Can Polar Opposites Stay Attracted?

  • After the intial sparks ignite, passions soar and curiosities are satistfied, -- is there much potential beyond? My current 'magneto-fascinato' is my astrological opposite, yet we seem to resonate on many fundamental things; intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, etc. In fact, much of the time it seems that I relate more to my opposite sign than my own. I wonder if we are drawn to each other because of certain things we are to learn from each other at this point in time, or if it's just imaginations running away with our mutual desire to satisfy curiosites. The respective signs are Cancer and Capricorn, and they seem to be quite 'refective' as well. Thanks for any insight.

  • I am an Aquarius w/Capricorn rising and an Aries moon. Capricorn and Aries are both Cardinal or leadership signs. Cancer is also a leadership sign. My boyfriend is a Virgo, not a leader. I have had plenty of Capricorn friends. I don't do well in personal relationships with the leaders because they have always literally tried to take me over. I would say that we are also polar opposites but I know where he is coming from. It's his nature to analyze things. So, if we're in a conversation and he starts analyzing, by the time he's finished I am usually in the other room doing something I had to do. By the time I get back I'll say what were we talking about and he'll say I don't know and we both start laughing. I'll joke w/him and tell him that I need to talk to him, but I don't want to confuse him. He's also OCD, which has probably helped him because he's a professional musician. I think that's how he learned different instruments so well. So the answer to your question is I think it helps to learn the characteristics of the different signs and where they are coming from and if you can live w/it.

  • I can only relate my own personal experience here. I have had serious relationship with three Cancer men. They are smart, funny, sensitive, sometimes overly so, they are kind, if they like you, and I connected with them instantly. I was crazy about all of them, but alcohal and sometimes substances were prevalent for them in the sense that none of them felt they had a problem with those things when in fact they did. I made the mistake of letting my boyfriend drive one night (we were supposed to go to a concert) he picked me up and I thought he was kidding around until he started to drive down the street. After a minute I realized that he was really drunk and it was unsafe for him to be behind the wheel. He got on the freeway and was driving down the middle of the white line between lanes and weaving all over the road. I was so scared that I actually tried to grab the wheel and steer us off the exit ramp. I was screaming at him to pull over and he finally did. I finally convinced him to change places with me. And I drove us home. I let him sleep if off in the car and the next day he didn't remember any of this. After that I never let him drive me anywhere. We always took my car and I drove. We broke up not too long after that. He was a good guy in a lot of ways, but I wasn't going to end up in a wheelchair because he couldn't admit he had a problem. The other two Cancers I dated had similar issues.

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