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  • I am a scorpio with birthdate 30/10/1983 and time 6.30 AM IST. I got cheated in relationships most of the time. Doesn't matter is it Love, Friendship or anything else. So somehow, stopped relying on people and started been alone. Sometime feels like I am going through a very bad phase of life. Don't know when everything will turn to be normal. Can anyone provide me reading please?

  • I sense you are carrying a lot of baggage from past relationships? If we enter relationships with the belief that people will hurt us or cheat us it will probably end up happening because you are attracting those vibrations to you.

    You will meet someone in the next 6 month and this will be a good relationship for you. Try to work on being more positive about the future. Try to see the cup half full, you know what I mean? Things will improve for you in the next 6 months. Surround yourself in a peaceful environment and try to be a little more patient. 🙂

    All the best.

  • Hi gypsydreams, Thanks for the encouragement.

    Probably you are correct. I am carrying a lot of baggage of my past relationships. In fact I am not even out of my past. As I am still surrounded by broken relationships and same people.I am facing them almost daily. I was trying to run away from everything and shifted to Australia. But again got stuck up under circumstances. I always try to be positive, but whenever I proceed, all efforts fails.

    To be frank I was trying to run away from my x boyfriend. I came to Australia, and joined a new firm, but after few days came to know that he had also joined the same firm and shifted to Australia. He moved on with other girl though, and I don't want to disturb him in his life, but still whenever he passes by, that's the most painful moments of my life. Whenever I gather all my senses to proof myself that I am out that relationship and moved ahead in life, the same day he crosses by, and I end up at the same situation. I am really unable to understand why destiny is playing with my feelings and emotions. Sometimes feels like I should lock myself in a box, so that nobody will be able to reach me or see me. 😞

    Just wondering when we are not together why destiny puts us in front of each other every time. I want to move on, but all efforts failed. He is Virgo, 12-sept-1980, 8.45 AM IST. Please help what to do. Is there any future for both. If not then why all these things happening. As its just destiny because of which we landed in same country, same city, same firm. Why there are so many coincidences.

  • I can provide it, but I will need place of birth

    I will only do yours, not his

    because everything starts from within, you have to know and accept yourself before you can be successful in relationships

    I don't have much time this week so I will probably do it Friday or Sat

  • Scorpiorch is there any possible way for you to change firms?

    I don't see a future here with him, not the way things are going at the moment.

    Of course we all have free will and readings are not carved in stone but I feel you should try to move to another firm if possible it will help with the healing process.

    The circumstances are quite extraordinary that you both would end up in the same country/City and Work place but it's not a joke by Fate or destiny, It's just life, it happens.

    I don't think you have accepted the end of this relationship either and Leoscorpio makes a good point also.


  • Thanks LeoScorpion and gypsydreams. My birthplace is Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.

    I can't change my firm as of now, as I had recently joined in, and December is down time in my expertise area, in Australia. Also I don't want to take any action which can obstruct my career growth, as I want to keep my personal life and professional career life quite separated from each other. I don't want to take any decision on which I will feel bad in future. I believe, leaving a good job for someone who already left me is not correct. He also told me the same thing to leave my job and return back just because he wants his mental peace; in fact I had given a thought about it too, few days back. But then thought, at the end I will be a loser in everything if I proceed like this. Really don’t know, what to do and how to go ahead with life. 😞

  • You are not a loser. Relationships end all the time, don't take it personally.

    I think you have the right attitude in regards to not changing firms. Good for you!

    You must be feeling pretty down if you don't know how to to ahead with life. What is it about him not being there that makes you feel so devastated? Think about this, think why you feel you need him by your side to be happy.. or could it be you are scared of being alone? Maybe you feel rejected? Ask yourself, do your feelings of sadness have anything to do with him not being there? Maybe there is someone else in future ...who perhaps will be a better match for you?


  • Ok I will do it on Friday

    have a good week. by the way gypsydreams has a point

    everything starts from within

  • Thanks gypsydreams and leoscorpion. Yes, you are correct. May be because of the circumstances I had created so much negativity around me. I will try my best to resolve this. Thanks for your motivation.

    Thanks leoscorpion. I will be waiting for your reading.

    You guys are really very helpful.

  • Scorpiorch

    So much Scorpio in you. No wonder so much ‘transformative’ events. To be transformed, your old ‘self’ has to die. So the cosmos threw you all those heavy stones to sink you in the stormy ocean. You of course are still swimming, gasping for air, head almost under the water, but you are not giving it up yet. It’s your old ‘self’ that has to die, not the entire you. Let go of old baggage, they are just burdening you, making it harder to swim in the storm. Just keep the lessons, that’s all you need.

    Your destiny lies in Cancer Capricorn axis. Now you know why these bunch of people come to you. You attract those who are in need of care and nurturing. The bummer is they left you after they received what they were looking for. Well now you are going to achieve balance within this axis. Be nurturing and helpful, but don’t forget to nurture and help yourself. With this destiny axis I guess these people will keep coming to you in any stage of life. But as long as you don’t forget to nurture yourself, you will not sink.

