Please help! Teen girl having problems understanding scorpio guy.

  • I'm sorry if this is long. I didnt mean for it to be, but I just need some inside input on this scorpio guy.

    I've known this guy for a while, we've always seemed to click pretty well. We're both seniors in high school. He has a girlfriend who is a leo. I'm friends with both of them. This year, it's like we practicely avoid each other. Like we look at each other alot, but we dont talk much. Last week we went on a senior trip to get out class pictures taken. I was walking back to the bus with some of my friends & this scorpio guy called after me, his girlfriend was afew feet behind him & didnt seem happy about it. He asked me to take a picture of them with him photo. I didnt think anything of it. But after I took the picture I handed him back his photo & started to head back over to the bus were my friends had gone. The scorpio stopped me & tried to take a picture of my with his phone! I was like "No", & He was like "Why not? You look nice today." I agreed to do it if his girlfriend would get into the picture, & he agreed & told her to get into the picture. She seemed mad about it, & walked away. Me & him walked back to the bus together. The whole trip that day was good, too good. But it hurt talking to him & seeing him. Like I said before we always seem to click. I block out certain people sometimes, & he's one of them, but as soon as he's around I have a problem keeping him blocked out.

    Whats worst is after the trip we all went out to eat, & he kept coming up by me real close & being all sweet like he usually is. I dont know if this is a scorpio traite or what, but him girlfriend seemed mad about something, so I asked her if she was mad & all she said was "Only at him". The next day his girlfriend didnt talk to me at all, which isnt a good or bad thing. We're not super close, if that makes sense. But I found out today that they broke up for a little bit, & now their back together. They never seem to be happy. He;s always upset & she's always mad. That's one of the reasons I try to block him out, me & him being close last year seemed to upset his girlfriend.

    For some reason I have a feeling his girlfriend told him to stop talking to me or something (Because she thinks something is going on) But I'm not sure.

    I'm a cancer by the way.

    If anyone can figure this dilema out, please help!

  • I feel this guy is using you in his love games with his girlfriend - testing her by trying to make her jealous through talking to you. That's why she said "Only with him" - she knows he is using you to get to her. This guy is a player. He knows you like him. He's cruel to do this. Don't get sucked into his games that are not about you at all.

  • LoL He doesnt know I have any feelings for him at all other than as a friend. For the last 4 years he's always done nice things for me & done sweet stuff for me, but I'm always acting blunt about it & acting like I dont notice. We've always been close & comfortable around each other though. We can talk about just about anything.

    We quit talking last May when his girlfriend started getting upset about it. Him & her have been together about a year & ahalf.

  • No he knows, because his girlfriend has noticed and told him. Why do you think they are at odds with each other?

  • She's talked to me last year about her thinking he likes me, I havent told her anything about it going both ways.

    Does that mean he's known all along?

    And why does he not talk to me much when his girlfriend is around & avoids eye contact, but when she's not around he tries to get closer?

    I know cancers strength is them being good at emotional reading

    What is Leo & scorpios?

  • Why would the leo tell the scorpio?

  • No he hasn't known all along - only when his girlfriend told him. He likes you as a friend and because you stroke his ego by liking him. He enjoys how you respond to him. he also does with with other girls. He just likes to be liked. he is a bit egotistical.

    Leos in general make good leaders and are very warm and generous although they can also be egotisitcal and vain. Scorpios in general are good at finding out secrets and investigations and they always want to find out what makes people tick but they can be secretive and suspicious.

    She told him so that he would stop talking to you in case you got the wrong idea.

  • I posted pretty much the entire story of what all was going on in the "Does anyone understand scorpio guys" post. It's a really long post though. It explains everything that went on.

    How do I stroke his ego? By ignoring him?

  • Scorpios love all the flirting and playing with people - it makes them feel attractive and in control. But they tend to lose interest if they know they 'got' you. They're more interested in the chase which is why he lost interest in you for a while, then started up again when he lost interest with his girlfriend. He goes back and forth when he thinks someone has lost interest in him- he'll try to win you back again then get tired of it again. This on-off situation will just keep going on until you walk away from it.

  • OMG, girl!

    Run as fast as you can! (in the opposite direction)

    I recently ENDED it with the last Scorpio I will ever be with. ( I. Am. Not. Kidding.)

    I have somehow been a magnet for attracting that sign. (1st boyfriend, 2nd boyfriend, ex-husband and then this last one - I am not a kid, I am 48)

    Although each one is an entirely different person, THEY ARE ALL SCORPIOS DEEP INSIDE. They WILL f*** with your head and drive you crazy.

    This time I got out early - 5 months! My ex-husband and I did our 'crazy dance' for 13 years!

    Never again.

    Scorpios should only be with other Scorpios.

    I warned you. . .

  • I seem to always have virgo, gemini, scorpio, & capricorn guys around.. Some aries too, but not that many. I've always heard that scorpio would be my matching sign, but I'm clueless now! LoL I know Capricorns are my complete opposite.

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