Would someone please give me a free reading?

  • I would like some insight into a long hard journey I have been on. Finances are limited. Discouraged.

    Birt date 4-29-66.

  • Belmore, you are here to release a belief that you are unworthy and to learn to trust that there is plenty of abundance and love available to you. In order to do this, you must become aware of and loosen some of your rigid ideas and your deep need for control. The biggest obstacle that faces you in this lifetime is your fear of being yourself. You must try to let down your hair and indulge in being more 'colorful'. Inflexibility and stubbornness can be stumbling blocks for you along your journey so avoid them if you can.

    You don't have to maintain that serious controlled public facade you put on - you will achieve much more by being more natural and relaxed, and people will like you much better when you are your real self. You are not the unappealing, unlovable, or scary individual you have been fooled into thinking you are. Yes, you have had your fair share of lumps in life because you've been taken for several rides by people you've trusted or because others can misunderstand or mistrust you - but that's due to that false front you put on to protect yourself. Inside, you're really a very nurturing individual who is drawn to life's sensual pleasures and desires harmony above all.

    You started out in life as a naively trusting person - but you shut down after getting hurt too often. But mistrust or a dislike of change can close you off to achieving fulfillment. Hopefully as you've grown older, you've learnt to stop chasing illusions and gotten more street smarts so that you don't get taken for such a sucker by those who want what you've got. You are a connector and you need people - you just have to be more resistant to the wiles of tricksters, manipulators, and con men. Your feelings of unworthiness can push you to prove that you are worthy of love by working too hard to get people to like you. Or else you will be driven into retreat from the world - you mustn't live in a bubble, afraid you're going to be robbed or violated or seduced and led astray just because you want to make a deep connection with somebody. But you mustn't seek self-worth through others. You have to learn to love and respect yourself by acknowledging your gifts and abilities. You are a steady, charming, resourceful individual, blessed with the natural strength and preception to rise above almost any obstacle.

    Trust in a Higher Power to look after you. When you return to a more innocent way of being in the world, with a more spontaneous expression of your creativity and zest for life, you will become an inspiration for many. Approaching life in a trusting rather than a mistrustful way will open up your life and broaden your horizons immensely. If you can learn to trust both yourself and in something much greater than yourself, you will free up your energy instead of stuffing it down inside or masking it, and then it will attract abundance to you. When you begin to feel safe enough to show who you are to the world, you will find you attract all manner of good people and good experiences. Increased self-knowledge and understanding will allow a burgeoning sense of faith and trust to grow inside you. You'll be able to relax and really enjoy life.

  • Thank you for the insight. You have targeted important areas that were of concern.Ii have a second question Please.

    I have been having a very strong sense of change and movement. I am interested in what all this means.

    Thank You very much

  • Today - 10/10/10 - marks a day when change will now begin in earnest for everyone who wants it. (And those that don't want it will have it thrust upon them anyway). A door of opportunity has now opened, thanks to the efforts of everyone who maintained their positivity and belief. Up to this point the dark side has been opposing all change and getting its way. Now the light side has achieved a victory. The world now moves into a time of forward motion when we can get everything we want if we only believe. Today is the first day of our new life...

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