    Pluto in Libra makes you a tireless fighter for what is fair. You stand up against unfair treatment from anybody, including your loved ones. There is a strong tendency to feel that without relationship, you do not exist. As if being in relationship is as necessary as food and health. This is partially true. Humans are indeed social beings. But remember humans are also individual beings. Because everything starts from within, you first have to accept and develop yourself. Then the right relationship will come for you to grow in relation with the other person. In the house of the hidden, Pluto gives you a great intuitive power. This is a very potent placement, you will not regret nurturing and develop it. You may appear aloof, formal, efficient but you do enjoy the company of others and strive to keep harmony among your favourite peoples, and you can also be moody soemtimes. You actively communicate, taking short trips and exchanging information that sometimes in the midst of these activities misunderstanding happens because information flows rapidly to and from you. You care about planning and being organized. You will do well in management position, something with autonomy (maybe your own business), because you also have a great problem solver ability and perseverance to stick to a project until it is finished. There is tendency to overwork, it’s Ok if you do it for the sake of work, but other than that you will need to channel this restlessness to either sport or creative channel.

    I don’t usually mention se xual desire here but I see more than one placements suggesting quite a tension stemming from desire to express yourself se xually. This is quite ‘normal’ because Scorpio does rule this area among other things, but you need to be careful of who you express it with. Se xuality is the most powerful expression of creativity. Let yourself loose, but only if you are certain about the person you share it with. If you are not careful, this powerful expression can backfire on you. You become slave of desire, you will satisfy your lust on just anybody or you become compulsive controlling and demand the other person to fulfill your needs. Let’s forget cultural difference, from one woman to another, you know you don’t need a man to unleash it. That way the risk of unleashing it on a man that will only hurt you, is lesser. With the right partner, this powerful expression can really transform you, as if you were born again. An experience that even those in relationship do not necessarily experience. You may overcome this tension by channelling through work or mundane activity. Jupiter is blessing your house of income, so why not channel this highly powerful creativity to creative and energetic channel instead ? Work is work, after work, do something else that is also productive. Sports like aerobic, swimming, hatha yoga, running for example. Creative channel is abundant, painting is one that I’d say you would do well. Let yourself loose with these channels, have fun, forget those people that don’t deserve you. There is more fish in the sea, if you stay on one sea, then you won’t find as many choices will you?

    One more reason to be creative is the fact your midheaven is in Leo, a highly creative, expressive and playful sign. Creative channel can really be something you earn good side income from, or even main income if you care to develop it. Leo goes for the best, an awesome energy to have in terms of art and creativity. Not so good with money though, because Leo can be showy and extravagant. Jupiter aspecting this moon makes you highly optimistic and confident, you always bounce back no matter how hard life hits you. Sometimes you can be too confident you forget luck runs out. Just be careful spending money only if you can justify it. The Moon here will help you reach the public, you know just how to draw the right attention. Aspecting Neptune, abundant of imagination blessing from the god of illusion is for your taking. Aspecting Venus, this is artistic imagination, not just wild ones. Let yourself loose in art and creativity, you never know who you will find among those attracted to your lively and creative expression : ) Just be careful because Neptune in the house of income and value can blur your financial judgement, Buy what you need at least buy only if it’s worth the money. Neptune here can also blur your judgement about yourself and your actions and others. You feel you are not attractive if someone doesn’t like you, while the fact Is their hearts and minds are set on someone else. You feel you are loved and admired, while they are just using you, maybe to get in bed with you. The best way to avoid this is, go with intuition and be more risk calculating. Instead of escaping reality and live in Neptune’s illusion (in his world, everyone and everything is lovely) always opt for the truth, accept and develop yourself first before everything else. Take every information you receive with a grain of salt. It’s fitting that your purpose in this life time is in Gemini in the house of Transformation. Gemini is the sign of communication and information. The ability to absorb, analyze and communicate information will help you find the truth, about yourself, about others, the true meaning behind everything. Mastering this ability will lessen the risk of misunderstanding and being misunderstood. It will help your relationship in general. The essence of transformation is the truth, clarity in all things. All the heartaches you went through are meant to teach you to find the truth in all things and people. Only when you know someone is truthful, that they deserve your heart and body. Casual friendship is not going to harm you, but don’t let them get closer (close friend, lover) without first being cautious about it. Indeed you seem to trust people easily and let yourself be influenced by them.

    Venus and Mars sit all comfy in Virgo in your house of social circle and hopes, is another reason to channel your energy in sports. Sports = health, pretty much. But then again don’t fall for health product lies, Venus is often tempted to spend for things just because your friends recommend them, stop and think before you spend. You work hard to achieve your hopes, but be cautious and analytical before wasting so much energy on something not worth pursuing and possibly not even realistic. This is a good placement because you are more attractive and charismatic with it. With so much Scorpion energy, your very presence can invite or provoke people. So if you find strangers avoiding you or somehow glued to you at first sight, don’t be surprised at any of these. Give them time to know you better and don’t give of yourself too soon, that way if they don’t stay it isn’t big deal. There is tendency of short temper and rushing into things without much consideration, watch for being hasty, you may hurt yourself and other people along the way. You like being in relationship but you also need freedom and excitement, another reason to be careful who you want to be with. Some people want to dominate, and these will hurt you in order to excite themselves.

    Hope this helps.

  • you are simply amazing leoscorpion.. I am speechless now. Thanks!!!

  • you're welcome

    hope everyone have a good weekend. I gotta go work.

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