing good ever comes to someone who expects bad things to happen to them. I also get the feeling you don't really want to get a job - that you think your husband should be the one pulling his weight. And so he should - make him do so or else! Let go of any negativity or indecisiveness you have and take action to get what you want, even if it means making painful but necessary decisions for you and your kids. I also feel that you may be trying to appear to the outside world like one big happy family without a care or problem in the world. Venting your true feelings to people you trust is important for you as is the ability to offload your heavy burden of responsibility onto others. When you focus less on details (how things look from the outside) and more on the bigger picture (doing what's best for you and your children) then your direction will become clear.

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